Is Porsche leather real?

Most luxury cars are fitted with leather seats. But before you spend your hard-earned money on a car, it is crucial to find out if it’s genuine leather or synthetic leather. However, does Porsche come with real leather seats? 

Yes, Porsche leather is 100% real. Porsche is among the few luxury cars with real leather seats. The brand offers cars with full-grained leather with the option of selecting between Nappa or Natur leather. Nonetheless, the Porsche Natur Leder is their exclusive factory upgrade option. 

Like Audi and other luxury cars with real leather, Porsche sources its leather from cattle in temperate climates because of the quality hides sourced from such places. The hides in temperate areas are thicker and more durable with fewer issues. 

However, you can still find synthetic leather in some Porsche models. Unlike many luxury cars with real leather, Porsche offers its leather in different colors. So, you can easily pick a leather that matches your car theme or your preference. 

Why should you choose real leather over synthetic leather?

It is undeniable that both real leather and synthetic leather have their pros and cons. However, the pros of real leather outweigh those of synthetic leather. That’s one of the reasons real leather is much costlier than synthetic leather. 

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Genuine leather offers a softer feel than real leather. What’s more, real leather is more comfortable than synthetic leather. Besides, it also adds a very pleasant aroma to your car that makes it look natural. On top of that, it is the best in extreme conditions. 

What are the main similarities between Porsche and Audi’s real leather seats?

There are several things that cars with real leather seats, such as Audi and Porsche have in common. Some of these include: 

Genuine hide 

Porsche and Audi use genuine leather from the hides of real animals. Besides, they usually prefer cowhide, which is more durable and thicker than most hides. After acquiring the hide, both Audi and Porsche test these hides to see if they hold up well against wear and tear. 

Protective layering 

Unlike synthetic leather or leatherette, natural leather doesn’t feature any dye or coatings. Synthetic leather requires this coat or dye to make it look natural. On the other hand, Audi and Porsche normally use clear coatings to help the leather retain its natural appearance, texture, and genuine leather feel. 

High initial cost

Both of these cars source their leather from certain climates to ensure that they are getting the best quality. Apart from sourcing real leather from particular climates, these brands also have special laboratories that run tests on how well the leather holds up over time. 

Since the real hide used by both Audi and Porsche has to be outsourced from particular places and undergo serious tests in a laboratory, this drives the cost of their real leather trims up. That’s why Audi and Porsche cars with genuine leather tend to be costlier than those with synthetic leather. 

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High cost of maintenance 

Another similarity that Audi and Porsche share when it comes to real leather seats is the cost of maintenance. One of the most challenging parts about owning a car with leather seats is the cost of maintenance. 

Leather seats need serious maintenance to keep their real natural look, texture and feel. That’s why most car brands with leather seats offer some type of protective layer. It can be a clear coat as discussed earlier or a heavy-duty synthetic layer. 


Apart from Porsche, which car offers real leather seats?

Many luxury cars claim to offer real leather, but only a few do. Apart from Porsche, Audi is another luxury brand that offers 100% real leather seats. Note that all Audi cars are fully fitted with 100% real leather. Like Porsche, Audi also sources its leather cattle in temperate areas. 

But unlike the leather in Porsche, Audi’s real leather is considerably durable, high-quality, and luxurious. Audi leather is slightly better than Porsche’s leather because of the advanced tanning methods that Audi uses. This method is referred to as vegetable tanning. 

Which Porsche comes with synthetic leather seats? 

Even though most Porsche models come with real leather seats, some models like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS comes with an Alcantara interior. This material is better looking than real leather and it does not retain stains. What’s more, Alcantara material comes in multiple colors than real leather. 

On the contrary, Alcantara is not more durable than real leather. Additionally, this material can be unbearable in hot climates. Last but not least, it does not offer the same comfort as leather. 

Which car brands have near real leather but it’s not real?

Audi and Porsche may have real leather, but some cars also boast of almost real leather. Note that even though these cars don’t have real leather, their leather is almost 100%. These cars include Volvo with about 98% real leather, BMW with 80% real leather, and Lexus with about 79% real leather. 

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What are some of the setbacks of real leather?

Despite real leather has lots of pros, it is also important to know some of the challenges that you’re likely to face. For instance, real leather absorbs spills and dirt. Additionally, this leather is easier to scratch and that’s why it is important to have some sort of covering to protect it. 

With such setbacks, some people prefer synthetic leather as it is not porous as real leather. So, things like drinks and spills won’t be a bother. Additionally, synthetic leather is cheaper and also easier to maintain. 

What type of leather is used in Porsche?

Porsche usually uses full-grain Nappa leathers. This leather is normally sourced from Germany and Austria and selected under a strict criterion. Note that the hide is sourced from cooler climates in this area so that they can attain a thicker and better-quality hide. 


Generally, Porsche’s leather is 100% real. However, even though most Porsche models come with real leather, some Porsche models don’t have real leather but synthetic leather seats. Note that the models with genuine leather tend to be costlier than those without genuine leather. 

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