Is Tesla the most unreliable car?

Tesla is the most popular EV on the market. The company offers four models: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. All these models provide lots of outstanding features and a comfortable ride.

Nonetheless, Tesla comes with lots of issues that make it unreliable. So, is Tesla the most unreliable car?

While Tesla is not the most unreliable car on the market, it is ranked at the bottom of the pack. Both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports rank Tesla as one of the least reliable cars on the market. It is reported that Tesla EVs have an average of 171 mechanical problems per 100 vehicles. 

When compared to average cars, which usually report 120 mechanical problems per 100 vehicles, you will find that Tesla is less reliable. For instance, Tesla was ranked 27th out of 28 automakers by Consumer Reports. 

What is the least reliable Tesla model?

Tesla may be unreliable, but not all models rank at the bottom of the table. Some models are more reliable than others. According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model Y is the least reliable. This is because it has been recalled more than four times. Most of the issues that the Tesla Model Y has related to are difficulties with tires, problems with the automated emergency braking system, and pressure loss.

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Tesla Model S is another unreliable Tesla Model. In the past, the Tesla Model S was regarded as one of the most reliable EVs on the market. However, that has changed in the past few years as the Model S has been crippled with several issues. Some of the main issues with the Tesla Model S are body components, suspension problems, and electronics. 

While the Tesla Model X is not at the bottom of the class, it is very close. Nevertheless, this car is slightly more reliable than the Mercedes-Benz GLE and Lincoln Aviator. Tesla Model X faces similar issues to other Tesla Models, including body components, misaligned parts, and electronics. 

The most dependable Tesla Model is the Tesla Model 3. This model has an above-average reliability score, and it compares with other cars in its class. The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is the most reliable with a score of 4 out of 5 from Consumer reports. On the other hand, the 2020 Tesla Model S is the least reliable with a score of 1 out of 5 from Consumer Reports. 

All in all, knowing the reliability rating of every Tesla Model is crucial if you desire to land a reliable car. Note that some model years are more reliable than others. 

What problems make Tesla unreliable?   

Tesla is one of the least reliable cars on the market. The poor reliability rating of Tesla is usually caused by problems experienced by Tesla Model Y, Model S, and Model X. Note that most of the affected model years were made between 2019 and 2021. 

Some of the widely reported issues with Tesla models are problems with the autopilot feature, occasional loss of power, poor build quality, and prematurely worn-out battery packs. Several owners have also reported experiencing heating system issues, troubles with heat pumps, faulty sensors, and body panels that don’t line up. 

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Tesla recalls

Recently, Tesla has recalled more than 2 million cars because of the autopilot feature malfunctioning. Tesla had to limit the use of autopilot after nearly 1,000 crashes. The recall covers all Model 3, Y, S, and X models made between Oct 5, 2012, and December 7, 2023. Aside from this recall, Tesla has also had several recalls in the past, which have also contributed to the car’s poor reliability rating. 

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Is Tesla worth buying?

Tesla is worth buying if you’re in the market for reliable, comfortable, efficient, and smooth rides. This car also boasts excellent road handling and a great sound system. On the contrary, it is not a good car if you’re looking for a low-maintenance and affordable car. 

Why do people hate Teslas?

People hate Teslas because of the cost of fixing them. Even though running a Tesla is cheap, maintaining this car is quite expensive compared to an ordinary gas-powered car. On average, you will have to pay around $832 to maintain a Tesla. Compared to a traditional gas-powered car, which costs around $652 to maintain annually, Tesla is way costlier. 

For instance, the cost of replacing a Tesla windshield will cost you about $1,500, which is very expensive.

Do Teslas break down a lot?

No, Teslas don’t break down a lot. This is because they have fewer moving parts compared to gas-powered vehicles. However, if a Tesla breaks down, you may have to spend more compared to a gas-powered car as the cost of parts and service are quite expensive. What’s more, it also depends on how you drive the car. If you drive it carelessly, it will break down often. 

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What is the most common problem with Tesla?

Like most EVs, the most common problem with Tesla is battery and charging-related problems. Battery fires are common because of the excessive amounts of heat they put off. So, it is important to have the car inspected from time to time to ensure that the battery and other parts are working well. 

Do Tesla owners like their cars?

Despite Tesla being one of the least reliable cars on the market, Tesla owners like their cars. That’s why Tesla ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, even though Tesla has registered several issues over the past few years, it is still the best-selling EV on the market. 


Tesla may be very popular on the market, but it is still one of the least reliable car brands. Tesla ranks high in consumer satisfaction, but low in reliability. Besides, not all Tesla Models are unreliable as some models are more reliable than others. The most reliable Tesla Model is Model 3, followed by Model X, and Model S. On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y is the least reliable model. 

Some of the things that make Tesla unreliable are poor build quality, autopilot problems, battery problems, suspension issues, power steering problems, and frequent wear on tires. 

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