Volvo S90 – All you need to know

The Volvo S90 is a mid-size luxury sedan made to compete with the Mercedes Benz E-Class, the BMW 5-Series, and the Audi A6. The S90 is production since 2016 and seems to have captured the imagination of many otherwise German luxury car buyers. The S90 is indeed a welcomed addition to this fiercely competitive segment.

The S90 comes with a few different engine configurations with power ranging from 200hp up to 320hp the hybrid versions are even able to deliver up to 455hp. The S90 is also available with a few diesel engines, but these are not all that popular.

Design-wise, the S90 seems like a really good-looking car both inside and out. It manages to offer sophistication in a way the Germans are not. The interior is also classy and well thought out while the driving experience is soft and cushioning thanks to a sophisticated suspension and chassis tuning.

Reliability-wise, the S90 seems to suffer as it is an under-average reliable car. It is still valued relatively high because it only came out a few years ago while practicality is no concern thanks to lots of seating space and a large cargo area, especially if you go for the V90 estate version.

Volvo S90 – The powertrain

The Volvo S90 engine range kicks off with the 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine with 197hp while the 2.0L inline 5-cylinder engine offers 250hp. The S90 is also available with a 4-cylinder engine that makes 320hp with the R-Design package. All hybrid S90 models are designed around the 2.0L engine with power outputs between 400hp and 455hp.

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All of these are either FWD or AWD with the standard Volvo 8-speed automatic gearbox. Diesel engine options range from 4 to 5-cylinder engines with power outputs up to 235hp. It’s safe to say that all of these engines are smooth, efficient, and sophisticated.

Efficiency-wise, the S90 is able to deliver around 40-50MPGP with the standard gas-powered engines while the hybrids promise up to 300MPGe thanks to the electric powertrain. All in all, the powertrain in the S90 seems to be fitting for such a luxurious automobile.

Volvo S90 – Design and chassis

The S90 follows the traditional Volvo boxy design with slightly rounded edges in order to make it sophisticated and futuristic. The LED lights make the car look expensive and fitting for a corporate car park filled with German mid-size luxury sedans.

The interior of the S90 is also futuristic and sophisticated with many high-end materials and nicely laid out controls. The S90 is decently equipped from the factory which means that the vast majority of S90 models out there look and feel like luxury cars.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the S90 is solely tailored towards a comfortable ride which means that the S90 is not a sports car. It is made to excel while cruising down the highway in uttermost comfort and quietness.

Volvo S90 – Reliability and common issues

As mentioned in the beginning, the S90 is not really a reliable car. The most common issues that tend to plague the S90 are associated with the engine, the electronics, the engine control module, the hydraulic unit, and the fuel system. Some of these are more troubling than others, and they also seem to affect almost all S90 models.

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This is a somewhat disappointing realization as the S90 is otherwise a tremendously capable car. The levels of comfort and luxury are as good as in the E-Class, the A6, and the 5-Series. It’s also worth mentioning that the German trio is also fairly unreliable which makes them all fairly closely matched.

Volvo S90 – Value and practicality

The Volvo S90 is still a fairly new car which means that it is still relatively expensive, especially the newer models with higher-end engines. As such, the S90 is likely going to be a lot more attainable in a few years, especially when the upcoming S90 refresh is released.

Practicality-wise, the S90 is what you’d expect from a car from this segment. There is no shortage of seating space while the available cargo space is more than decent. Visibility could be a bit better but is adequate for a car of this size.

FAQ Section

How long can the Volvo S90 last?

The Volvo S90 is a fairly new car which means that there aren’t too many high-mileage cars on the market. Either way, you should expect the S90 to be able to deliver more than 200,000 miles with proper maintenance. If you don’t maintain it properly, it is likely going to die a lot sooner than that.

Volvo cars are no strangers to accumulating hundreds of thousands of miles on the odometer, but only if they are maintained correctly. These are complex precision machines that are brimming with all the state-of-the-art technologies and require constant care.

Is the Volvo V90 better than the Volvo S90?

The Volvo S90 and the Volvo V90 are basically the same, the only difference being is that the V90 is a slightly more practical car. The purchasing decision between these two mostly falls to your cargo space requirements and design preferences as the V90 only offers a more practical experience.

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The V90 is also available in the V90 Cross Country trim which makes the V90 more off-road friendly. The Cross Country offers a somewhat more utilitarian design like the Audi A6 Allroad for example. As such, your option should be mostly based on practicality and design.

Is the Volvo S90 a safe car?

The Volvo S90 is indeed a really safe car because it comes with all the necessary state-of-the-art safety features and the good thing is that many of these come as standard. Volvo is a brand known for pushing the boundaries of car safety because they were the ones that pioneered many safety features we all cherish and appreciate these days.

If safety is your primary goal, the S90 is likely going to satisfy you even better than its German rivals which mostly do offer the same features, but these are not available as standard and tend to be more expensive as they are part of extensive option packages.

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