What are the best luxury cars for safety and reliability?

Luxury cars cost an arm and leg to acquire, but surprisingly, they are often the least reliable cars on the market. So, if you don’t want to avoid costly repairs and maintenance costs, it’s worth making sure you get a safe and reliable luxury car model.

The best luxury cars for safety and reliability are the Lexus ES, Acura RLX, Porsche Boxster, Lexus LS, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A4, Genesis G70, Volvo XC90, and Lexus LC. Even though most luxury cars are unreliable, most of them are very safe and are fitted with some of the best technology.

So, instead of spending thousands of dollars every year maintaining or repairing a luxury car, why not select a safe and reliable luxury car that won’t strain your pocket? With this in mind, we came up with a list of the best luxury cars for safety and reliability for luxury car buyers.

Lexus ES

Lexus boasts of some of the best luxury cars on the market. Even though their cars are not as sophisticated as Mercedes-Benz or BMW, they are very safe and reliable. The Lexus ES tops our list as the best luxury car when it comes to safety and reliability.

The Lexus ES is one of the most revered luxury sedans on the market. With a base price of $51,935, this luxury midsize sedan comes with tons of luxury features with outstanding handling abilities. It also offers value for money as it’s among the safest and most reliable luxury sedans.

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Acura RLX

Another well-built, safe, and reliable luxury car is the Acura RLX. With a seating capacity of five, this luxury sedan is perfect for a family. It has a starting price of $55,925 and comes packed with several safety features, such as the blind spot information system and adaptive cruise control.

Porsche Boxster

If you’re looking for a high-performance car that also doubles up as safe and reliable, Porsche Boxster is an outstanding option. In addition to being safe, it’s also fun to drive with excellent handling. However, this luxury sports car doesn’t come cheap as it has a base price of $99,950.

Lexus LS

As expected, Lexus dominates our list of the best luxury cars for safety and reliability. Another safe and reliable luxury car model from Lexus is the Lexus LS. Even though this Japanese car is cheaper than most of the high-end German midsize luxury cars, it gives them a run for their money. The Lexus LS is powerful, comfortable, and elegant.

BMW 5 Series

German luxury cars are known to manufacture safe cars but they lag behind when it comes to reliability. However, there are few exceptions such as the BMW 5 Series. This powerful and iconic sedan has excellent handling abilities but is also reliable. 

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Another safe and reliable German luxury car is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The E-Class has been the standard for reliable luxury cars for many years. Apart from being dependable, this German machine is luxurious, comfortable, and performs at a high level. It’s a dream car for CEOs and managers.

Audi A4

If you want to enjoy a ride in a safe and reliable luxury car, the Audi A4 is the ideal option. What makes this car unique is the variety of advanced technologies that it comes with. These together with safety features and better handling makes it one of the best luxury sports sedans available.

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Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 may be cheaper than other luxury sedans in its class, but its features are mind-blowing. Additionally, the car is beautifully designed and demands attention as it cruises down the street. But what puts it above its competitors is its safety and reliability ratings. This car has a base price of $47,245. 

Volvo XC90

Even though Volvo is not as popular as Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, they make some of the best luxury cars on the market. Volvo has been long known for its safe and reliable cars. The Volvo XC90 is among the safest and most reliable luxury cars on the market.

The Volvo XC90 comes packed with lots of safety features like driver alert control, lane-keeping aid, rear collision warning, blind spot information system, pilot assists drive system with adaptive cruise control, city safety collision avoidance technology, and much more.

Lexus LC

The Lexus LC is another top luxury car for safety and reliability. This luxury sports car is fun to drive, comfortable and boasts one of the best interiors on the market. Its unique design will leave tongues wagging and it has a starting price of around $94,070.


What are the least reliable luxury cars?

The least reliable luxury cars include the Cadillac XT4, Acura RDX, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Land Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Sport.

What’s the safest luxury car brand on the market?

Many luxury car brands emphasize creating some of the safest car models on the market. Lexus, Volvo, and Mercedes top the list of the safest car brands on the market. However, Volvo is the best when it comes to making the safest luxury cars on the market.

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Which luxury car brand is the least expensive to maintain, Volvo, Lexus, Tesla, or Mercedes?

All of these luxury cars are cheaper to maintain when compared to their German counterparts. Overall, Lexus is the cheapest luxury car brand to maintain, followed by Volvo, Tesla, and finally Mercedes-Benz. What makes Mercedes expensive to maintain is the highly advanced technology that it comes with.

Which German luxury car brand is the most expensive to maintain, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Porsche? 

Before you break the bank to acquire any of these luxury car brands, you should find out how much you will have to pay in repairs and maintenance. Despite BMW being the most expensive car to repair on this list, a Porsche breakdown may cost more to repair than a BMW. However, Porsches rarely break down since they’re much more reliable.

Bottom line

A good luxury car should come with lots of standard features, a comfortable interior, premium materials, excellent handling, and the latest safety features. However, one thing that many luxury cars lack is reliability. But with our list above, you can pick a luxury car that’s not only safe but as well as reliable.

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