Best hybrid cars for young drivers

If you are buying your first car, such a car ought to be affordable, efficient, easy to drive, easy to see out of, and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, a smaller car is the one to go for when you are just starting out, and only later you should upgrade to a larger one if necessary.

In today’s day and age, the automotive industry is at a shifting point towards EVs and hybrids. That being said, it’s a good idea to opt for a hybrid already, especially so if you spend lots of your time driving in the city where a hybrid tends to be the best option.

Cars like the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Suzuki Swift Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla, or the Lexus CT are great options for younger drivers. If you want a more capable platform, a Mini Countryman is a great way to go. If you want a relatively upscale experience for your first car, go for the VW Golf GTE.

If you want an SUV, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid or the Nissan Rogue Hybrid are both great options as a first hybrid SUV. No matter which hybrid car you opt for, be sure to fully utilize the electric engine if you want to reap the awards a hybrid tends to offer.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Buying a Toyota of any kind as your first car has always been a good idea because Toyota knows how to build dependable and efficient cars, and the little Yaris Hybrid is no different. The most tempting engine option is the 1.5L petrol engine supported by a self-charging electric engine which returns great fuel economy.

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Besides the engine itself, the Yaris is also a very well-equipped hatchback with almost all of the features you’d ever want in a small hatchback. The Yaris Hybrid is a great option for younger drivers as it combines everything a young driver needs, at a relatively affordable price.

Toyota Prius

If you do want an affordable car, but you don’t want a car with limited amounts of space, the Toyota Prius has got you covered. This car singlehandedly started the whole Hybrid revolution way back in the 90s, and it still is one of the most famous hybrid cars in existence.

Besides the bragging rights, the Prius is extremely spacious, so much so that the car sometimes seems bigger than it actually is. If you pair that with great reliability, a well-equipped cabin with loads of technology and safety features, the Prius is a great car to jumpstart your driving career.

Lexus CT

However, even though buying a ‘’luxury’’ car as your first car is not exactly a good idea, some cars like the Lexus CT just make sense from a feature and driveability perspective. The best thing about the Hybrid Lexus CT is that it holds its value very well, which means that you will not lose an exorbitant amount of money.

Be that as it may, it is hard to fault the CT’s strong suits. It’s a great all-around car with an upscale exterior and interior design, lots of features that cover the entire safety spectrum, ample space, and a great stereo sound system, all of which are a new driver’s dream.

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Mini Countryman

If you are a younger driver who loves SUVs, but you want to start with something smaller, a Mini Countryman might be the perfect car for you. The Countryman sits somewhere between a regular Mini and a full-blown compact SUV. The Countryman Hybrid does cost quite a bit, but it definitely delivers.

There is no way of denying that the Countryman looks iconic inside and out, but it’s also hard to deny that the Mini does not feel the part as well. Reliability is strong, efficiency is excellent, there is nothing else you’d ever want from the Mini, besides a lower price of course.

Nissan Rogue

For quite a few years now, the Nissan Rogue manages to offer one of the best price-to-value ratios in the entire compact SUV segment. The reason being is that the Rogue is reliable, good-looking inside and out, and it offers a myriad of modern safety and convenience technology.

The whole platform is relatively refined, the Rogue also returns great gas mileage, and the reliability is also a definite strong suit. With a starting price of less than $30k, it is really hard to fault the Rogue, and it might just be the best hybrid SUV on the market right now.

FAQ Section

What do young drivers want in a car?

If you are thinking about gifting your son/daughter with a car, you ought to make sure you know what to look for. Exterior design is crucial, try to find a car that fits a younger person’s lifestyle, don’t go out and buy a senior-friendly car, even though it may seem like a good idea safety-wise.

Don’t buy a car with too much power or too little weight. Make sure that the car offers a good sound system and lots of safety features. If you are a little bit lost, it’s a good idea to ask your son/daughter what do they like, just try to make it a bit unassuming.

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Which cars should be avoided by younger drivers?

If you ask me, a perfect first car for me would be the Dodge Challenger Demon, but obviously, that’s a really bad idea for several reasons. Young drivers should not drive cars that are way too powerful, nor way too large.

You should skip low-slung supercars as well, as these can sometimes be a handful to control. Flagship sedans or 7-seater SUVs are also a no-go due to increased size.


Is insurance more expensive for a younger driver?

Yes, it is. This is mostly because statistics show that young and fairly old drivers are the ones with the highest chances of damaging a car, and because of that, the premiums these age groups have to pay are the highest.

That being said, there are ways one can decrease insurance premiums, but it is extremely hard to do so if you want to drive a sports car or a supercar. If you start out with something small, reliable, and safe, your premiums are likely going to drop.

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