The biggest problems with Tesla cars

Tesla cars are the most popular electric cars in the world. They are also eco-friendly and equipped with top-notch features. But like every car brand, Tesla cars also have multiple issues that owners need to know about. So, what are the biggest problems with Tesla cars?

The biggest problems with Tesla cars are poor build quality, expensive to maintain, autopilot & power steering failure, difficulty replacing old batteries, and not good on snow. Furthermore, several Tesla owners have also reported a lack of car dealership support and a lack of towing capacity, and Tesla updates cause more problems.

Poor build quality

Teslas have several issues with their build quality. While the interiors are well designed, the materials utilized are not of good quality, which causes a lot of problems. Besides, several exterior parts of the car wear out faster. Some of the Tesla build quality problems are fuses sticking out, bolts rusting off, and paint peeling off.

Nonetheless, not everything on the Tesla is of poor build quality. For instance, the roof and the body panels are all made from high-quality materials, and their interiors are nice too.

If you have ever experienced difficulties with a Tesla, firsthand, then you probably know better than anyone how pricey repairs can become if they’re not covered by a warranty or insurance. While the initial price tag of a Tesla may be high, it is important to recognize that these costs are not solely due to cutting-edge technology. The build quality of Teslas has been a subject of criticism and concern among many owners and industry experts.

One reason why insurance premiums are so high for Teslas is because of the expensive repairs required by the vehicles. Even minor accidents or malfunctions can lead to substantial repair bills that far exceed those for traditional gasoline-powered cars. Some owners have reported issues with door handles malfunctioning, touch screens failing, and other electronic components breaking down. These types of problems often require replacing entire components rather than just repairing specific parts, driving up the cost even further. This highlights a concerning trend where the build quality of Teslas may be lacking compared to what customers expect from such an expensive and technologically advanced vehicle.

The truth of the matter is that even if you’re not paying to replace those parts out-of-pocket, they are all too often much poorer quality than we’re all led to believe. This raises questions about the long-term durability and reliability of Tesla cars and whether they are built to last.

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Autopilot and power steering failure

The autopilot feature on Tesla cars is amazing as it helps to steer, accelerate, and decelerate, while the driver relaxes. However, this feature is very effective as the sensors sometimes fail to detect pedestrians, vehicles, and signs.

Apart from autopilot ineffectiveness, the power steering system also fails sometimes. Several drivers have reported the electric power steering system going in and out of sync at times. This usually happens when the driver has been involved in an accident.

Autopilot, the autonomous driving feature developed by Tesla, has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we perceive cars and transportation. However, like any groundbreaking technology, it does come with its quirks and limitations. Some Model 3 drivers have voiced their concerns about Autopilot suddenly disengaging from self-driving mode without warning or incorrectly assessing the surrounding driving conditions. While these instances can be frustrating and potentially dangerous, it is important to remember that Autopilot is still an impressive breakthrough in autonomous driving technology.

To navigate these quirks effectively, drivers must remain vigilant and keep their eyes on the road at all times when using Autopilot. It should be used as a driver assistance feature rather than a completely autonomous system. Tesla recommends that users are engaged with the driving process and ready to take over whenever necessary. By following Tesla’s suggested instructions for using Autopilot and being aware of its limitations, drivers can potentially avoid any number of potentially hazardous scenarios that may occur due to glitches or misjudgments made by the system.

In conclusion, while Autopilot may have some quirks and drawbacks in its current state, it still represents a significant advancement in autonomous driving technology. Drivers who understand and accept its limitations while adhering to Tesla’s guidelines can still enjoy the benefits of this feature while staying safe on the road.

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Expensive to maintain

Tesla cars are modern with a lot of exceptional technologies. However, the cost of maintaining a Tesla is way up compared to other electric or even luxury cars. One of the things that makes Tesla cars expensive to maintain is their batteries. On top of that, Teslas has unnecessary repairs, such as fixing a computer or replacing broken parts.

Note that the average cost of maintaining a Tesla annually is around $1100, which is more than most electric vehicles or even a traditional gas-powered car.

Replacing old batteries is a struggle

Battery life is not bad and Teslas features some of the most durable batteries on the market. However, when the time comes to replace these batteries, it can be a struggle. Not only does it cost thousands of dollars to replace the batteries, but it is also hectic to replace them. That’s why you will have to take your car to Tesla and have them replace the lithium and nickel-metal hydride battery pack.

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In the past, changing a battery in a car was a relatively simple task that could be done by almost anyone. However, with the introduction of electric vehicles like Tesla, this process has become much more complicated and specialized. Unlike traditional cars where the battery is easily accessible under the hood, EV batteries are often located on the floorboard between the front tires. This makes it difficult for non-experts to replace the battery themselves.

It is highly recommended that EV owners do not attempt to switch out their batteries without proper training. The complex design and location of these batteries require specific knowledge and skills that only trained professionals possess. Therefore, unless you have expertise as a Tesla mechanic or engineer, it is advisable to take your electric vehicle to a specialized shop when it’s time for a battery replacement. While this may cost more than simply replacing it yourself, ensuring that the job is done correctly will save you from potential complications and costly mistakes down the line.

Not good on snow and cold weather

Another big problem with Tesla cars is that they are not good on snow. This is because their tires are not so good at moving through rough or slippery conditions. Furthermore, Teslas don’t have enough power to climb steep hills, icy roads, or even to move through heavy snowstorms. That’s why it is vital to consider having this car if you live in extremely cold places.

 In cold weather, Tesla cars also suffer from decreased range due to the impact on battery performance. Cold temperatures can reduce the efficiency of the battery, leading to a shorter driving range and less overall mileage. Additionally, EVs like Teslas require energy to heat the cabin and defrost the windows, which further drains the battery and reduces range.

Lacks car dealership support

Tesla cars are considered by many as the best electric cars. As a result, they are the top-selling EVs on the market. However, since Tesla doesn’t have enough dealership support or service centers, repairing the car is quite a hassle. This forces some Tesla owners to wait for months before their cars can be repaired.

Tesla updates cause more issues

Tesla is known for releasing new versions of their software, and it repeatedly releases updates that fix bugs and improve the user experience. Nonetheless, these updates are usually buggy and might end up causing the EV to become worse than it was before.

Lacks a towing capacity

If you desire to tow things with a Tesla, then you will be in for a rude shock. This is because Teslas do not have enough towing capacity to tow most things. Tesla Model X has the best towing capacity with up to 5000 pounds. On the flip side, most Teslas won’t tow more than 3000 pounds.

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Is Tesla reliable?

Teslas don’t have a good reputation for being reliable. However, they have been rated to have an above-average reliability score. However, when you buy a Tesla, you should be ready to spend more on repair and maintenance as they cost more than an average car.

How long does a Tesla last?

Teslas are some of the most durable EVs on the market. With good care and maintenance, most Teslas can last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. It is worth noting that these cars can even last longer if the battery pack is well-maintained and replaced when it becomes weak.

Is it expensive to maintain a Tesla?

The cost of maintaining a Tesla is higher than the industry average for EVs. While the average cost of maintaining a traditional car is around $650, the cost of maintaining a Tesla annually is around $832. This is very expensive, and the cost may be even higher depending on the issue the user is dealing with.

What are the main disadvantages of Tesla cars?

Tesla may be a refined and advanced EV, but it also comes with multiple disadvantages. The main disadvantages of Tesla cars are the limited range, high initial price tag, environmental concerns, and lack of charging stations. That’s why it is vital for new owners to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla cars before acquiring one.

Does Tesla have quality problems?

Yes, Tesla has several quality problems. Most Tesla quality issues are linked to the actual construction of the car. On top of that, Tesla also comes with serious safety concerns that are connected to the failure of the power steering system units.


While Tesla is one of the finest electric cars on the market, it also comes with several problems that users should know about. Some of the biggest Tesla problems are poor build quality, expensive to maintain, autopilot & power steering failure, replacing old batteries is a struggle, and not so good on snow.

All in all, Tesla is an advanced and well-refined EV. It is also comfortable, safe, and luxurious.

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