Best 4-seat supercars to buy in 2023

Best 4-seat supercars to buy in 2023

Buying a supercar usually comes with a whole host of compromises which can often be detrimental to your entire experience. Many people out there would love to own a supercar but aren’t willing to live with a car that offers just two seats. Thankfully, many prominent carmakers these days are aware of this which is why they make four-seater supercars.

In this article, we will tell you all about the best 4-seat supercars to buy in 2023. Some of these supercars are not necessarily cars. The best four-seater supercar you can buy is the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso as it offers the most exciting engine out of all cars in this group in addition to that endlessly desirable prancing horse badge at the front.

If money is no object, and you want the very best supercar with four seats, the Koenigsegg Gemera is unmatched when it comes to “supercarness”. The newly-released Maserati Gran Turismo is also a supercar with four seats, and so is the Aston Martin DB11 AMR.

To top this list off, we are also going to mention the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4-door which is essentially a four-door four-seat version of the AMG GT Coupe.

1. Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is the best 4-seat supercar

Ferrari has recently come out with the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV, but we really can’t call it a supercar. As such, we decided to include the GTC4 Lusso instead. The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso features a naturally aspirated 6.3L V12 engine with 680hp and 514lb-ft of torque with an 8,000rpm redline. The sound of this screaming V12 is enough to call this the best four-seat supercar today.

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The GTC4 Lusso also comes with a V8 engine, but the V12 version is much more exciting. With 2-doors and four spacious seats, the GTC4 can be used as a cross-continental Grand Tourer. With a distinct dual personality, the GTC4 can be an absolute beast and an amazing luxury car with just one press of the button.

2. Koenigsegg Gemera

If you have a spare $1.5 to $2 million and you want a four-door supercar, you should definitely consider the Koenigsegg Gemera. To be 100% honest, calling a Gemera a supercar is not doing it justice as this Swedish 1700hp hybrid four-seater is a certified “Hypercar”.

The craziest thing about the Gemera is that it uses a 3-cylinder engine, yet this engine is pushing out 600hp and 443lb-ft of torque. Design-wise, the Gemera really looks like a supercar from the future and is extremely exclusive. The Gemera is limited to just 300 examples for the entire world which means that most or all are likely to be sold out already.

3. Maserati Gran Turismo

The Maserati Gran Turismo is often referred to as one of the best-looking front-engine V8 rear-wheel drive supercars to ever come out. Maserati has recently pulled the covers of the brand-new Gran Turismo which features a detuned version of the Maserati MC20 twin-turbo V6 engine that offers up to 550hp with the Trofeo version.

Sure, it may not be the roaring V8 that came with the previous model, but this V6 is sure to keep you and three of your friends entertained. Design-wise, I’d say that the Gran Turismo is likely the best-looking car on this list, except maybe for the DB11.

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4. Aston Martin DB11 AMR

When it comes to making impressive Grand Tourer supercars that can do upwards of 200mph but also be extremely luxurious, Aston Martin is the brand to go to. The DB11 AMR features a slightly revised version of the DB11 engine palette which means that you can choose between a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 or a twin-turbo 5.2L V12.

The V8 offers 528hp while the V12 offers 530hp. Some say that the V8 is more fun to drive as it isn’t as nose-heavy as the V12. Either way, both of these can fit up to four people in maximum luxury, comfort, and style.

5. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 4-door

If you want maximum space, maximum luxury, four doors, and a supercar-rivaling driving experience, the AMG GT 63 4-door is right up your alley. This super-saloon offers a 4.0L BiTurbo V8 engine with 640hp and an incredibly wide breadth of ability. This means that it can be both extremely comfortable and extremely agile.

If you want even more power, you can upgrade to the hybrid GT 73 AMG which offers upwards of 800hp but retains all the creature comforts and luxury amenities. All in all, the GT 63 is the best daily driver out of all cars here.

FAQ Section

Are four-door supercars real supercars?

Four-door supercars tend to be a bit sedated compared to “true” supercars as those are usually a bit rawer. A true supercar is something like a Ferrari F8 Tributo, McLaren 720S, or the Lamborghini Aventador. All three of these try to be as lightweight as possible while also being as powerful as possible.

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A four-seat supercar is more a marketing thing than reality as four-seat supercars aren’t something regular supercar owners want anyway, except for the Gemera.

Is the Porsche 911 Turbo S a supercar?

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is a four-seat car that can do 0-60mph in around 2.5 seconds, but not many people believe that it is a true supercar. The reason why is that the 911 range is what most people like to call “the pinnacle sports” car. It just isn’t as exclusive or special as it uses parts found in something like a Macan.

A supercar is a car that is made to wow people while also being raw, track-focused, and exclusive.

What is the fastest four-seat car on the planet?

The fastest four-seat car on the planet is the aforementioned Koenigsegg Gemera as Koenigsegg says that this ludicrous four-seater can reach speeds up to 250mph/400kph. Some even say that the Gemera can go a lot faster than that and that Koenigsegg has limited the top speed to 250mph.

This is actually really easy to believe as Koenigsegg has made a whole host of cars that can go over 250mph, some of them are even more than 10 years old now while the Gemera is brand-new and uses a much more powerful engine than those cars.

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