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Last year, Mercedes came out with the jaw-dropping Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series as the last hurrah of the current Mercedes AMG GT Coupe which came out as a replacement for the SLS AMG. It seems like the next AMG 2-door sports car is still going to be called the AMG GT and is not likely to be too different from the current one.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about 2023 AMG GT Coupe, when it’s coming out, and if you should consider buying one. More and more information about the 2023 AMG GT is coming out every day, and we are going to combine everything we know so far in this very article.

First of all, the AMG GT is going to retain its throaty V8 engine which is a blessing considering that come new AMG models are adopting 4-cylinder engines. The Mercedes SL-AMG is likely the car with which the new 2023 AMG GT is going to share most of its parts, but AMG says that these two are going to offer a completely different driving experience.

All in all, the AMG GT has a really tall fence to climb as the current AMG GT is an exceptionally successful car and likely one of, if not the best AMG sports cars of all time. We have already witnessed the refreshed 4-door AMG GT, but the next-gen 4-door GT is going to be really similar to the new 2023 GT.

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2023 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe – The Powertrain

The most talked about aspect of the upcoming 2023 AMG GT is undoubtedly its engine which thankfully is still going to have a V8 configuration. Many Mercedes AMG enthusiasts were rightfully worried that the new AMG GT is going to feature either a V6 or even a 4-cylinder, but Mercedes somehow managed to retain the V8.

As such, the top-spec 4.0L BiTurbo V8 in the AMG GT is going to offer 831hp, while the second model in the lineup is going to offer a V6 engine with around 500hp. Some sources suggest that the new AMG GT is also going to be offered with a 4-cylinder turbocharged hybrid engine, likely the one we can now find in the new C63.

4MATIC is likely to be the choice for some AMG GT models while others will remain purely rear-wheel-driven. The 9G-Tronic automatic transmission is going to be offered with most AMG GT models, but V8 models could feature the more robust and updated AMG Speedshift unit found in the current AMG GT.

All in all, we can say that we are more than happy that the new AMG GT is going to be available with a V8 even in 2023.

2023 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe – Design and Driving

There are many renderings of the new 2023 AMG GT online, but none of them are 100% correct. These have been modeled on the existing spy shots of the 2023 AMG GT and are not far from what the car is actually going to look like. We can expect it to feature both slimmer headlights and slimmer taillights and the Panamericana grille found on all AMG models these days.

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The side profile isn’t likely to change too much from the existing AMG GT which is a good thing. The interior is likely to be carried over from the 2023 SL which is no bad thing as the 2023 SL offers an amazing interior. Therefore, the new 2023 AMG GT is going to adopt many design cues from the new SL-Class.

Driving-wise, AMG says that the new AMG GT is going to be both more focused and more livable thanks to more thorough drive mode customizations that can change the character of the new AMG GT substantially.

2023 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe – Reliability and Common Issues

As far as reliability is concerned, we can’t say anything for certain as the AMG GT is not out yet. However, we can say that the AMG GT is not going to be the cheapest AMG to live with as is the case with the current AMG GT. These cars require more maintenance and are prone to lots of issues if they don’t get that.

2023 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe – Value and Practicality

The 2023 AMG GT is going to come with a price increase over the current AMG GT which is likely to bring the starting price closer to $130,000-$140,000 for the entry-level model. Higher-end models are surely going to come close to $200,000 while eventual Black Series models might even double that.

Practicality is as good as with the current AMG GT which means that you only get 2 seats, but a fairly large trunk space considering the rest of the segment.

FAQ Section

When is the 2023 Mercedes AMG GT coming out?

The 2023 Mercedes AMG GT is likely going to be revealed before the end of 2022 or in early 2023 which means that the first cars should reach customers by mid-2023. We can expect Mercedes to offer the new AMG GT with the well-known Mercedes Edition 1 package which only comes with the very first models that leave the factory.

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These Edition 1 models will feature special design touches which aren’t likely to be available for later AMG GT customers.

Is the 2023 Mercedes AMG GT just a hard-top Mercedes SL?

Some have said that the 2023 AMG GT is going to be a hard-top version of the new SL-Class which is partially true. The new SL is also a 100% AMG car which means that it was designed and built by AMG, not by Mercedes which is the first time this is done for an SL.

However, AMG says that the AMG GT is going to be a much more focused car with not nearly as much weight as the SL. The SL is more of a cruiser grand tourer while the AMG GT is a sports car through and through.

Which cars rival the 2023 Mercedes AMG GT?

The main rival to the AMG GT is the Porsche 911, the Aston Martin Vantage, and potentially even the new Ferrari Roma. This group of cars is made for those who want a compact sports car with a V8 engine that is mostly designed for performance driving. Choosing a winner here is really difficult and is likely never going to be decided objectively.

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