What Is The Worst Audi To Buy Used?

worst audi to buy used

It seems like many people who buy used cars will agree that buying a used Audi really isn’t a good deal in the long run. The main reason people decide to buy a used car is to save money. Audis are well known for being comfortable and stylish luxury automobiles, which is why many people initially want to get one.

Quick answer: The worst Audi to buy used

The Audi A4 is in many ways a nice car, but it has problems that make it a bad car to buy used for most people. The A4 is expensive to maintain and all the models over the years have various problems to deal with.

There is a reason for the price

When customers see a used Audi for sale, they get excited about the price and how much they can save on a luxury vehicle. What they don’t look at right away is how much money this vehicle is going to cost them over time. Most Audi’s are designed to run proficiently for the first three years, but after that comes a lot of repairs.

All those trips to the mechanic can cost a lot, especially when it’s added up over time. For the most part, it’s not a wise financial decision to buy a used Audi. Each model is different on it’s own, and some of the vehicles over more recent years aren’t such a bad choice. 

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However, there is one type of Audi that has given customers more trouble than others when bought used. If you plan to buy a used Audi in order to save money, the worst Audi to buy is an Audi A4. They are the most expensive to maintain and mechanics see issues from all of the models through the years.

What Issues Arise With The Audi A4

When you buy a used vehicle it’s expected that you won’t have the most up to date technology and may need the odd repair. With most cars, after the cost of repairs, it still works out to be a better deal than buying one that is new. Most people who buy a used Audi A4 don’t have the same luck.

Mechanics have pointed out that they continuously see the same three issues arise with used Audi A4s, no matter which year they are from. All three issues revolve around the sedan’s engine.

Oil Usage

One of the top issues found with used Audi A4s is an excessive amount of oil usage. Many drivers noticed that around 64,000 miles the vehicle will have issues with oil leakage or burning. This mess can cost them an average of $6,000 manually. The worst model of all for this problem is the 2011 Audi A4.

Engine Failure

Engine failure is another big concern when it comes to buying a used Audi A4. Since the engines in these vehicles aren’t the most reliable they often face issues with overheating, lack of lubrication, and detonation. To keep this car running, it costs owners and additional $6,500 annually.

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Poor Quality Piston

Over 20 percent of used Audi A4 owners face issues with their engine’s piston. Wear and tear on these engines causes the quality of the engine’s piston to fade over time. Although this problem doesn’t occur very often, when it does it can cost around $8,500.

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Which Audi A4 Model Years Are The Worst

While the Audi A4 faces it’s fair share of issues after some time on the road, not all model years are horrible. The models from 2013 and 2018 are more reliable than models from other years, and owners don’t have nearly as many issues with them.

Audi A4 years to avoid

If you are shopping around for a used Audi the two years that you will want to avoid for Audi A4s are 2009 and 2011. These two models have received the most complaints (and most visits to the mechanics). There were 33 complaints received for 2009 and 22 for 2011.

Both 2009 and 2011 Audi A4s are the Audis that face the highest repairs costs for the lowest mileage. Owners spend thousands of dollars every year just to keep them running. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Audi A4 has been on the market since 1996, and the older models are also likely to need more repairs than ones with newer engines. Even though the 2002 model was noted as one of the best models at the time, owning one today would be very expensive to maintain.

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worst audi to buy used

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