Best SUV for long-distance driving

If you are someone who tends to spend a lot of time on the road, a comfortable car becomes a necessity rather than pure luxury. Frequent long-distance journeys tend to make us tired and can even cause all sorts of health problems such as spinal deformations, high blood pressure, and stress.

Be that as it may, if you opt for an SUV that offers comfortable, multi-way adjustable seats which can tailor to your back and offer lots of adjustments in the driving position in general, your back is likely going to take lesser punishment.

Furthermore, if the SUV in question also comes with lots of useful technology such as automated cruise control with lane keep assist and auto braking/accelerating, it should take the strain out of long highway journeys and in-city traffic jams.

Great sound isolation benefits your ears, especially if paired with a high-end audio system which makes the entire experience that bit more enjoyable. All in all, be sure to check out SUVs listed in this article if you want to make your long-distance journeys as enjoyable as possible.

Kia Telluride – A great alternative to high-end SUVs

The Kia Telluride is still a newcomer to the large SUV segment, but it seems like the Telluride offers a great long-distance experience at a relatively affordable price. The Telluride comes with lots of comfort features both as standard or as an optional extra which means that you can get almost everything in the Telluride.

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The seats offered in the Telluride are available both with seat heating and ventilation which should make your journeys way more comfortable. Premium sound systems, adjustable driving position, great visibility, and a generally serene and quiet cabin are also the strong suits of the Kia Telluride.

Cadillac Escalade – A tech fest on wheels

There are a few different ways how manufacturers tend to offer luxury. Some of them focus on the basics such as plush suspension, lots of leather, wood trim, and great isolation while others mostly focus on technology, and the Escalade does it both ways.

The seats in the Escalade are easily comfortable enough for drivers of all shapes and sizes no matter where you are sitting. Multi-way adjustable seats and steering wheel, a banging stereo system, double glazed doors with active noise canceling mean that the Escalade is as quiet as modern-day cars get.

Audi Q5 – A comfortable executive compact SUV

Audi is a brand known for offering amazingly comfortable cars that can easily do short commutes and long-distance driving, and the Q5 is no different. The interior in the new Q5 is laid beautifully with minimalistic style touches that are easy on the eyes with both lots of luxury and safety features available.

Newer Audi models use extremely efficient engines which are tailored towards constant high-speed commutes. The space on offer is vast even though the Q5 is technically a compact SUV. Multi-way seats with massaging are available and should be considered if you travel long distances often.

Bentley Benteyga – High-end SUV galore

The Bentley Continental GT coupe is widely regarded as the very best long-distance car you can buy at all price tags, and the Benteyga is basically a Continental GT with a raised-up driving position and way more practicality. As such, the Benteyga is packed with everything you’d ever want from a GT and then some.

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The Benteyga is packed with every luxury option you can imagine, but where the Benteyga differs is the way a Bentley goes down the road. Even though many people deem the Benteyga to be just a glorified Audi Q7, these stereotypes fade away the moment you step inside the lush-looking cabin.

Rolls Royce Cullinan – The most luxurious SUV in the world

If you want to make sure that you are getting the most luxurious treatment you can get in an SUV, you have to go with the Rolls Royce Cullinan. The Cullinan offers luxury superiority in almost every regard because the Cullinan is tuned precisely and only for comfort where most SUVs including the Benteyga aim to offer sporty characteristics as well.

This means that the post-opulent Cullinan aims to deliver nothing else besides unparalleled comfort. The suspension is buttery smooth and on an entirely different league when compared to anything else on the road. Build materials are second to none and the technology on offer is equally as impressive as in the most tech-savvy SUVs out there.

FAQ Section

Are SUVs better for long-distance driving than sedans?

Even though SUVs carry lots of benefits when it comes to driving such as off-road abilities, a raised-up driving position that gives you better overall visibility, and a more commanding feeling. An SUV is still not the best type of car you can get for long-distance driving because that honor still belongs to a sedan.

Sedans are lower to the ground and usually benefit from lower-profile tires which mean that they offer less wind resistance which equals less wind noise. Because the tires are smaller they also offer less tire noise. Efficiency is also better with a sedan because a sedan usually weighs less than a comparable SUV.

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What makes a great long-distance SUV?

If you want a great long-distance SUV, you need to find one that offers comfort, space, technology, quietness, and practicality. This means that off-road SUVs with beefy tires are a definite no-go because they are not nearly as comfortable.

Air suspension with adjustable ride height is beneficial for a superior SUV because it means that the car in question can adjust its ride height depending on the driving environment. Double-glazed windows, adaptive cruise control, lots of storage, and lots of cubby spaces are also desirable.

Are hybrid SUVs good for long-distance driving?

Hybrids benefit from increased overall MPG results if you are able to utilize the hybrid powertrain to the max and that means relying on regenerative braking as much as possible. However, most long-distance drives are being carried out on highways which includes little to no braking at all.

This means that a hybrid is not made for long-distance driving, but rather daily commutes in inner-city regions where you can benefit from regen braking the most.

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