Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission problems 

Suzuki Ignis

The Suzuki Ignis is a small but fun-to-drive city car. It is also efficient, reliable, and practical. Nevertheless, it also comes with multiple issues, including engine, transmission, electrical, and suspension issues. But what are the Suzuki Igni’s automatic transmission problems? 

Some of the Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission problems are unresponsive gears, grinding gears, transmission delays, overheating transmission, and rough or jerky transmission. In addition, owners of the Suzuki Ignis have also reported experiencing transmission slippage, strange sounds from the transmission, and check engine lights. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission? 

Unresponsive gears 

This is one of the common transmission issues in Suzuki models and the Suzuki Ignis is not an exception. An automatic transmission should respond to all gear selections. So, if it is not responding, this is an indication that something is wrong. The main cause of unresponsive gears in the Suzuki Ignis is low or old transmission fluid. 

To fix this problem, you should have the transmission fluid checked and replaced if possible. But if the oil is okay, then the computer system should be checked and fixed by a professional mechanic. 

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Transmission slippage 

If you notice that your Suzuki Ignis slips out of gear when you’re driving, then you have got a transmission issue. Some of the things that cause the automatic transmission in the Suzuki Ignis to slip are defective solenoids or damaged transmission bands. 

Ensure that your car is inspected and the defective parts are replaced on time. Failure to do so, the problem may become serious and costly to repair. 

Transmission delay 

This is another overlooked but serious issue if not attended to. Transmission delays usually happen when the transmission fluid level is low, improper fluid replacement, or because of more serious problems such as failing transmission solenoids.

Visit a professional mechanic to have your car inspected and the real problem fixed. Besides, taking good care of your car can prevent such issues. 

Grinding gears 

The automatic transmission is supposed to operate smoothly as the driver shifts from one gear to another. However, when the transmission is faulty, it can grind gears and cause all sorts of issues. Grinding gears are usually caused by low transmission fluids or transmission fluid leaks. 

To fix this issue, you will have to take your car to a professional mechanic for inspection. Afterward, you can refill the fluid or replace the damaged part. 

Strange sounds from the transmission 

Many Suzuki Ignis owners have complained of hearing strange noises from the transmission. It can be a humming, whining, or clunking noise. Most of these noises are caused by friction or automatic transmission fluid breaking down. To avoid serious damage to your transmission, you should have the fluid filled or replaced if it’s bad. 

Overheating transmission 

Another common transmission issue that owners of the Suzuki Ignis automatic model have complained about is transmission overheating. This problem is also caused by negligence from the owner. It occurs because of low fluid levels. The transmission fluid not only helps move parts in the system, but it also takes away the heat.

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To fix this issue, the owner will have to ensure the car has the right transmission fluid at all times.  

Rough or jerky transmission 

Maintaining your car is vital if it has to run smoothly. However, not all Suzuki Ignis owners maintain their cars properly, thus they end up having such issues. This issue is caused by old or low transmission fluid. To fix this problem, you should inspect the transmission fluid and fill or replace it if need be. 


Is Suzuki Ignis a reliable car?

The Suzuki Ignis may not be as fancy or a well-performing city car as most of its rivals, but it is reliable. This car registers fewer issues and it is cheaper and easier to maintain compared to its competitors. On top of that, its spare parts are not only cheap but easy to find as well. 

Is it expensive to fix the Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission?

Yes, fixing the transmission and engine issues is normally costlier than fixing things like electrical parts and air conditioning systems. However, the dealer’s prices also differ, and that’s why it is crucial to select a reliable and professional mechanic. 

Nonetheless, the best way to reduce the cost of fixing your Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission is by properly maintaining the car and fixing issues as soon as you detect them. 

Apart from the Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission issues, which other problems does this car face? 

While the Suzuki Ignis is a sleek, efficient, and practical subcompact city car, it also comes with several problems apart from the usual transmission issues. Other problems that users have complained about are loss of power, engine misfire, excessive oil usage, failing fuel injection system, rattling sound from the engine, and much more. 

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What is the best way to solve transmission problems on the Suzuki Ignis? 

The best way to solve transmission problems on the Suzuki Ignis is by taking it for inspection and repair. Nonetheless, most transmission problems are linked to transmission fluids, transmission filters, and transmission control modules or solenoids. So, if you ensure that these parts are working fine and replace them in time, you won’t experience most of the transmission issues highlighted in this article. 

Why is regular service and maintenance crucial for Suzuki Ignis owners?

Regular service and maintenance are crucial for Suzuki Ignis owners as they prevent many problems and ensure the car lasts longer. That’s why it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule service. Some of the things that you should do include changing or refilling oil at the right time, replacing and checking fluids, and regular inspections of the tires, brakes, and other car parts. 


Despite the Suzuki Ignis automatic transmission issues that we’ve looked at, this car is still a nice and reliable subcompact city car. It is also efficient and cheap to maintain. With its sleek and practical design, it offers great value for money. But with proper care and maintenance, most of the issues that we’ve discussed can be avoided and make the car last even longer. 

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