Best luxury cars for tall drivers

Luxury cars tend to be large enough for both the front and the back occupants. Whether it is a sedan or an SUV, luxury cars have to offer larger amounts of space to reach a certain level of comfort luxury cars are expected to offer.

The most popular luxury car segment is the sedan segment, and some cars like the BMW 7-series, Audi A8, and Mercedes S-Class are the ones that define this segment. But a bunch of Japanese brands such as Kia and Genesis are offering even more driver’s headroom and legroom.

But the luxury SUV market is ever-expanding and it seems like the SUV platform might actually become the default luxury car segment of the future.

SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe/Suburban/GMC Yukon offer more space, but SUVs like the BMW X7, the Range Rover, and the Mercedes GLS offer more luxury, and striking a balance between these two aspects is the waypoint to a great luxury car purchase.

Best luxury sedans for tall drivers

A luxury sedan is most likely a full-size sedan, and pretty much every full-size sedan is going to offer ample space for even the largest individuals. The German trio, Audi A8, BMW 7-series, and the Mercedes S-Class are the ones that dominate this segment.

The Mercedes S-Class offers 39.7 inches of driver’s headroom and around 41 inches of driver’s legroom. The Audi A8 offers 38.3 inches of driver’s headroom and 41.5 inches of driver’s legroom. The BMW 7-series is the most spacious of the lot with 39.9 inches of headroom and 41.4 inches of legroom.

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Probably one of the most spacious full-size luxury sedans is the Genesis G90 with its impressive 41.1 inches of driver’s headroom and 46.3 inches of driver’s legroom. The Kia K900 offers 40.2 inches of driver’s headroom and 45.9 inches of driver’s legroom.

Even though these Japanese limos do offer more space compared to their German rivals, they are not as luxurious as the Germans are. It’s safe to say that all of these will offer enough space for tall drivers, but if you want that little bit extra, go for the G90 or the K900.

Best luxury SUVs for tall drivers

SUVs are steadily taking over the luxury car market, and the Range Rover, BMW X7, Mercedes GLS, Audi Q8, Porsche Cayenne are the most popular of the bunch. But the GMC Yukon/Chevy Suburban/Tahoe are the ones offering the largest amount of space.

The Range Rover Vogue is a definitive luxury SUV of the 21st century, but as far as interior space is concerned, the Range Rover offers not all that much interior space at less than 40 inches of both the driver’s headroom and legroom.

Out of the German trio, the Q8 offers the most legroom at 41.6 inches and the X7 offers the most headroom at 41.9 inches, but all three of these are nowhere near the top. The GMC Yukon/Chevy Suburban/Tahoe offer class-leading space at 42.3 inches of headroom and 45.3 inches of legroom.

The Kia Telluride offers 40.9 inches of driver’s headroom and 41.4 inches of driver’s legroom. All of these are likely to offer more than enough space for taller drivers, and the Range Rover and the German trio are the most luxurious and desirable ones of the lot.

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Best high-end luxury cars for tall people

It’s rather unforgiving to talk about luxury cars without mentioning Bentley, Rolls Royce, or Maybach. After all, these three are the very top end in modern car luxury, and they will also easily accommodate larger individuals.

Probably the most luxurious car on the planet is the Rolls Royce Phantom. And at 227 inches of length, the Phantom is not lacking any space whatsoever. Other Rolls Royce Models like the Ghost, Cullinan, or the Wraith offer around 40.6 inches of driver’s headroom and 41.7 inches of driver’s legroom.

If you want a luxurious, comfortable and fast car, choosing a Bentley Continental/Flying Spur is a great option. Whether you need 4 doors or not, both of these will offer 40+ inches of both the driver’s headroom and legroom. The Bentayga SUV is based on the Audi Q7 and it offers 38 inches of headroom and 41.7 inches of legroom.

The Maybach versions of modern-day Mercedes luxury cars are fairly similar, but they do offer more headroom. Mercedes didn’t need to make a more spacious GLS/S-class because both of these are spacious enough as it is.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a luxury SUV or a luxury sedan?

Well from the ”best for a tall driver” perspective, both of these segments are likely to satisfy your needs. The question is more about what you prefer, either a raised-up, more capable car, or a usually more comfortable and sleeker sedan option.

There are so many different options to choose from, it’s hard to make a mistake. If you don’t plan on taking your SUV off-roading, then it might make more sense to buy a sedan because they are lighter and closer to the ground which usually results in better ride quality and less body roll.

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Is it worth buying a luxury car?

Yes, it is. A luxury car is an event, a chance to relax and make your journeys less stressful. Nowadays people spend a large majority of their lives behind the wheel, uncomfortable seats, and the bad ride quality can even affect your general physical health.

Some people believe that a good comfortable car and a good comfortable bed are equally as important if you do spend a lot of time on the road, and that is true. Luxury cars are about staying fresh until the end of your journey, and no other car segment can do that.

Is it worth buying a Rolls Royce?

This is an extremely hard question to answer because a Roller sometimes costs more than half a million dollars, but it does offer comfort and quality, and a design that no other car manufacturer can match.

A Rolls Royce sometimes costs 5 times as much as an S-Class does, but the Rolls does not offer 5 times the ride quality. The differences are not just incremental, they are truly noticeable, but still not enough to justify such a price.

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