VW Arteon Gearbox Problems

Volkswagen Arteon Problems

The Volkswagen Arteon is a more stylish, youthful, and sportier version of the outgoing Volkswagen Passat and is currently the best sedan VW makes. The VW Arteon follows in the footsteps of the discontinued VW CC which took the Passat and made it more interesting. This trend can be seen across the automotive industry with the Audi A6/A7, the BMW 5/6-Series, and the Mercedes E/CLS-Class.

Even though we could spend a decent amount of time talking about 4-door coupes, we are actually going to focus on VW Arteon gearbox problems which can sometimes make it irrelevant if the car looks good or not. The VW Arteon uses the familiar DSG dual-clutch gearbox you tend to find on most VW models these days.

The first problem we are going to mention is the DSG box refusing to engage reverse/6th gear completely. Others include problems with the clutch, mechatronic problems, or when the transmission becomes lazy/harsh to shift. It is important to remember that a well-maintained DSG is able to last a long time, but if you fail to maintain it adequately, it is going to fail.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a used Arteon, be sure to do a pre-purchase inspection as that is likely going to tell you the state of the transmission.

The Transmission Refuses To Engage Reverse/6th Gear

Most automatic transmissions are no strangers to shift problems as these have been common with automatic transmissions for decades. The problem is that the reasons why these happen tend to be different. With the VW DSG gearbox, the main reasons why the transmission refuses to engage the reverse or the 6th gear are due to reverse selector or slider/fork issues.

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The symptoms include grinding sounds when trying to engage reverse or fault codes reading 06293, or 01851. To solve these, you will have to strip down the transmission and replace either the bearing or the fork. Some did say that these issues can be caused by small pieces of metal getting stuck within the selector, if that is the case, you will easily be able to solve it once you open the transmission.

Clutch Problems

The clutch is the focal point of any transmission which means that a faulty clutch means a faulty transmission. The DSG clutch is constructed out of two design discs which are tied together by a single unit. DSG units are often notorious for being a bit jerky in stop-and-go traffic which is what usually puts additional strain on the clutch.

The clutches can also slip and struggle to maintain grip which leads to power loss. The worst DSG clutch issues are associated with the system experiencing a loud bang and stalling the engine. To fix these, you will mostly have to replace the clutches with brand new ones as that is the most dependable way to fix this long-term.

Mechatronic Problems

The two former problems with the VW Arteon transmission are common, but Mechatronic problems can often take the cake as the most common DSG problems one can encounter. These include transmission leaks which are likely going to require a complete rebuild or replacement of the mechatronic. The transmission control unit can also fail and will also need replacing.

Low-pressure leaks are as common as high-pressure leaks, both of which are indeed a problem. The best way to approach fixing this problem is to scan the car’s ECU for any potential fault code before taking the transmission off as there are many possible culprits of this problem.

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Transmission Is Lazy And Harsh To Shift

The last group of problems we are going to mention is related to how a rough DSG unit tends to operate. Problems such as being jerky while doing three-point turns or while driving in stop-and-go traffic are common with the Arteon and so are problems when the transmission is really rough to shift.

Worn-out clutch packs are likely the reason why the car is edgy while intermittent DSG laziness is mostly a normal occurrence. However, if these persist, be sure to inspect the fluid levels or the state of the solenoid as transmission oil contamination is known to cause these problems.

FAQ Section

Is The VW DSG A Good Transmission?

The Volkswagen DSG transmission is one of the best commuter transmissions you can get on a modern car. The DSG is typically really quick to respond, efficient, and consistent throughout the car’s rev range. It is a transmission used on a wide variety of VAG products which includes VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, and various other brands.

The bad things are likely that the transmission is known to be inherently jerky at low-speed maneuvering and that it can sometimes feel slightly lazy when engaging kick down. The good things about DSG are that it is a fairly robust unit for a DCT and that is quick to shift and aids in the car’s overall efficiency.

Is The VW Arteon A Good Car?

The Volkswagen Arteon is indeed a really good car as it combines the practicality and usability of a VW Passat with a package that is way more enticing in more ways than one. It offers relatively potent and sophisticated engines while the overall design is amazing both inside and out.

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It may not feel as sporty as it looks, but VW did that on purpose because it knows that most people buying the VW Arteon want a docile, comfortable, and pleasing driving experience. If you want to know more about why the Arteon is such a good car, click here.

Is The VW Arteon Reliable?

The VW Arteon is a fairly reliable car as it manages to become even better with the latest facelifted model. Even so, the Arteon does suffer from a few notable issues which can affect your overall ownership experience.

However, if you take proper care of the Arteon and you do all the service and maintenance necessities when intended, there is no reason why the Arteon shouldn’t be able to last a decent amount of time.

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