Volvo V70 – All you need to know

The Volvo V70 is an executive premium mid-size estate that was first introduced back in 1996. The first generation of the V70 was fairly successful and that is why Volvo quickly made the 2nd generation of the V70 in 2000. The second-generation V70 got a hefty refresh in 2004 while the 3rd and last generation of the V70 followed in 2007 and was in production until 2016.

During this time Volvo managed to sell a ton of these as the V70 is available with 4-cylinder, 5-cylinder, and even 6-cylinder engines in the newer model. Most of these are FWD and offer a manual while there are some, more powerful models that also come with an automatic and a very few of them are also available with AWD.

Design-wise, the V70 is one of the most iconic modern-classic Volvo designs because it looks like a box on the wheels. The earlier models are now starting to trend in the aftermarket culture while the later models seem too family-friendly and a bit boring.

The V70 is a decently reliable car but there are a few issues worth dwelling into. The V70 also represents an attractive value in the 2nd hand market while practicality is definitely one of the strong suits of the V70 because it offers an abundance of seating and cargo space.

Volvo V70 – The powertrain

The Volvo V70 I range kicks off with either 4-cylinder or 5-cylinder engines with power outputs ranging from 126hp to 265hp The V70 I is also available with two inline 5-cylinder diesel engines with 140hp. The Volvo V70 II also primarily sports 4 and 5-cylinder engines with similar outputs as the V70 I, but with the addition of a few diesel options as well.

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The Volvo V70 III is also available with 6-cylinder engines. As mentioned in the beginning, the V70 is available with either a FWD or an AWD configuration. The entry-level models are primarily being offered with a manual gearbox while some 5-cylinder and all 6-cylinder engines come with an automatic.

The V70 powertrain is designed to be sophisticated, quiet, and mostly laid back. This means that the V70 is designed with family use in mind. Efficiency is not all strong with the first two generations while the third-gen models are able to offer up to 30MPG max.

Volvo V70 – Design and chassis

The Volvo V70 is one of the most well-known Volvo estate cars as it utilizes a period-correct Volvo boxy design. These were the times of boxy estate cars and Volvo was one of the brands that did it best. That being said, some people deem the design to be a bit boring, but in reality, Volvo wanted to maximize practicality which means that form follows function.

Interior-wise, only the 3rd generation V70 can be considered as a semi-modern interior. Either way, the quality of materials is high in most places, even though you are able to find some cheaper plastics lower down where your hands rarely reach. Equipment-wise, the V70 is also period-correct which means that it is not all that well equipped for today.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the V70 is also tailored towards a comfortable and subtle ride. The V70 is far from being dynamic or sporty, it is an all-out family car that aims to be comfortable, quiet, and sophisticated.

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Volvo V70 – Reliability and common issues

The Volvo V70 is a really reliable car, but the earlier generations are not perfect. In all three generations, the post-facelift models are considerably more reliable. The most common V70 issues are down to the suspension bushings, the turbocharger, the engine cooling system, the transmission, and engine misfiring.

The good news is that most of these can be resolved fairly easily, but if you ignore some of these issues like the ones associated with the cooling and misfiring, you are in grave danger of destroying your engines completely.

Volvo V70 – Value and practicality

The Volvo V70 represents a decent value in the current 2nd hand market. The first-gen V70 is primarily being bought by people wanting to tune it, while the newer two generations are somewhat being bought by families and Volvo enthusiasts.

Practicality-wise, the V70 is great as it offers lots of interior space and lots of cargo space as well. The V70 is indeed a tremendously practical car, and that is why it is popular to this day.

FAQ Section

Is the Volvo V70 safe?

The Volvo V70 is a fairly safe car because it is built by Volvo, a brand that prioritizes safety more than any other automaker these days. It is true that the V70 is old, and that it does not come with all the modern-day safety gadgets and solutions, but the essentials are the ones that make the greatest impact when it comes to safety.

However, you should focus on the 3rd gen model as it is the safest of the lot. The first two generations are a bit too old which means that they are not as safe as the latest V70 models are, no matter how well they are built.

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How long can a Volvo V70 last?

According to many Volvo specialists, a Volvo V70 can easily last upwards of 200,000-miles. However, if the V70 is maintained well enough, it is likely going to last twice as much. As such, the most important thing when it comes to longevity is maintenance.

The first-gen V70 is somewhat of a legend for durability, and there are many cases in which these have surpassed 500,0000-miles.

Should I buy the Volvo V70?

It depends on what you want and needs from a car. If you need a reliable, practical, and value-oriented car, the V70 is indeed a good choice. The 1st gen V70 is mostly being bought because it looks cool and looks great with large rims and a lowered ride height.

The last two generations are family cars, but the post-facelift models of both are more reliable and offer a more cohesive experience overall.

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