What is the best car for transporting kayaks?

Most cars these days can transport kayaks one way or the other, but some are definitely more appropriate than others. A car transporting kayaks should be long, balanced, and not too high for easier roof rack access.

It should also be a car capable of mild off-roading as the access ramps towards water are sometimes a bit tricky. As mentioned previously, one of the most important car features is a set of dedicated roof racks capable of transporting kayaks. This is the best and safest way one can safely haul a few kayaks.

As such, SUVs are always a great choice because they almost always offer roof racks.  Something like a Chevy Tahoe or pick-up truck such as the Ford F150 are both great options. If you want a more luxurious SUV, a Mercedes G-Class is the perfect luxury adventure mobile.

You should also consider an estate, and the Subaru Outback is a great choice if you plan on saving a bit of money, but if you want the very best estate car for hauling kayaks, an Audi A4 All-road or a Mercedes E-Class All-terrain are the best ones money can buy.

Chevy Tahoe

SUVs are great for kayak enthusiasts due to readily available roof rails and the ability to go off-road. You shouldn’t buy a car solely for kayaking purposes, and the Chevvy Tahoe is somewhat of a jack of all trades. The Chevy Tahoe offers plenty of space inside and out for all of your kayaks and kayaking equipment.

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The Chevy Tahoe is a seven-seater car, so if you are a family man or soon to be, a Tahoe is a great option. When you don’t need to use the rear seats you can fold them down, and as such the Tahoe offers a huge cargo area which easily capable of packing all of your kayaking equipment.

Ford F150

If you prefer pickup trucks or are in a need of one, rest assured as you can transport your kayaking gear with a pickup truck with or without roof rails. All you have to do is open the bed up and place the kayaks safely. Be sure to tie them down as best as possible so they don’t move at all.

The F150 is a great choice thanks to lots of engines and trim options, relatively affordable pricing, accessible modifications for adventurers, beefed-up suspension, and lots of cargo area. Besides this, the F150 offers a modern-looking interior and exterior with all the necessary everyday features and amenities.

Mercedes G-Class

If you want one of the most iconic SUVs ever built, the Mercedes Benz G-Class certainly is the one. The G-wagon offers everything one would ever want from an SUV. Luxury galore, comfort, power, looks, status, and off-road ability unmatched by 99% of all serial production SUVs.

The G-Class is a perfect car for hardcore kayak enthusiasts as they often try to find the perfect kayaking spots which can sometimes be in hardly accessible areas. Thanks to three locking differentials, dedicated off-road modes, and lots of axle articulation, the G-Class can go anywhere while looking amazing.

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Audi A4 Allroad

Even though SUVs are definitely the best option when it comes to hardly accessible kayaking spots, estate cars are better all-around cars for everything else besides off-roading. If you are not traversing tricky terrain to reach your favorite kayaking spots, a compact estate like the A4 Allroad is a perfect buy.

The A4 Allroad is essentially a more off-road-oriented A4 Avant. As such the Allroad retains all of the luxury  comfort features but offers additional underbody protection, AWD, beefier suspension with more ground clearance. Perfect for mild to medium off-roading.

Mercedes E-Class All-terrain

Even though the A4 Allroad is one of the best adventurers estate cars money can buy, it certainly is a bit compact for some people, especially the ones who prefer driving larger cars or spend a lot of time on the road driving multiple passengers.

If so, the Mercedes Benz E-Class all-terrain is the perfect mid-size estate car. The E-Class all-terrain is essentially an E-Class estate with a more off-road-oriented approach just like the A4 Allroad. That being said, the E-Class is incredibly composed, comfortable and luxurious, but capable of tackling mild off-roading without any issues.

FAQ Section

Should I consider a van if I am regularly going kayaking?

If you are a hardcore kayaking enthusiast and you spend a lot of your time in the wilderness, a van might actually be worth considering. A van is capable of transporting kayaks inside where they are shielded from the environment completely.

Buying a van solely for kayaking purposes might be a bad financial decision. If you won’t use your van for any other purpose besides kayaking, you are better off considering an estate or an SUV.

Is it safe to transport kayaks on roof rails?

If you tie them down properly, there is no danger in transporting kayaks on dedicated roof rails. Be sure not to overcrowd the rails with a bunch of kayaks, and always use tie-down straps that are rated for such a purpose and can easily support the weight and the dimensions of the kayak you are using.

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While transporting kayaks on your roof, be sure to keep the length in mind as it can sometimes be dangerous to follow a car too close. You should also invest in a few high-quality roof rack pads to keep your roof and your kayaks scratch-free.

Is it safe to transport kayaks in a pickup truck bed?

If you plan on transporting your kayaks using a pickup truck, be sure to get a bed extender if the kayaks are hanging from the bed. A bed extender is not necessary if your bed is large enough, or your kayaks are on the smaller side.

Securing the kayaks inside a pickup bed is a bit tricker than it is on a set of dedicated roof rails. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should safely secure the kayaks without much hassle. Always use the proper equipment and check the tie-down straps for wear and tear from time to time.

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