Is Tesla’s build quality improving?

Since electric cars have fewer moving parts (20), they are meant to be more reliable than gasoline-powered cars with more than 2,000 moving parts. However, EVs like Tesla report more quality issues than some ICE cars. Regardless, is Tesla’s build quality improving? 

The good news is that Tesla’s build quality is improving. After Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that Tesla has build quality issues in an interview with engineering consultant Sandy Munro, Tesla has been working on improving its built quality. 

The main thing that Tesla is doing is reducing the complexity of its production process. After the demand for Tesla rose, the company has been working around the clock to ensure that it matches the demand, but this resulted in cars having build quality problems. 

Which Tesla models have build quality problems?

Over the years, different Tesla models have had several build quality issues. One of the Tesla models that were popular with build quality problems was the Tesla Model 3. Most of the problems were connected with fit and finish. However, most of these problems were amended and Model 3 owners no longer complain about them. 

Another Tesla Model with build quality issues is the Tesla Model Y. This model has never received a rating of more than one out of five from Consumer Reports. This just shows how very unreliable this car is when it comes to build quality. 

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Last but not least, the Tesla Model X also comes with a handful of build problems, but they are not rampant like on Tesla Model 3 and Y. Most of the build quality challenges include uneven panel gaps, paint defects, and misaligned trims. 

However, some Tesla Models like the Tesla Model Y have reported far more serious issues like the roof flying off, water leakage, and back seats and seatbelts not being properly attached. So, before you buy any of these Tesla models, make sure to inspect it and ensure it does not have any of the above issues. 

Which Tesla models have the least build quality issues?

Unfortunately, all Teslas have been reported to have some build quality problems over the years. Nonetheless, the Tesla Model S has reported the least issues. As a result, this makes it the most reliable Tesla when it comes to construction or body design. 

Additionally, the 2017 and the 2019 Tesla Model X reported fewer build quality challenges, making them also reliable together with the Tesla Model S. The Tesla Model S cars with the least construction problems are the 2013 and 2017 models. Both of these cars have received at least a rating of four out of five from Consumer Reports. 

How does Tesla rate with other competitors in terms of build quality?

When it comes to owners’ satisfaction ratings, Tesla is the number one car. Despite being unreliable, Tesla owners are still fully satisfied with their cars and are happy to have them. On top of that, they would gladly buy a new model from Tesla if they had to. 

However, when you compare the build quality of Tesla and its competitors, Tesla ranks bottom. According to the 2020 J.D Power Initial Quality Survey, Tesla ranks last among 32 brands. This is because Tesla registered 205 problems per 100 vehicles, making it the highest among automakers. 

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The average problems per 100 vehicles were 166, making Tesla the least reliable car brand when it comes to the quality of construction. It was followed closely by Range Rover, while Dodge and Kia are some of the car brands with the least build quality issues. 

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However, the good news is that Tesla ranked well in terms of infotainment, powertrain functionality, and controls. The only challenge was with the quality of exterior parts. That’s one of the reasons many Tesla owners are satisfied and happy with their cars despite the build quality problems they usually come with.  

Why does Tesla have build quality problems?

Tesla has build quality problems because it’s rushing to meet the ever-growing demand and chasing delivery numbers. As a result, keeping up with quality control has become a huge problem. For instance, Tesla was only building tens of thousands of cars every year, but in 2020, it build over 500,000 cars, which is a massive jump. 

How does Tesla intend to improve its build quality?

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted to having flaws in the build quality, Tesla is working to improve on the issues. One of the ways they are improving on the quality issues is by reducing complexity in their production and increasing stiffness by making the battery pack itself structural to the car. 

For instance, Tesla has removed the rear casting on the Tesla Model 3 that has enabled them to get rid of 300 robots from the line. This has played a huge role in reducing complexity and potential sources of quality problems. 

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Is Tesla’s build quality bad?

It’s safe to safe that Tesla has some inconsistencies when it comes to build quality. This is because not all Teslas are built with problems, but some models such as Model Y and Model 3 have had build quality issues almost yearly. So, before you buy a Tesla, find out whether that particular year has build challenges or not. 

Is it worth buying a Tesla?

Despite having build quality challenges, Tesla is still a good car for people who want an eco-friendly car. Also, it’s highly advanced and fun to drive. Besides, Tesla offers the best technology and range among all-electric cars. What’s more, not all Teslas have quality issues. 

Why do Tesla owners still like their cars even though they have build quality issues? 

Most Tesla owners love their cars because they rank well in terms of technology, comfort, style, and road tests. Additionally, Teslas are highly advanced and safe cars. And when it comes to status, Tesla is among the best luxury car brands and the best electric car on the market. 


All in all, Tesla’s build quality is improving as they have removed most of the complex processes in production that cause most of their build quality issues. As a result, Tesla’s build problems will be a thing of the past soon even as they ramp up production due to high demand. 

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