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2023 VW ID 4 models

Volkswagen is one of those brands willing to invest a lot of money into the electrification of cars which makes a lot of sense for two reasons. The first one hits very close to VWs heart because of the whole “Dieselgate” scandal that cost the company billions upon billions of dollars. The other reason is that electric cars are the future and VW wants to make the future.

This is where the VW ID. range of cars comes in as it is filled with interesting electric cars for everyone. If you want to know all about 2023 VW electric models, be sure to stick around as that is exactly the topic of today’s article. These include the VW ID.3, the VW ID.4, the VW ID.5, the VW ID. Aero, and the VW ID. Buzz.

Soon enough, VW is going to introduce new ID. models that are going to complete VWs electric car lineup. These include the ID.6, the ID.7, and the ID.8. A large three-row SUV, a large family sedan, and a mid-size family SUV.

Now it’s time to go in-depth about all the available ID. models and tell you what is special about each of them. This will give you a broader understanding of what you get if you decide to buy one of VWs ID. cars.

 2023 VW ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3 costs around $35,000, but it isn’t coming to the US. The reason why it isn’t is that small hatchback are not really a thing in the US as much as they are in other markets. You can get the ID.3 with three different battery sizes. The standard ID.3 gets a small 150hp electric motor mated to a 45kWh battery that can do 218 miles on a full charge.

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The mid-spec model gets a 58kWh battery, up to 204hp, and around 264 miles of range. The top-end 77kWh battery model also gets 204hp but can do 344 miles on a full charge. The ID.3 is the smallest and the most affordable ID. model which is why it is the most popular one out there being one of the best-sold EVs in Europe.

2023 VW ID.4 and ID.5

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the mid-size electric crossover/hatchback that costs $38,000 for the entry-level Pure model that gets a smaller 52kWh battery with up to 170hp and a range of 214 miles. The Pro, Pro S, and Pro S Plus models get the larger 77kWh battery which is the only choice in the US anyway. These offer up to 300hp and a range of up to 323 miles.

The ID.4 is the one to go if you want a great electric family car with a VW badge. It is much larger and more comfortable than the ID.3 which is definitely what you want if you have a family. It is as safe and nearly as efficient as the ID.3 while also getting a whole host of added features that are not available with the ID.3. The ID.5 is essentially just a re-bodied and better-looking version of the ID.4 with a price tag of around $41,000.

2023 VW ID. Aero

The Volkswagen ID. Aero is the newest addition to the ID. family and it represents a new direction for the VW ID. range. The VW ID. Aero is likely to start at around $40,000 and is going to offer the familiar 77kWh battery. This should be enough for a 385-mile range as per VW because the ID. Aero is a much more aerodynamic car than the rest of the ID. range.

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It should also offer 340hp at the very least which makes it the most powerful ID. model to ever come out. If all of this is anything to go by, the ID. Aero is likely going to be the most popular and best VW ID. electric car you can buy, at least before the ID.7 eventually sees the light of day.

 2023 VW ID. Buzz

Likely the quirkiest and coolest ID. car out there is the VW ID. Buzz van that pays tribute to the old-school 60s VW camper hippie mobile. The ID. Buzz is expected to start at around $50,000 which is quite a premium to pay over the existing VW ID. models, but that is to be expected as the ID. Buzz is iconic in every sense of the word.

You get a 77kWh battery that can give your around 210 miles of real range as the ID. Buzz is not really aerodynamic or lightweight. It is designed to be a pleasure mobile which is why most people will not use it for commuting to and from work, but rather for weekends and holidays.

FAQ Section

What is the best VW ID. car?

The recently revealed VW ID. Aero is the best ID. car VW offers because it is the newest, the best-looking, and likely the most desirable. VW has finally offered a car that competes with the Tesla Model 3, and with 385 miles on a full charge and 340hp, this electric sedan is sure to be really popular all around the world.

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That is why the ID. Aero is a global VW car, the only one besides the ID.4 which means that it will be sold in all the markets. Besides the ID. Aero, the ID.5 is also really cool as it looks like a coupe SUV, a styling direction that is incredibly popular these days.

When is VW going to offer the ID.6, the ID.7, and the ID.8?

The Volkswagen ID.6 already made its debut in China, but we are not too sure if it is ever going to come to Europe or the US. Because it is a three-row SUV, it might come to the US but isn’t likely to come to Europe. The ID.7 is not too far from being revealed, it’s the same story with the ID.8. We are likely going to have to wait until 2023 before we can see these in flesh.

 Does VW make good electric cars?

Volkswagen electric cars are really competitive and some are selling like crazy all around the world, especially the ID.4. This is enough to say that VW does indeed make good electric cars because they look cool, they are well-equipped, and offer decent battery sizes and respective maximum ranges.

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