Best off-road luxury SUV in 2023

Best off-road luxury SUV in 2023

For the past decade or so, SUVs are taking over the market which prompted most automakers to focus on making SUVs instead of coupes, sedans, and convertibles. Some prefer smaller SUVs, others prefer larger SUVs, but everyone prefers luxury features and safety. This is why luxury off-road SUVs are perfect as they combine the most benefits into a single package.

In this article, we are going to list the best off-road luxury SUV in 2023 and tell you why you ought to consider them. We will kick this list off with the iconic Mercedes Benz G-Class as no other SUV in its class can touch it on an off-road trail and a few can when it comes to luxury. The second option is the new Ranger Rover which is on par with the G-Class.

The Lexus GX is not nearly as capable as the Range Rover or the G-Class, but it is equally as comfortable yet more reliable. The new Grand Cherokee undercuts these SUVs by quite a lot, yet still offers plenty of luxury amenities and good off-roading prowess. Finally, we are also going to mention the new Land Rover Defender.

The Defender is not as cheap-feeling as the original, but it retains its capabilities off-road. These are the best off-road luxury SUVs on the market, and now we are going to tell you why.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

We’ve placed the G-Class at the top of our list because it offers three locking differentials, great engines, top corporate car park status, and endless luxury features. The G-Class is also arguably the most desirable car on this list as it literally is a status symbol for those with extra cash in their pockets. If you go for a top-end AMG model, you are also going to get an incredibly fast SUV.

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All in all, there really isn’t anything to dislike about the new G-Class, except for the price which starts at $140,000 and goes up to $200,000 easily if you go for a well-equipped top-end AMG GT 63 model. However, these SUVs retain value so well that you are not likely to lose much value if you keep it for a few years.

Range Rover

The very latest Range Rover seeks to excel in absolutely every environment as it is an incredibly capable off-road SUV and an incredibly push aristocratic chariot. The Range Rover has always been the epitome of British luxury, but the Range Rover isn’t afraid of going off-road, quite the contrary, the new Range Rover is built for off-roading.

You can go for a variety of different engines and even a long wheelbase if you want maximum space for rear passengers. The new Range Rover starts at around $104,000 while the First Edition and Autobiography mid-range (most popular) trims start at around $157,000 and $164,000.

Lexus GX

If you know your off-roaders, you have probably heard of the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser, an SUV that has been around for decades and is now known for being the number one choice for most middle Eastern desert driving aficionados. However, the Lexus GX shares its underpinnings with the Land Cruiser but is also much more luxurious.

The GX is better than all other SUVs on this list because it is more reliable and is able to stand the test of time like nothing. It is equipped with a plethora of luxury features, all of which are going to satisfy even the nerds among you. The best thing about the GX is that it starts at around $57,000 while fully loaded models can be bought for around $70,000.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you want to buy yourself a bit of US-made luxury, the Grand Cherokee is often referred to as the American Range Rover. Granted, this name is mostly there due to how the Grand Cherokee looks, but the latest model also shows that Jeep knows a thing or two about how to make a luxury SUV.

The Cherokee features unibody construction and a transversely-mounted engine which are known ingredients for a good off-roader. The Cherokee starts at around $40,000 while top-end fully loaded examples trade for around $70,000.

 Land Rover Defender

The last car on our list is the new Land Rover Defender, an SUV that harks back to the most off-road friendly Land Rover model of all time which automatically makes it one of the best off-roaders out there. The new Defender features a modern luxury styling, but with all the ruggedness you’d expect from a Defender.

It is a perfect blend of luxury and utility and it starts at around $53,000 while higher-end V8-powered four-door models cost about $115,000. For this price, the Defender is the best off-roader on this list, and most deem it to be the coolest as well.

FAQ Section

Are luxury off-roaders worth it?

When you think of it, all SUVs these days were born from off-road SUVs from decades ago. The ability to mix style, luxury, and features with ruggedness, utility, and flexibility does seem a bit too contrasting to be true.

However, these SUVs listed in this article prove that luxury and off-road can work well together without any issues whatsoever. As such, luxury off-road SUVs are indeed worth it because they give you a lot of stuff for your money and can literally go anywhere.

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What is the best non-luxury off-road SUV?

The best affordable, non-luxury off-roader SUV is likely the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler has also been around for decades and it has a cult following among many off-road enthusiasts in the country. The Wrangler costs a fraction of what most of these SUVs cost but is able to go where some of these can’t.

The new Ford Bronco and the Subaru Outback are also great off-road SUVs while not being overly expensive.

Are trucks better off-road vehicles than SUVs?


Most trucks on sale today are not designed for off-road use, and the reality is that a pickup truck is never going to be as capable off-road as an SUV. Trucks are better at hauling and towing while SUVs tend to come with larger tires and higher ground clearance with better approach and departure angles.

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