What is the best car for a long road trip?

The past year or two were incredibly stressful because of countless lockdowns and travel restrictions which means that going on a plane or a train is still not as easy as it once was. Prices are a bit inflated and there is always the chance that you might get infected no matter how careful you are.

However, if you want the safest method of travel, you will have to rely on your trusted automobile. As such, long-distance traveling includes lots of highway driving, lots of luggage, and lots of boredom. This means that the perfect car for the purpose needs to be comfortable, quiet, practical, spacious, entertaining, and efficient.

A large sedan is a perfect choice when it comes to long-distance traveling, and the one to get is the Toyota Avalon. However, if you want a more luxurious, and even more spacious full-size sedan, be sure to check out the BMW 7-Series. If you are primarily interested in SUVs, be sure to check out the Honda CR-V.

Even though the CR-V is a rather lovely SUV, the Lincoln Navigator is even better, but it does cost way more money. However, if you also enjoy country roads and you tend to cover large distances by yourself or a single passenger, the Bentley Continental GT is designed to do just that.

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Toyota Avalon – The value option

If you want a great all-around large sedan without paying premium prices, be Toyota Avalon should satisfy all your needs, and then some. The Avalon comes with a punchy V6 which returns impressive MPG results, especially on the highway.

The interior is spacious and premium looking and the infotainment system is intuitive and it also offers usable entertainment functions. As far as reliability is concerned, it is at the top of the large sedan segment. It also comes with a large trunk space, a quiet cabin, and lots of standard features to keep you entertained during a long-distance journey.

BMW 7-Series – Executive levels of space, comfort, and performance

The BMW 7-Series is the BMW benchmark sedan that goes against the likes of the Audi A8, the Mercedes Benz S-Class, and the Jaguar XJ. However, the 7-series is superior because it is equally as comfortable on both highway roads and country roads while still being exciting in the process.

Even though the 7-Series does a great job of isolating you from your surroundings it still offers a sporty ride. The interior is filled with lots of gadgetry which should keep you entertained and the space on offer is better than in the A8 or the S-Class.

Honda CR-V – Family SUV benchmark

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular SUVs on the market for years now, and the newest model keeps that same trajectory. It might not be the largest SUV out there, yet it is still plenty enough for 5 passengers and a decent set of luggage.

It also offers efficient engines, a relatively upscale interior, and lots of standard equipment. However, the best thing about the CR-V is the fact that it offers the best value for money from all compact SUVs on the market, especially because of its reliability.

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Lincoln Navigator – A 5-star hotel on the move

The Lincoln Navigator has been on sale for quite a while now and that means that it can be had for a rather discounted price. If you opt for the top-of-the-line Black Label model, you are getting every entertainment function you’d ever want from an SUV.

The space on offer is enough for 7 passengers while still offering lots of trunk space. The cabin is incredibly well laid out and it comes with lots of high-quality materials. The air suspension on offer rides incredibly composed and the cabin is well isolated for extended stints on the highway.

Bentley Continental GT – The best Grand Tourer on the market

The Bentley Continental GT is probably the best car for cross-continental journeys because it offers superiority in almost every regard. Starting from the engines, you can choose between a range-topping and buttery smooth W12, or a sportier V8 option.

The interior is completely lined with exquisite materials and the NAME surround system packs an incredible punch. The seats are multiple-way power-adjustable, heated, cooled, and massaged in order to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you do come across a winding road, however, you will also enjoy the Continental’s playful chassis and lightning-fast DCT gearbox.

FAQ Section

What makes a great long-distance cruiser?

Many factors influence how well a car performs on a long journey, but comfort is probably the most important one. This means that the car you are looking at needs to have supportive, comfortable seats, a quiet cabin, and an ergonomic interior.

It also needs to be spacious both in the passenger’s department and the cargo area. The engine needs to be punchy while still being economical on a highway and the infotainment system needs to offer lots of useful functions to keep you entertained on a long journey.

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Is it better to travel in an SUV or a sedan?

SUVs are great long-distance cruisers, but they are not as good as some sedans are. That being said, it all depends on the model in question, but sedans are usually more aerodynamic and lighter which means that a sedan should in theory be a lot lighter and quieter on the inside.

This also means that a sedan should be more efficient as well. However, SUVs usually offer more space and they offer a more commanding driving position which favors all-around visibility. Furthermore, SUVs are superior when it comes to inferior road quality, but on-road, a sedan is way more composed.

Which cars are not great long-distance cruisers?

How well a car performs on a long-distance journey primarily comes down to how well equipped they are. This means that an entry-level trim car is not likely going to be good because cars such as these usually offer basic seats without lots of adjustments.

Furthermore, small cars with inferior interior and trunk space are also not all that great for obvious reasons. Finally, cars with inefficient engines should also be avoided because they will increase your travel costs exponentially.  

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