Best used cars with collision avoidance

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have become an essential factor when it comes to the safety of modern-day car transportation. This means that they are now available in cars from all price brackets which means that you will not have to big money in order to enjoy these amenities.

Systems such as these include adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic braking, collision avoidance systems, and blind-spot monitoring. Out of all these, collision avoidance systems are arguably the most important because they are designed to prevent collisions and minimize the number of casualties associated with car accidents.

As such, it is beneficial for you to opt for cars that do come with collision avoidance systems and the best part of it all is that these cars can now be had for a relatively attainable price. The 2015-or newer Mazda 3 is a perfect example of such a car and so is the 2017-or newer Toyota Corolla.

If you want a great used hybrid vehicle that also comes with collision avoidance systems, be sure to check out the 2016-or newer Toyota Prius. If compact SUVs are your cup of tea, the 2017-or newer Toyota RAV4 is the one to get. Finally, if you want a great used truck with collision avoidance systems, be sure to check out the 2015-or newer Ford F-150.

2015-or newer Mazda 3 – A great all-around used hatchback

The 2015 and later generations of the Mazda 3 are widely regarded as some of the best hatchbacks on the market because they combine a lot of value with a lot of practicality, efficiency, and styling. Mazda calls their collision avoidance systems “Smart City Braking Support” and to get them you need to find the top-of-the-line GT trim.

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You can get one of these for around $15k which is a great price for the Mazda 3 because the Mazda 3 punches way above its weight limit. If you pair that with superior reliability and an exciting driving experience, the Mazda 3 certainly upholds its reputation.

2017-or newer Toyota Corolla – A great all-around used sedan

The beauty of the 2017 and newer Corolla models is that they all came with Toyota’s “Toyota Safety Sense” systems which also include collision avoidance. The Corolla is technically referred to as a compact car but you’d be surprised at the amount of cargo and passengers space it offers from such a small footprint.

Besides being safe and cheap because one can now be had for less than $15k, the Corolla is also an incredibly reliable car which is also one of the cheapest cars to repair if something ever does go wrong. As such, the Corolla is a really dependable automobile which is rather obvious considering that it is one of the best-sold cars on the planet.

2017-or newer Toyota Prius – A great all-around used hybrid

Continuing with the Toyota-themed article, the next superior Toyota product which also comes equipped with Toyota’s “Toyota Safety Sense” as standard is the now iconic Toyota Prius. Even though most people deem the Prius to be boring and lifeless, no one can deny that it offers an abundance of qualities for a fairly low price.

You can find a low-mileage example of the Toyota Prius for around $20k or less which means that you are getting a safe automobile that is also efficient and reliable which are the three cornerstones of Toyota’s current rather successful product placement strategy.

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2017-or newer Toyota RAV4 – A great all-around compact SUV

It is almost impossible to write an article about safe used cars without including at least a bunch of Toyota models. All RAV4 models made in 2017 and later came with the aforementioned “Toyota Safety Sense” package as standard which means that all 2017-or newer models of the RAV4 come with collision avoidance systems.

As is the case with all the other Toyota models listed in this article, the RAV4 also combines safety, efficiency, and reliability at a fairly affordable price tag. The added convenience of a raised-up driving position paired with lots of space makes the RAV4 a competitive car at around $20k or less.

2015-or newer Ford F-150 – A great all-around pick-up truck

The Toyota RAV4 was the best-selling car in the US before it was swiftly overtaken by the Ford F-150 which holds the title of the best-selling car in the US for quite some time now. The 2015 F-150 is available with a myriad of different safety systems, but most of them were part of additional equipment packages.

The move to the 2015 F-150 model is one of the greatest upgrades as far as previous and consecutive F-150 models are concerned. However, do pay attention if the truck you are interested in was recalled for the 2015 adaptive cruise control-related issues. If such issues were resolved, the 2015 F-150 is a great buy at around $18k.

FAQ Section

Are advanced driver assistance systems worth it?

You can indeed get ADAS in almost every price category, but if you want them all which should increase the safety of your vehicle, you need to pay a lot of money. As such, the question of is it worth it to pay such premiums for ADAS depends on your driving habits and the prices associated with them.

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However, more than 94% of crashes are indeed caused by driver error, and systems such as these can prevent those crashes in more than 50% of situations. So yes, these systems are worth it if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel and if they don’t cost obscene amounts of money.

How sophisticated are collision avoidance systems?

Even though most automakers out there promote these systems as incredibly sophisticated, the truth is that they are not. There are countless instances in which systems such as these were not able to react fast enough in order to prevent a collision.

However, they do manage to do so in most cases out there which means that you always need to be aware of all of your surroundings. If you stay woke behind the wheel and have these systems engaged, the chances of being in a crash are rather slim.

Which car safety systems are the most important?

Car safety systems have become a huge reason to upgrade from your older car to a newer one. Systems such as these include all sorts of software solutions such as ADAS but they also include sophisticated crash structures that are designed to deflect crash energy from the passenger space.

As such, the most important safety system for a car is a designated driver. Besides the human aspect, crash crumple zones, airbags, and seatbelts are still the most important safety systems inside a car.

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