Best electric cars for tall drivers

Electric cars are known to offer more usable cargo and interior space, a perfect example of such a car is the Tesla Model X because it offers seating for 7 and two cargo spaces. If you pair that with cutting-edge technology, the Model X seems like an amazing EV.

And the Model X surely is impressive, but the Model S is the best Tesla for a taller driver. But the best sedan for a taller driver is probably the newly released Mercedes EQS. The Audi e-Tron GT, Porsche Taycan, and the aforementioned Model S are also more than plenty for most people.

If you want a zippy, small around-town EV, the Smart Electric Drive, VW e-UP, or the BMW i3 are the ones to consider. Both the Smart and the i3 are based on a similar platform, but the i3 does seem like a more upmarket approach, and the price tag certainly does reflect that.

If you want an SUV, the Model X, Ford Mustang Mach-E, or the Audi e-Tron are all great options for almost everyone. Even though most EVs place their batteries under the seats which should compromise headspace, it seems like these EVs are not affected by this.

Best electric sedans for taller drivers

Even though the sedan segment is in a steady decline in recent years due to the resurgence of the SUV platform, there are a bunch of electric sedans on offer. And most of the larger ones are plenty spacious for taller drivers.

The Mercedes EQS is taller than the flagship Mercedes S-Class sedan, this means that the EQS offers lots of headspace, and the driver’s legroom is also more than enough for 99% of people. The EQS is packed with a bunch of luxury and comfort features, and as of right now, no other luxury sedan can match it.

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But, if you want a sportier electric sedan, the Audi e-Tron GT or the Porsche Macan should be the ones to consider. These two are based on the same chassis, and the interior space is almost identical. Both of these offer ample space for taller drivers but go for the Porsche if you want the sportiest electric sedan on the market.

The Tesla Model S on the other hand is a bit too provincial compared to the EQS, but the newly redesigned Model S is just around the corner. Tesla claims that the new Model S will offer a longer range before charges than any other sedan on the planet, and the interior space is not far of the EQS.

Best electric compact car for taller drivers

Compact cars are not made for taller drivers, but the level of space usage sophistication of the 21st century surely does contrast that. That means that even a Smart Electric Drive is capable of fitting a really tall driver, with mild claustrophobic effects in the process.

The BMW i3 is more or less the same story, but the i3 does offer more of everything compared to the Smart. There are a few different options out there like the Fiat 500e or the Nissan Leaf, but both of these are too small for taller drivers.

The last claustrophobic option compact hatchback option is the VW e-UP. The e-UP offers the same chassis as the one found in the regular VW UP, this means that the interior space is surprisingly usable, and most taller drivers can enjoy a comfortable ride.

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The compact electric hatchback segment makes a lot of sense if you are planning to use the car for city driving, but if you want the most space an EV can offer, go for a sedan or an SUV.

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Best electric SUVs for tall drivers

As mentioned previously, SUVs are the default car of tomorrow and it’s pretty obvious as to why people love SUVs so much. The raised driving position makes you feel like the king of the road and it also increases visibility and off-road capability.

But don’t be expecting to take a Tesla Model X off-roading because the Model X is somewhere between a car and an SUV. Tesla has done this to increase the aerodynamics of the Model X, and to increase the interior space usability. And the effects are indeed amazing because the Model X offers lots of space in each row.

The Audi e-Tron is Audi’s entry into the EV market, and it seems like the e-Tron ticks pretty much all the boxes. But the e-Tron does not offer the same amount of space the Model X does even though the space on hand is more than enough. Pair that with a sleeker interior and exterior design, the e-Tron seems like a better car overall.

 FAQ Section

 Is Tesla the best EV manufacturer on the planet?

What Tesla has done in recent years is unprecedented. A fairly initially hopeless start-up has managed to become the most valuable car company on the planet, and it seems like Elon Musk has single-handedly pushed the entire car industry towards electrification on a larger scale.

But the cars themselves are not all that perfect. Even though they may offer more range, they do not offer the same levels of sophistication as some Audi, Porsche, or Mercedes models do. And that comes as no surprise because these three are in the market of building cars decades or centuries longer than Tesla.

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Is it worth buying an EV?

The logic behind buying an EV is dependent on a few aspects. Infrastructure-wise, most cities are not ready. Even though a few developed countries are going to great lengths to ensure a properly developed charging network, it still ain’t not nearly as easy to charge up an EV compared to filing an ICE car with the good old dirty fuel.

EVs are also not as reliable for longer journeys, but if you do care about the environment and you also do value being on the front edge of transition, an EV might be a good idea. But be prepared for a bunch of compromises you have never experienced with an ICE car.

 Should I wait a few years before buying an electric car?

In most cases yes. Only if you live in a country developed enough, and if you are willing to make a few sacrifices in an effort of saving the environment, you can consider making the transition immediately. But the infrastructure and ease of use simply are not there yet.

If you own a few ICE cars, and you are planning to buy an EV as well then it makes more sense. But one thing is certain, the fact that the EV technology and range are expanding rapidly,  a 300-mile max range car might seem laughable in 2030.

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