Surprising Facts About VW T-Cross

Volkswagen T-Cross

The Volkswagen T-Cross is the smallest VW crossover SUV which means that it represents an entry point into the most popular and most successful VW lineup. The T-Cross is a family car which means that it hopes to offer a small form factor without intruding on comfort and accessibility all that much. Sure, it isn’t a big family car, but it sure is adequate for most families.

In this article, we are going to go over the most surprising facts about the VW T-Cross which means outlining the most impressive aspects of the T-Cross while also telling you what is not so good about it. This is sure to broaden your knowledge about the T-Cross, so be sure to read this article!

A Lot in a Sensible Package

The fact that this is the smallest VW crossover/SUV sounds like it compromises on space quite a lot, but that is not exactly the case. The T-Cross is positioned underneath the T-Roc, yet it offers more seating space in every seat. The T-Cross is based on the VW MQB-A0 platform which also underlines the Audi A1, the Seat Arona, and the VW Polo.

The T-Cross offers a wheelbase of 2,235mm which is only slightly shorter compared to a Honda HR-V (4,335mm) or the Toyota CH-R (4,360mm), but not many people deem these two to be too small for what they are. Moreover, the T-Cross also offers a larger trunk compared to the CH-R.

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The VW T-Cross is also set to change the way how most people buy small VW cars as the T-Cross is intended to offer multiple additional layers of customization on top of what you usually get from most small VWs. You can choose between a wide variety of special colors while the wheels themselves can also be colored, not just your standard silver or black.

Accent packs for the interior enable you to bring a bit of color to the inside which makes the T-Cross a lot more youthful and funky.

It’s Really Safe

One of the more worrying aspects of going for a subcompact car is the safety department as these small cars typically don’t fare all that well when it comes to safety. However, VW somehow managed to make the T-Cross earn better safety credentials than even some full-size SUVs which is impressive to say the very least.

With an amazing 97% in the “Adult occupant protection” category in Euro NCAP, the T-Cross sets a gold standard for many other cars to follow.

It Has Beats Speakers

If you want to make your little T-Cross sound like a clubhouse, you can do so by opting for special T-Cross-only Beats by Dr. Dre speakers with 300 watts of power and an 8-channel amplifier with a separate large subwoofer in the trunk. This makes the little T-Cross even more appealing to young drivers as all of your tunes are going to sound immense.

It Makes VW Factory Workers Happy

The Volkswagen T-Cross is being made in Spain, Argentina, China, and Brazil. When journalists asked the workers in Pamplona (Spain) factory about what they thought about the T-Cross, the reception was incredibly enthusiastic as they seemed thrilled and rather proud to make the new VW subcompact crossover SUV.

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This is because the size, the price, and the overall package of the T-Cross are perfect for city streets in countries such as Spain which even led many of those very workers to buy a T-Cross.


The VW T-Cross is the cheapest VW SUV you can buy right now which in itself is a really good thing, but if you combine that with the fact that it’s also the cheapest VW SUV to run, you are getting a really affordable, yet quality product that can do everything you throw at it.

It offers immense fuel economy without lacking in power while also being cheap to tax, register, and insure.

It’s Also Called the Taigun

In India, VW came out with the Taigun which is essentially a VW T-Cross with a slightly re-designed C-Pillar. VW somehow concluded that the Indian market is better off with a slightly boxier SUV as opposed to most of the globe.

This could be due to the fact that the Indian market prefers practicality over styling but that is up for discussion.

FAQ Section

What is Good About the VW T-Cross?

The Volkswagen T-Cross is an amalgamation of quite a few upsides with not too many downsides which makes it a really competitive subcompact car. The T-Cross looks good inside and out and offers a surprisingly roomy interior and a fairly large trunk space. It is cheap to buy, cheap to run, and cheap to live with.

It is based on the platform used in many other VW cars and it relies on engines that are commonly used across the VAG range. This means that the T-Cross should also be fairly dependable and cheap to repair if something does go wrong. Lastly, the T-Cross is really well-equipped and has a few special touches that can’t be found in many other VW models.

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What is Bad About the VW T-Cross?

Even though it does offer a decent amount of space for its size, you can’t call it spacious. The T-Cross can fit multiple adults at the same time, but they are not going to feel overly comfortable. Moreover, the T-Cross isn’t all that fun to drive and it does not come in a performance version in any way which is a shame as its T-Roc brother does.

Lastly, we also need to mention that the interior quality of the T-Cross isn’t on par with some of its rivals as the T-Cross is also part of VWs latest cut on quality materials which is obvious all across its range.

 What is the Difference Between VW Taigo and T-Cross?

Not too many things are different between these two as the Taigo is a more stylish variant of the T-Cross. It uses the same engine, is based on the same platform, uses the same transmission, is slightly longer, but the same in terms of wheelbase and width.

The Tiago is a more “lifestyle” version of the T-Cross, but underneath, these two are two sides of the same coin.

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