Is Tesla better than Honda?

Tesla boasts of many top-notch features that have thwarted most of its competitors. These include top-notch battery technology, high-tech features, excellent performance, and a luxurious interior. But is Tesla better than a Honda?

No, Honda is slightly better than Tesla in many ways. However, Tesla offers many benefits that are hard to ignore. Besides, Honda is a mainstream car while Tesla is a luxury car. But when you consider all factors, you will notice that a Honda has a slight edge over a Tesla. 

Generally, these are two different cars with different users in mind. One person may feel that a Honda is the better car, while another may feel that a Tesla is the better car. Regardless of the car that you select, both of these cars are excellent in performance and some of the best. 

How does Tesla weigh up against Honda?


When it comes to looks, Honda is not the best-looking car on the market. Even though most Tesla models look similar, their design is more appealing than that of Honda. But since Honda has lots of models to select from, it becomes hard to decide which brand has the most appealing cars. So, it’s a tie.


Tesla is one of the best-performing cars on the market. Even though Honda also performs well, Tesla is on another level. For instance, the Honda Civic accelerates from 0 to 60 in 8.2 seconds, while the Tesla Model 3 only takes 3.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60. 

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Since Tesla is a luxury car, it comes with high-end features that make the user comfortable and relaxed. However, Honda also offers comfortable rides that are also very spacious. In terms of seats, some Honda models have comfortable seats than the thin seats found in Tesla. 

Cost of maintenance 

One of the main challenges of owning a luxury car is the cost of maintenance. Tesla is a luxury car while Honda is a mainstream car. Besides, Honda is one of the cheapest car brands to maintain. On the other hand, Tesla is among the most expensive car brands to maintain over the long term. 

Initial cost 

Honda is way cheaper than Tesla. So, if it’s the price that’s driving your final purchase, you don’t have to even think twice. A 2021 Honda Civic will cost you about $25,895, while a 2021 Tesla Model will cost you around $39,190. 


Honda is one of the cars that hold up its value well as it is very reliable. On the other hand, Tesla also holds up its value well. Overall, Honda holds its value better than Tesla. But when it comes to luxury cars, Tesla is one of the cars that hold up their value well. 


Is Tesla reliable?

Like most luxury cars, Tesla is not reliable. However, maintaining a Tesla is much cheaper than most luxury cars. Unlike ICE luxury cars, Tesla does not require an oil change, annual maintenance, and it does not break down easily. 

Nonetheless, Tesla is not as reliable as Honda. Honda is one of the most reliable cars, despite using gasoline to operate. When a Honda breaks down, the cost of repair and maintenance is much lower compared to that of a Tesla. Honda also ranks among the topmost reliable cars, while Tesla usually ranks among the least reliable cars. 

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Is Tesla cheaper than Honda?

No, Tesla is more expensive than Honda. Since Tesla is a luxury car brand, while Honda is a mainstream car brand, it is normal that a Honda is way cheaper than a Tesla. While the cheapest Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus has a base price of about $39,190, the Honda Civic costs about $25,985. 

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With this comparison, it is clear that Honda is way cheaper than Tesla. However, Tesla comes with many top-notch features that make the price worth it. But if you want a simple, affordable, and reliable, car, Honda offers the best value. 

What is the main problem that Tesla experiences?

Over the years, Tesla has struggled with quality problems. The problems become even more rampant as it increased production due to high demand. Most of the quality problems are connected to paint job issues, chipped glass, and large gaps between body panels. 

Another common problem that Tesla faces is the lack of enough service centers. Many customers have complained about their Tesla staying in the service centers for weeks or months without being attended to. This is something that Tesla needs to work on by increasing the number of service centers. 

Are Tesla owners happy?

Yes, Tesla owners are among the most satisfied clients. According to Consumer Reports, Tesla owners are some of the happiest car owners. The Tesla Model 3, S, and X have received higher customer satisfaction ratings on Consumer Reports. 

Despite Tesla having many quality issues over the years, their owners still love them because of their reliability, high-tech features, safety, and electric power. Another study found out that many Tesla owners are more likely to buy another Tesla, instead of another car brand. 

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Can a Tesla survive a flood like a Honda? 

It doesn’t matter whether a car is electric or gasoline-powered, flooding is never good news. Similar to a Honda, flooding is not good for a Tesla either. However, the chances of a Honda breaking down in a flood are lower than a Tesla. 

Besides, most electric cars are equipped with safety systems that will shut down any power if there is a short circuit from contact with water. However, this is not the case with gasoline-powered cars as they will still run and only break down if the water enters some delicate parts. 


Comparing a Tesla and a Honda is not easy as these two cars are a world apart. Regardless, if all factors are considered, Honda is the better car as it offers so much more. Apart from being reliable, Honda is also affordable and performs considerably well. 

But if you want high performance, comfort, speed, and sophisticated technology, Tesla takes the day. Also, Tesla pollutes the environment less, but the cost of maintenance and repair is considerably high when compared to Honda. That’s why in this comparison, Honda has an edge over Tesla.

Nonetheless, Tesla should dominate Honda and other cars soon. Teslas’ plan to produce an affordable electric car is good progress. On top of that, they have to improve on their battery technology and range. 

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