What is the cheapest way to replace a Tesla key?

Tesla allows its customers to remotely control their vehicles using a key card, key fob, or mobile phone. But what is the cheapest way to replace a Tesla key? 

The cheapest way to replace a Tesla key is by downloading the Tesla App and using it to link your card to your phone. Afterward, you won’t need the key card as your phone will become your key. You can then use the Tesla app on your phone to unlock and drive your car without a key.

Even though linking the car to your phone is the cheapest way to replace a Tesla key, this method should only be applied if you have lost your second key. Typically, Tesla gives its customers two key cards, meaning that you can use the second key if the first one is lost or damaged. 

Replacing a Tesla key card is not very expensive like replacing a Tesla key fob. For instance, replacing a Tesla Model 3 key card will cost you about $5 to $6. On the other hand, replacing a Tesla key using a key fob is slightly costlier. For example, a replacement key for Tesla Model S will cost you about $174. 

So, if you lose a key and don’t have the Tesla app on your phone connected to your car, you will have to either replace it with either a key card or a key fob. Between these two options, the cheaper choice will be the key card as the key fob is costlier. 

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All in all, linking your car to the Tesla app on your smartphone is the best option. This helps you access remotely controlled features on your car. Simply download the Tesla app for free on your Android or iOS device and link it to your car. 

How much does a replacement Tesla key cost? 

On average, the Tesla store sells key cards for $25. However, Tesla Model 3 keys are the cheapest as they cost about $5. After buying a new Tesla key card, you will tell your car to forget the lost key card and program the car to accept the new card. 

Is it possible to program one key card on several gadgets?

Yes, it is. Despite Tesla only offering two key cards, you can program up to a dozen phones with these cards. So, if you lose the key card, you can still use the phone to open and drive your Tesla as you wait for the new key card to be delivered. 

How many Tesla key cards can you have?

According to Tesla support, you can only have up to 19 key cards. Therefore, this means that you can program the two key cards that Tesla provides you with up to 19 different mobile devices. So, you will have 2 physical Tesla key cards and 17 mobile devices that have been programmed with the key cards. 

How do I get a new key for my Tesla? 

You will have to click on the locks tab on your touchscreen. Next, follow the on-screen directions to add a new key. After pairing to a device, the key list will show the new key fob, and you can go ahead and customize the name of the key fobs or unpair them.  

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How do I connect my Tesla key card to my smartphone?

If you want to link your Tesla key card to your smartphone so that you can lock or unlock your car or start it, here is the procedure: 

  • Click on the car icon on the bottom left of your touchscreen 
  • Next, click on locks on the left MENU
  • Press the PLUS button to the right of the key text
  • Press ‘add phone key’
  • Afterward, open the Tesla App on your smartphone 
  • Press the Phone Key to set up your smartphone as a key 
  • Next, go to the car and have the Tesla key card on hand
  • Choose start on your Phone and wait as it searched for your car 
  • Put the key card in the center console 
  • Finally, you will see the word ‘SUCCESS,’ next, press Done at the bottom to complete linking your car to your phone. Your phone is now a key. 


How much does a replacement Tesla key cost?

A replacement Tesla key costs about $25, while a replacement Tesla key fob costs about $174. Nonetheless, the price can vary according to the Tesla Model and variant. For instance, replacing a key card or key fob on the Tesla Model 3 is much cheaper than replacing the same key on the Tesla Model S. 

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On top of that, replacing a key card takes longer to replace than replacing a key fob. Besides, a key fob is usually mailed to you by Tesla after a few days of requesting it. 

Can you drive without a Tesla key?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, you must have your car connected to a Tesla app to start it without a key. This can be done by programming the key card to your smartphone and using it when you don’t have the key or if it’s lost. 

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Can I track a misplaced Tesla key card?

No, you can’t. Nonetheless, you can still find or detect a Tesla key card if it’s close by. This is because Tesla key cards use near field communication (NFC) that allows the card to be detected with contact. So, if you suspect you lost the Tesla key card in the house or office, you can detect it moving things around. 

The Tesla key card cannot be tracked because it doesn’t feature GPS or Bluetooth that can make it be tracked. Thus, if you lose the key card, you should just program the key to forget the old key card and program it with the new card.   


Generally, the cheapest way to replace a Tesla key card is by programming the key card with your phone so that you don’t have to replace the key card when it gets lost or damaged. However, if you want a physical key, replacing your Tesla key with a key card is much cheaper than replacing it with a key fob.

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