Common problems with Citroën DS7 Crossback

Citroën DS7 Crossback problems

The Citroen DS7 Crossback is a compact crossover/SUV made by the newly independent brand DS. DS or “Different Spirit” used to be a Citroen sub-brand that branched out in 2015 in order to carve its own path and separate itself from Citroen. This was done in order for the brand to try and become a luxury brand on its own.

The DS7 Crossback is one of the most important DS models to ever come out as it resides in the most popular market segment. Compact crossovers/SUVs are now the most popular cars on the market which means that they play a great role in defining how good a brand is as a whole. But how good is the DS7 Crossback when it comes to reliability?

The DS7 Crossback seems to be better than most Citroen DS models that came before DS branched out which means that the car is off to a good start. However, there are some issues worth talking about in greater detail. For starters, the car experiences a bunch of issues with the suspension, many of which can be really dangerous.

Other issues include problems with the car’s electrical system, potential fuel leaks, issues at start-up, or various battery-related issues. All in all, the DS7 is much better than most cars Citroen makes, but it can still be better.

DS7 Crossback – Suspension issues

According to a bunch of owners, the suspension system on the DS7 Crossback is not properly calibrated and it does not deal with aggressive potholes in a logical manner. Some owners say that the car can often jolt while going over deeper potholes, or sometimes even break traction and go sideways. Owners say that DS is aware of this issue and that they don’t deem it to be a problem at all.

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However, one owner said that the car can even lose complete control if you go over a pothole quickly. DS did do a recall on the DS7 due to rear suspension fixing bolts that weren’t tied to the car properly. If this was left unattended, there was a great deal of chance that those bolts could break and cause the car to sag.

DS7 Crossback – Electrical issues

The DS7 Crossback is also known to experience loads of electrical issues that can ruin your overall ownership experience if you don’t take care of them one by one. The most common electrical issues are situated around the in-car infotainment system which is known to often fail, glitch out, or go completely blank.

Thankfully, these types of issues can usually be solved by simply restarting the car. Other electrical issues include phone connectivity issues or issues with the rear-view camera not wanting to turn on. Some have also reported that the parking sensors can often be too sensitive, especially during the rain. Moreover, the start-stop system can operate in a non-sophisticated way, but that is not necessarily an issue.

DS7 Crossback – Fuel leaks

Fuel leaks are a common occurrence on Citroen models as there were many recalls throughout the brand’s history that were caused by fuel leaks. The DS7 suffers from fuel leaks caused by cabling and software upgrade issues that could even start a fire if they aren’t dealt with in time. DS recalled more than 5,500 examples manufactured between 2017 and 2021.

This is indeed a substantial number of cars which further reiterates just how serious these issues can be. As such, if you are interested in buying a DS7, be sure to go through the car’s service history to see if the car you are looking at has been part of this recall.

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DS7 Crossback – Start-up issues

One of the most common and annoying issues with the DS7 is related to the car not wanting to start up. The reason why these issues tend to happen is due to a faulty starter motor, faulty wiring, a flooded engine, or simply because due to cold morning temperatures that require you to heat up the engine before turning it on.

All in all, these issues are mostly caused by electrical issues, but can sometimes even be caused by engine issues. We also need to mention the battery as a common culprit.

DS7 Crossback – Battery issues

The DS7 is known to suffer from a bunch of battery-related issues, some of which are associated with the battery exclusively while some can also be tied to other nearby electrical systems such as the alternator for example. Some owners have also reported various issues that cause severe oxidation of the battery.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a DS7 Crossback?

If you like the DS7 Crossback design language and you see yourself driving a car not many people tend to drive, the DS7 Crossback could be a good car for you. You also need to keep in mind that the DS7 is a crossover/compact SUV. Crossovers and SUVs are at the very top of the car market when it comes to popularity and desirability.

As such, the DS7 Crossback has many things going for it, but if you are not a fan of the brand, the DS7 is not a car for you. DS tries to attract buyers that are usually interested in German luxury cars, but that takes time as the three German executive luxury brands have been around the luxury car table for decades on end.

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 Is the DS7 Crossback a family car?

The DS7 Crossback is indeed a family car as it offers loads of space throughout both the car and the trunk space and is also really safe and easy to live with. Most DS7 Crossback buyers are younger families that don’t have the need for more than five seats as the DS7 is a really good car in that regard.

Can the DS7 Crossback go off-roading?

Gone are the days when all SUVs were designed with off-roading in mind as most new SUVs (including the DS7) are designed for city and long-distance journeys. You can get a DS7 with an AWD system that can actually tackle some mild off-roading, but don’t get your hopes up as the DS7 is no off-roader.

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