Are Mercedes still made in Germany?

Are Mercedes still made in Germany?

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world. The company has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, but with several manufacturing facilities around the world.

Mercedes-Benz still makes vehicles in Germany. However, the company has opened up other manufacturing facilities in 22 countries around the world. Some of these countries include the USA, Austria, Argentina, France, Brazil and Hungary. All of the Mercedes manufacturing plants outside Germany meet Mercedes’ strict quality control processes.

The origin of Mercedes

The three-pronged star on Mercedes vehicles symbolizes the company’s aim toward global motorization with its engine dominating the land, sea and air. This three-star emblem is associated with class, comfort, performance, dependability, reliability, and luxury. That’s what separates Mercedes from other luxury cars.

Carl Benz’s 1886 Benz patent motor wagon was one of the most exceptional inventions in the automobile field. In 1901, Gottlieb Daimler produced a vehicle that he named Mercedes. Daimler, a co-founder of Mercedes-Benz, also gets praise for creating the first gas-powered engine ideal for using in automobiles.

The merger of Benz & Cie. and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1925 produced Daimler-Benz motor company, which was changed later to the esteemed Mercedes-Benz.  Over the decades, the company has introduced exceptional innovations to its vehicles that many other companies have used as well, including many technological and safety features.

Where are Mercedes-Benz vehicles made?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are still made in Germany, but the company has also expanded to other parts of the world. This is as a result of high demand and strict import restrictions in other countries, such as the USA. Below are some of the main Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facilities worldwide:

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Mercedes-Benz plants in Germany

Mercedes-Benz is still headquartered in Stuttgart Germany, where the main manufacturing plant is located. Stuttgart is the founding city of Mercedes-Benz. The Stuttgart plant was established in 1904, and it employs more than 19,000 people today, making it one of the largest Mercedes plants.

The Stuttgart plant also manufactures genuine Mercedes-Benz parts like transmissions, engines, and axles. The plant is also home to the research and development team, and it will be making electric vehicle batteries in the years to come.

Aside from the Stuttgart plant, there are several Mercedes plants in different parts of Germany, which include:

  • Affalterbach – this plant specializes in making AMG engines, and it hosts the AMG performance studio. It has around 1,700 employees. 
  • Berlin – the plant majors in creating engines, parts, and much more. It boasts about 2,500 employees.
  • Bremen – the Bremen facility is one of the largest and produces a variety of car models. The plant makes Mercedes-Benz C-Class (sedan, wagon, coupe & cabriolet), E-Class (coupe & cabriolet), GLC-Class, GLC Coupe, SL-Class, and SLC.
  • Hamburg – this facility makes various Mercedes-Benz parts, including steering columns, axles & axle parts, exhaust emission technology parts, and much more.
  • Kamenz – the manufacturing plant in Kamenz is popular for making lithium-ion drive batteries. It has about 600 employees.
  • Kolleda and Arnstadt – most Mercedes-Benz engines and AMG engines are made in this plant. It has 1,400 employees.
  • Rastatt – the Rastatt manufacturing facility has around 6,500 employees and makes Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class, and GLA.
  • Sindelfingen – last but not least, the Sindelfingen plant has the highest number of employees, and it’s also the largest Mercedes plant worldwide. With 25,000 employees, the Sindelfingen manufacturing plant makes various vehicles. These include Mercedes-Benz CLS, E-Class (Sedan & Wagon), S-Class (Sedan, Coupe & Cabriolet), Mercedes-AMG GT, AMG GT Coupe, and Mercedes-Maybach.
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Mercedes-Benz plants in the USA

In the USA, there is only one Mercedes-Benz plant, and it’s based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This Mercedes manufacturing facility employs around 3,700 people. Some of the Mercedes vehicles made here are Mercedes-Benz SUVs, such as the Mercedes GLE-Class, GLE Coupe, and GLS-Class.

The Tuscaloosa plant was the first major Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility outside of Germany. It was founded in 1995, and the first vehicle was produced in February 1997. The plant is also famous for the production of the popular Mercedes C-Class sedan.

Other Mercedes-Benz plants around the world

  • Beijing China – this is one of the largest Mercedes plants outside Germany and the USA. It makes Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, GLA-Class, GLC-Class, and engines. It has about 11,500 employees.
  • Hambach, France – this plant in Hambach, France is popular for making the “smart ForTwo” model series of Mercedes cars.
  • Kecskemet, Hungary – this plant makes Mercedes B-Class, CLA-Class, and the CLA Shooting Brake. It employs around 4,000 people.
  • East London, South Africa – It produces Mercedes C-Class and has 3,300 employees.
  • Magna Steyr, Graz, Austria – Magna Steyr Graz employs around 9,500 people. It produces Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Questions about Mercedes production around the world

Are Mercedes made in Germany better?

No, they aren’t. This is because Mercedes has strict quality standards that it meets across all of its plants around the world. So, it doesn’t matter if the Mercedes car is made in Germany, the USA, Austria, Brazil, China, or even South Africa. All the cars are made of quality parts and engineering.

What Mercedes cars are made in Germany?

Mercedes-Benz has its headquarters and main facilities in Stuttgart, Germany. However, it has different factories located in different areas throughout the country. All of these factories make different car models, which include: The Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, GLC-Class, GLA-Class, SL-Class, S-Class, AMG GT, AMG GT Coupe, and Mercedes-Maybach.  

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Where are the Mercedes factories located?

Mercedes may still have its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, but it has factories around the world. Mercedes-Benz has dispersed widely, and it boasts of production facilities in 22 countries. Aside from Germany, it has factories in countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Argentina, Austria, Mexico, South Africa, and much more.

Are any Mercedes made in the USA?

Various Mercedes-Benz models are produced at the Mercedes-Benz US International industrial site based near Vance, Alabama. This plant manufactured its first vehicle in February 1997. Some of the models produced at this site are the popular Mercedes-Benz C-Class, GLE-Class, and GLS class.

German quality worldwide

The increase in demand for Mercedes-Benz vehicles internationally has enabled it to open up many Mercedes factories around the world. However, the main manufacturing plant and its headquarters are still located in Germany. So, Mercedes is still made in Germany with manufacturing plants in 22 countries.

All Mercedes vehicles made outside of Germany still meet German quality-control processes. They have top-end safety features, perform at a high level, and come with all the advanced features and comfort that Mercedes-Benz cars made in Germany have. There is no difference apart from the geographical base.

Are Mercedes still made in Germany?

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