Best snow plow trucks in 2023

2023 Ford Super Duty

A snow plow vehicle is a dedicated machine with only one purpose, to plow snow out of the way. However, a commercial snow plow costs a fortune and it makes no sense whatsoever to own one, at least not in most parts of the world. The second-best option is to go for a heavy-duty truck that can be equipped with a plow.

As such, we are going to list the best snow plow trucks in 2023 and tell you why you should get them. We are not just going to focus on plowing as most people out there would want to use these trucks for personal reasons as well. To start off this list, we are going to recommend the Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, the F-250 and the F-350.

Next in line is the Dodge RAM 2500, 3500, or even the 5500 if it suits your lifestyle a bit better. The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 or 4500 is also a good choice, and so is the Toyota Tundra. Most of these trucks are available with a factory snow prep package, except for the Tundra, but that can easily be rectified by going through the aftermarket route.

We are well aware that most of you have certain brand loyalty as that is really common in the truck world. As such, it’s wrong to say that any of these wouldn’t be good, but we are going to go in-depth and tell you the pros and cons of each.

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Ford Super Duty trucks: The F-250 and the F-350

No heavy truck list would ever be complete without Ford’s iconic Super Duty trucks. Both come with available snow prep packages from the factory which means that installing a plow is as easy as it gets. These trucks are built tough and they are going to last. Both come with AWD and have the necessary alternator output to power the plow hydraulic pump.

Maneuvering these large trucks has never been all that easy, with a snow plow, it is even more difficult. We do need to mention that both these F-Series trucks have a wider turning radius than all other trucks on this list which is only going to worsen with an added plow on the front. However, these trucks are mostly reliable and are able to withstand huge amounts of abuse, all of which are important for a plow truck.

Dodge RAM trucks: The RAM 2500, and the RAM 3500

The Dodge RAM family of trucks has a long-standing special place in the hearts of many Dodge fans who swear on their RAMs over any Ford or Chevy on the market. Dodge also offers a snow prep package that is even slightly better than the one in Ford’s F-Series of trucks which is why many people out there go for a Dodge snow plow truck.

Besides snow plowing, the RAM is equipped with strong engines, but these do fall short of Ford’s top-end models which do offer more grunt. This is important while plowing as all the added weight on the front can strain the engine, especially if you plow all the time. Be that as it may, the RAM does offer a better towing capacity.

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 Chevrolet Silverado trucks: Silverado 2500 and the Silverado 4500

To round up the holy trinity of US pickup trucks, we need to mention the Silverado line as well. With Chevy’s specialty fleet vehicles, you can buy a Silverado with a snow plow attached to it directly from the factory which can save you a bit of hassle if you don’t want to spend time taking care of plow equipment later.

The Silverado line is durable, and really comfortable which makes snowplowing a breeze. All in all, the Silverado is on par with the RAM and the Ford F-Series in this regard, and brand loyalty is likely going to settle this anyway.

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is known for its reliability and indestructibility which is a great quality to have in a snow plow truck. The Tundra might not be as capable as all the other trucks on this list, but it can do the job just fine as seen in many instances online. One drawback of the Tundra is that it does not come with a factory-available snow prep package while all the other ones do.

However, the aftermarket scene is brimming with quite a few options which means that you can equip your Tundra easily. You do need to be a bit more careful as you need to consider the weight of the plow and how it affects the performance of the truck. As a bonus, the Tundra has the shortest turning circle of all trucks here.

FAQ Section

What to look out for in a snow plow truck?

A good snow plow truck needs to be able to carry lots of weight as many plows have strict weight requirements which need to be addressed properly. A short turning radius is always a plus as maneuverability and precision are essential.

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Be sure to go for a truck that comes with a durable transmission that can take the extra load. Four-wheel-drive is always welcome, and so is a durable alternator that can take the extra power needed to operate the hydraulic pump. As such, heavy-duty trucks are always going to be your best option.

Is it safe to plow snow with a truck?

Snow‑plowing with a truck can be done safely if you have enough experience and knowledge. You always need to act in advance and you should plow on familiar roads so you always know where the road leads. Be sure to always adjust your plow for varying surfaces, and always keep the snow away from people’s houses and buildings.

It’s always a good idea to have a full tank and be sure that everything is okay with your truck. Take your phone with you and don’t rush anything.

Are light trucks good for snow plowing?

Most snow plow trucks out there are light trucks, and there is nothing wrong with using a light truck for the purpose. However, a heavy-duty truck is a much better choice as it tends to be able to withstand stresses better while also having a more rugged transmission.

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