Can Mercedes be serviced anywhere?

Can Mercedes be serviced anywhere?

This is a common question, especially for new Mercedes buyers. Most new Mercedes-Benz owners wonder whether to take their car to an authorized dealer, a chain repair shop, or an independent mechanic.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles can be serviced anywhere. Many Mercedes dealers tend to discourage new Mercedes owners from servicing their cars from independent mechanics. Even though dealing with independent mechanics has its own share of setbacks, you can still service your Mercedes anywhere.

But before you service your Mercedes at any mechanic you come across, you should know that you’re risking violating the Mercedes warranty. That’s why it’s always recommended to service your car at an authorized Mercedes dealer.

Additionally, some independent garages or car repair shops don’t have the required tools to make the necessary services. So, before you choose an independent mechanic, ensure that they have the specialized tools needed and the mechanic has the skills to handle your Mercedes-Benz.

Why choose a Certified Mercedes-Benz dealer?

If you’re a new Mercedes-Benz owner and don’t know where to take your new luxury machine, the best option is a Mercedes dealer. You can also take your Benz to a chain repair shop or an independent mechanic, but this is a huge risk.

Here’s why you should always select a certified Mercedes-Benz dealer over the other two options:

  • Specialized factory-trained and certified technicians – since a Mercedes has complex features and technology, it’s only right that it’s handled by a mechanic who has been certified to handle one. They understand the ins and outs of Mercedes.
  • Specialist tools – Mercedes dealers are usually equipped with modern and specialized tools. These tools are hard to find in ordinary car repair shops as they are quite expensive.
  • Free under warranty – to keep your warranty valid, there are some services that must be handled by a certified Mercedes mechanic. Besides, certified dealers also guarantee and take full responsibility in case anything goes wrong. This is not the same with independent mechanics.
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What are the common myths about Mercedes-Benz dealerships?

In a bid to maintain Mercedes-Benz customers and deter them from visiting independent mechanics or repair shops, most Mercedes dealers use certain statements to scare new Mercedes owners. Some of the common myths used are:

  • Independent mechanics don’t have the right diagnostic computers.
  • Only dealerships can get factory parts.
  • Dealerships provide unique manufactured oils and fluids.
  • Dealers understand the needed maintenance and repair better.
  • Independent mechanics don’t have the same training.

All of these myths are not necessarily true, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. Before deciding to visit a non-Mercedes dealer, you should find out if the independent shop or mechanic you’re visiting has got the right technicians, tools and experience to handle your Benz.

What can I do to ensure my Mercedes is being serviced according to factory specifications and by a professional Mercedes-Benz technician?

For those who want to save some cash, you can opt to take your car to a repair shop or an independent mechanic. But before that, you should find out if the mechanic will meet Mercedes-Benz service requirements. Here are things to look out for:

  • Do a small background check on the technician that will be handling your car. Find out more about their experience handling MB, their skills, and the certifications that they hold.
  • Does the repair shop or independent mechanic provide a warranty on the work being carried out?
  • Does the mechanic or repair shop have the special tools required for servicing Mercedes-Benz?
  • What does the Mercedes service feature? Note that Mercedes usually has two types of services (Service A and Service B) that should be carried out at different intervals.
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FAQ about maintaining a Mercedes

Why are Mercedes expensive to maintain?

Mercedes-Benz cars are expensive to maintain because they need synthetic oil, instead of conventional oil. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz needs specialized mechanics and tools to carry out repairs. The specialized tools used are expensive and the specialized Mercedes dealers also charge for the services offered.

Are independent Mercedes mechanics cheaper than specialized Mercedes dealers?

Yes, they are. This is because most dealerships depend heavily on their service facility to survive. On top of that, they sell vehicles at break-even prices, expecting to make it up on your maintenance and repair costs. On the other hand, independent mechanics usually handle different car makes and models.

Will servicing my car at an independent mechanic void my warranty?

No, not automatically. However, not all independent mechanics observe all the servicing guidelines of the car’s manufacturer. The mechanic you choose should observe all your Mercedes’ service intervals or they will void your warranty. On top of that, your vehicle will have to be serviced using Mercedes-approved parts.

Therefore, you can have your car serviced by a Mercedes dealer or an independent mechanic. Nevertheless, visiting a Mercedes dealer will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that they will use the right parts to maintain or repair your vehicle.

Why is Mercedes oil change so expensive?

Mercedes-Benz oil change is usually expensive because it does not use regular oil. Instead, Mercedes requires synthetic oil. Note that synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil. However, Mercedes only requires changing the oil after 10,000 miles. This makes it cheaper since most regular cars need an oil change after every 3,000 miles.

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How much will it cost me to service my Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz services are usually expensive. The services vary depending on whether you’re conducting service A or service B. For Mercedes base models like the C-Class, service A will cost around $180, while service B will cost around $250. The higher you go up the Mercedes class, the more expensive the services get.

Final thoughts

If you’re wondering whether to service your Mercedes at an independent mechanic or at a recognized dealer, don’t worry. If you trust an independent mechanic, you can take your car there without problems, as long as they know what they’re doing. Independent mechanics are also more affordable than regular Mercedes dealers.

However, if you’re a new Mercedes owner without the experience of independent mechanics, you should stick to Mercedes specialized dealers. Even though you will pay more than visiting an independent dealer, you will be sure of the services and parts being offered. Moreover, you won’t risk violating your warranty.

Can Mercedes be serviced anywhere?

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