What is the best commuter vehicle?

A commuter car is a car used daily for various purposes such as going to and back from work, taking the kids to school, or driving to get groceries. A good commuter car is spacious enough, yet not too big, one that returns decent MPG, and has lots of storage space and overall convenience features.

That being said, large SUVs or large sedans are not really intended for commuting duties, but some still believe that they are the best daily drivers out there. If we want to pinpoint the best commuter vehicles, we are primarily going to concentrate on mid-size or compact cars.

As far as commuter vehicles go, the Honda Civic is a legend, as such, it’s impossible to make a list of the best commuter cars without including Honda’s finest. Besides the Civic, the Chevy Cruze is also a great commuter car, and so is the Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan.

However, if you want your commuter to be a way more pleasant experience, you should opt for the BMW 3-series or the Audi Q5. No matter which car you want, be sure to test them all as thoroughly as possible in order to make a sound purchasing decision.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is an urban legend, wherever you go you are bound to come across at least a dozen of these just casually driving around. No one ever notices a Civic because a Civic perfectly blends into an urban lifestyle. The 2017-2018 generation Civic is a reliable, well-equipped, and well-priced daily driver, and so is the new one.

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There are loads of different models to choose from whether you want a 2-door or a 4-door sedan, and all of them are superiorly reliable. Besides being reliable, if you do end up damaging your Civic, spare parts are easy to come by, and almost every service shop has extensive experience working on a Civic.

Chevrolet Cruze

For pretty much the same reasons, the Chevrolet Cruze is also a great daily driver, but the Cruze can be even more efficient while not being as reliable as the Civic. That being said, the Chevy Cruze is a fairly reliable car, but hardly any car is as dependable as the Civic.

Besides also being affordable, the Cruze offers a more mature-looking design that blends into the background even more than the Civic’s. However, where the Cruze excels is interior space as it offers a lot of it, even for the largest of individuals.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

If sedans are your thing, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the one to go for if you want an all-around great daily driving experience. Design-wise, it’s easy to say that the Fusion does look way better than the Civic or the Cruze, and some even believe that it can be mistaken for a car double the price.

However, the best thing about the Fusion Hybrid is the efficiency, superior infotainment system, and lots of comfort and seating adjustments. With as much as 42MPG, the Fusion is a class leader as far as efficiency is concerned, and the Sync3 infotainment system is also class-leading.

BMW 3-series

The BMW 3-series has always been a staple of luxury, technology, and enthusiastic driving, and the newest 3-series is all that, and much more. With a completely redesigned interior and exterior, the new 3-series is now closer to the 5-series when it comes to luxury, while still retaining a more approachable size.

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The older 3-series was a bit meh because it lacked as far as the interior is concerned. Besides looking great, the 3-series is a joy to drive thanks to many engine options which are both efficient, reliable, and sophisticated.

Audi Q5

It’s unfair to talk about great commuters without mentioning at least one Audi model, but judging by the rise of popularity which follows SUV in recent years, the Q5 is the obvious choice. Size-wise, the Q5 is just perfect as it offers enough space, a raised driving position that does not impair visibility nor practicality.

Design-wise, the Q5 oozes sophistication inside and out, and it feels well built. Reliability is also great as Audi does invest lots of time in their most popular models. There are many engines to chose from and each of them is dependable, sophisticated, and easy to maintain.

FAQ Section

Which cars are bad commuters?

A subpar commuter car does not offer the bare minimum of convenience features, one that is expensive, unreliable, and expensive to maintain. As such, supercars are a definite no-go. Something like a McLaren should never be used as a daily driver because there is no cargo space and they cost way too much.

Some sports cars should also be avoided, while other spruced-up versions of regular cars can be better, but still not optimal. Furthermore, any large car is also not a good idea for obvious reasons.

Are electric cars good daily drivers?

Electric cars can be great for daily driving purposes if you can fully utilize the EV platform. For example, if your workspace has EV chargers, then an EV is a great choice. Furthermore, if you own a parking spot that can offer EV charging capabilities, then it’s also a great option to opt for an EV.

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However, if you don’t have the access to any of that, and you tend to drive long distances regularly, an EV is not a good option. That being said, you can try out an EV by just opting for a hybrid, and if you can enjoy a hybrid for what it is, then you can just transition towards an EV when you are ready.

Are petrol cars better for daily driving than diesel cars?

In most instances, it’s better to opt for a small capacity turbocharged petrol engine than it is to opt for a diesel of any kind. Diesel cars do fare better for long-distance driving, but urban city environments are better of without diesel engines for many different reasons.

Petrol engines are better because they don’t pollute as much, and most of them still don’t offer complex exhaust particulate filters which tend to break if not driven at high speeds from time to time.

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