Best bike rack for Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is the most famous Porsche model of all time. The 911 has not changed dramatically over the years, and the essential platform on which it’s based is more or less the same.

As Porsche kept on improving the 911 lineage, all the different aspects of the 911, such as roof rack placements have also stayed unchanged for years. Because of this, there are loads of genuine Porsche bike rack options and just as many aftermarket ones.

Choosing the best bike rack for your 911 depends on many different factors such as price, general safety, visibility obstructions, possible paint scuffs and scratches, license plate, and parking sensors obstructions. For these and many other reasons, the best bike rack for a 911 is a genuine Porsche bike rack.

Besides genuine Porsche bike racks, you are also able to choose between lots of aftermarket manufacturers such as Saris Bones, Thule, Rino, Curt, Yakima, and many others. Genuine Porsche racks are usually the more reliable ones, and they are built for Porsche models specifically.

Porsche Tequipment racks

The entry-level genuine Porsche bike rack is the 95B 044 800 06 Bicycle rack which retails for a pretty decent $210 excluding taxes. This bike rack can fit up to 3 different bikes, which is fairly uncommon for such a low price, which further reiterates the competitive product placement of this genuine Porsche rack.

This rack can accommodate all bikes up to 100mm frame diameter, and it also comes with tipping protection for a secure and safe mount. This rack is available for pretty much every 911 model besides the 911 GT lineup.

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But, if you want a rack that is specifically designed for a racing bike, Porsche also offers the 95B 044 800 08 Racing bike carrier for $286 excluding taxes which also comes with a front-wheel bag, or $328 if you want a designated front wheel holder too.

This rack is specifically made for racing bikes, and the maximum load capacity of this rack is 22lbs (10kg). But, if you want to fully utilize these designated bike racks, you will also have to buy the $638 Roof transport system main support with a maximum load capacity of 165lbs (75kg)

Aftermarket 911 bike racks

If you want a complete genuine Porsche setup, you will have to pay a significant premium compared to most aftermarket options. Also, if you prefer transporting your bikes with a rear-mounted rack, you are forced to take the aftermarket route because Porsche does not offer a designated rear-mounted rack for most 911 models.

Thule is a Sweden company which specializes in clever car transport solutions. They offer a bunch of different bike racks that fit the 911. But one of the highest-rated Thule products is the Thule Raceway Trunk Bike Rack. The MSRP of this rack is somewhere in the $700 range, but you can often find these on sale for $450-500.

Value-wise one of the best Porsche 911 MTB rack solutions is the Rhino-Rack MountainTrail Bike Carrier with an MSRP of $265, but constant sales ease down the price down to $180-200. It’s worth mentioning that this rack can accommodate not only mountain bikes, even though the intention was to offer a designated MTB rack.

But if you want to bring the entire family with you, a Curt Premium Bike Rack can carry up to 4 or even 5 bikes for a discounted price of $207-234. It might seem too good to be true for a rack that carries up to 5 bicycles, but you also get a 1-year warranty included just in case.

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Good-to-knows about bike carriers on a 911

After you decide which bike rack fits all your bicycle lifestyle demands, making sure you get a proper fit without any potential damages to your beloved 911 should be your top priority. 911s ain’t cheap, especially the newer 992 models, and protecting your 911 from any possible scuffs and scratches is paramount.

First of all, you should use paint protection for all the vulnerable areas of your 911. If you are using a rear-mounted rack, make sure that all the surfaces around the back are protected by a fairly thick layer of paint protection film.

It’s worth mentioning that most modern bike racks are safe, but you can never be too sure, and most damages usually arise from improper bike rack usage. Besides paint protection film, you should also get an auxiliary license plate if the bike rack obstructs your rear plate.

You should also be extra careful if you have a panoramic roof, as some aftermarket 911 bike racks are not made for 911s with panoramic roofs. This is why you should primarily focus on designated genuine Porsche tequipment racks because Porsche tests these racks vigorously and they are made with 911s in mind.

FAQ Section

Are bike racks safe for high-speed driving?

This is also an area in which genuine Porsche bike racks usually excel because Porsche tests all of their bike carriers at the Weissach test facility. Even though you should not technically go speeding with a bike rack on your roof, but if you do, a genuine Porsche bike carrier is your safest bet.

Most bike racks are rated for speeds up to 60mph, this means that if you go above this speed and something does happen, the manufacturer will not be blamed. Your insurance costs might also cause you a headache, so make sure you are well informed about the limits of each and every carrier you use.

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Does a bike rack damage my car?

If you follow all the instructions and use paint protection film on your car, you are likely not going to experience any damages at all. But, given the fact that most people tend to use bike racks fairly often, you always have to make sure that you have safely mounted the bike on the rack.

If you fail to mount it properly, damages might occur, and some damages might even require a paint touch-up. Always make sure that you follow all the manufacturer guidelines, especially the ones associated with the moving parts of your bicycle.


Is the 911 better suited for roof-mounted or trunk-mounted racks?

The 911 is probably better suited for roof-mounted racks due to the specific engine layout of the 911. But, this may vary depending on the bike rack in question. A 911 is a rear-engine mounted car, and all the little cooling ducts can not be blocked because they might cause overheating issues.

If you use a roof-mounted rack, the weight distribution is a lot better, and your rear visibility, license plate, parking sensors, and cameras are also not obstructed by a bike rack.

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