Volvo V90 – All you need to know

The Volvo V90 is the flagship estate Volvo car of the 21st century. The V90 was first released back in 2016 and is still being sold around the world. The V90 is likely going to be replaced soon, but as of now, it is still a fiercely competitive luxury estate that manages to rival the Audi A6 Avant, the BMW 5-Series Touring, and the Mercedes E-Class estate.

The V90 engine lineup consists of a 4-cylinder range that also includes very capable hybrid units. The V90 is also being offered in diesel form which is primarily being sold in Europe. The V90 is either a FWD drive or an AWD car for the very best and most powerful models.

Design-wise, the V90 is more or less the same as the S90 sedan which means that it is an estate version of an otherwise beautiful-looking car. The V90 and the S90 offer a more minimalistic approach towards luxury without making the car look too blingy and without cluttering it with unnecessary design touches.

Reliability-wise, it is decent while the driving experience is tailored to effortlessness, comfort, and sophistication. The V90 is valued relatively high because it is a modern-day car while the practicality aspect of the V90 is almost class-leading.

Volvo V90 – The powertrain

As mentioned in the intro, the petrol engine lineup consists of a single 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that offers between 200hp and 320hp depending on the state of tune. These are able to return up to 40 miles per gallon and are primarily front-wheel-driven but they are also available in AWD form.

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The diesel line-up is more or less the same as a single 2.0L 4-cylinder is being offered with power ranging from 150hp to 235hp. These are able to return up to 50MPG. Even though all of these are impressive, the best Volvo V90 engines are the hybrid engines that also utilize a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but the maximum output is 455hp.

The most efficient hybrid V90 can return up to 124MPGe which is indeed a strong number. All of these are also refined, quiet, and comfortable without lacking power. Finally, all V90 models come with a sophisticated and well-tuned 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Volvo V90 – Design and chassis

The design of the V90 harks back to the good old days of boxy Volvo estates, but the V90 does not look utilitarian as some of those did. The V90 actually combines the iconic boxy Volvo design language with a more luxurious approach which makes the V90 look stunning.

The interior design is also somewhat reminiscent of Volvo models from the past, but the V90 is anything but old on the inside. The design, the materials, and the layout of the V90 interior are second to none, and many people prefer it over the Germans.

The V90 is tuned to be a comfortable and sophisticated car which means that it is no sports car. It is primarily being used for highway cruising purposes. The R-Design models do come with a stiffer suspension setup, but it is never able to rival the BMW 5-Series in that regard.

 Volvo V90 – Reliability and common issues

The Volvo V90 is a decently reliable car which means that most online reliability charts and surveys deem it to be mediocre to above average. Newer V90 models are better because Volvo has managed to iron out some of the issues that were affecting the earlier models.

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Either way, the most common V90 issues are associated with the ECM (Engine control module), the electronics, the brake system, fuel system issues, and increased levels of vibrations while driving. Some of these can be resolved easily and quickly while others still remain a mystery.

Volvo V90 – Value and practicality

You can find a used V90 for about $30,000 at the minimum, at least if you want a decent and well-equipped model. The brand new Volvo V90 costs around $55,000 while higher-end models cost a lot more than that.

Practicality-wise, the V90 is tremendously capable as it offers a large seating area that can easily fit up to 5 adults. The cargo space is almost class-leading which makes it one of the most practical luxury mid-size cars on sale today.

FAQ Section

Which Volvo V90 should I buy?

If you are after a Volvo V90, you should primarily focus on the hybrid models as they are indeed the very best of them all. You should also focus your attention on newer models as they seem to be a lot more reliable. All in all, the best V90 model is likely one that is well equipped and does not have too many miles on the clock.

You should also pay attention if the model you are looking at was part of quite a numerous list of recalls that affected the V90. The V90 petrol engines are also a good idea with the 200hp+ 4-cylinder being the best of them all.

Is the Volvo V90 safe?

The Volvo V90 is a really safe car because it is a modern-day Volvo after all. Volvo is a brand known for making some of the safest cars on the market. The good thing about a modern-day Volvo is that they come with lots of safety equipment directly from the factory which means that you don’t need to spend extra on too many options.

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This is not the case with the Germans as they tend to be a bit more restrained when it comes to including anything in the base price model.

Should I buy a Volvo V90?

The Volvo V90 is worthy of your attention if you are after a modern-day luxury estate car. The Audi A6 Avant, the BMW 5-Series, and the Mercedes E-Class estate are all great cars, but they do trail in some instances when compared to the V90.

The V90 offers a more minimalistic approach which makes the car feel more special. All in all, the V90 is a tremendous car, and you should buy it if you are after a practical, safe, and efficient family luxury car.

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