Is Volkswagen T-Cross a good car?

Volkswagen T-Cross

The VW T-Cross is a compact crossover which means that it resides in one of the most popular car segments out there. The T-Cross has been revealed in 2018 which means that it is soon to be replaced with an updated model that is likely going to look similar to the new Golf Mk8 which begs the question is Volkswagen T-Cross a good car?

Yes, the Volkswagen Tiguan is indeed a good car. The reason why the T-Cross is a good car is that it offers efficient and potent engines, a fairly modern-looking VW design, a comfortable driving experience with lots of space throughout, a reliable platform, and a relatively affordable price tag.

The T-Cross manages to cover quite a wide array of benefits because it resides in one of the most popular car segments. Many deem the VW T-Cross to be a more affordable and even better-looking version of the Audi Q2 which certainly works well for a VW.

All in all, the T-Cross is a good car and we will tell you why more thoroughly in the rest of this article. As such, if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about the T-Cross, be sure to stick around until the end of this article.

VW T-Cross – The powertrain

The VW T-Cross engine lineup kicks off with the 1.0L TSI inline 3-cylinder engine with 115hp which is more or less the standard engine of the lineup. There is also a 1.0L TSI with 95hp which is indeed a bit too small and weak for the car. The best T-Cross engine is undeniably the 1.5L inline 4-cylinder with 150hp because it is as efficient as the 3-cylinder, but a lot more powerful.

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The T-Cross is also available with a 95hp 1.6L TDI diesel engine in certain markets such as Europe.  The T-Cross is exclusively a front-wheel-drive car which means that VW 4MOTION is not available with the T-Cross. You can get the T-Cross either with a manual or the VW proprietary DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

The inline 3-cylinder engine is able to return up to an astonishing 50MPG combined while the 1.5L 4-cylinder is able to return up to 45MPG. However, the 1.6L TDI is even better at almost 60MPG which is one of the best MPG results in the entire segment. All these engines are quiet and fairly reliable.

VW T-Cross – Design and chassis

The VW T-Cross offers a relatively nice-looking exterior design thanks to a rather boxy silhouette which most people tend to prefer over rounded edges. The best-looking T-Cross models are undeniably the R-Line models, so if you want the most attractive T-Cross, you will have to go for the R-Line.

The interior of the T-Cross is relatively similar to many other VW models which is now a common occurrence with VW. This bothers some people, but the majority of people don’t care because they are getting a nicely laid-out design with great ergonomics and features throughout.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the T-Cross is focused on offering a subtle, yet sophisticated ride. This means that the T-Cross is not dynamic by any means, but if you do decide to loosen it up, it is not going to fall apart in the corners.

VW T-Cross – Reliability and common issues


The T-Cross is also a relatively reliable car which is indeed a good thing. However, the T-Cross is also a relatively new car which means that we will have to wait a while before we can say for certain that it is going to stay that way. The most common T-Cross problems are associated with the clockspring, the start/stop system, engine startup button, curtain airbags, and creaks and rattles in the interior.

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The good thing is that none of these are of mechanical nature which also means that they are not all that difficult to fix, except for the clockspring issue which is still a mystery.


VW T-Cross – Value and practicality

The T-Cross offers decent value because it is a well-put-together compact crossover. You should wait a year or two more before the facelifted model comes out because that will likely further depreciate the current model.

Practicality-wise, the T-Cross is decent, but it does come with its limitations due to its compact size. Three is definitely a crowd in the back while cargo space is actually better than most of its competitors. Visibility is also great thanks to large windows and large rear-view mirrors.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the VW T-Cross?

If you are interested in a compact, yet space-conscious crossover, the T-Cross is a great choice. It is large enough to not feel cramped while also being compact enough for it to make sense in busy city centers. The engines are incredibly efficient while the overall driving experience is lacking in character, but the T-Cross does everything you ask it to do.

This makes the T-Cross a worthy consideration for all people wanting to buy a car that can do many things at once. The T-Cross is also a family car which further boosts the appeal. However, if you enjoy AWD, 200hp+ engines, and lots of space, the T-Cross is not the car for you.

Is the VW T-Cross better than the VW T-Roc?

The T-Cross is a crossover variant of the VW Polo while the T-Roc is a crossover variant of the VW Golf. This means that the T-Roc is larger, more spacious, comes with stronger engines, and utilizes a more rounded design approach.

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Most people prefer the T-Roc over the T-Cross, but the T-Cross looks better and is more than enough for most people anyway.

Is the VW T-Cross a more affordable Audi Q2?

The Audi Q2 and the VW T-Cross are similar in many regards because they use similar engines, are based on the same platform, and are almost identical to drive. Sure, the Q2 feels a bit more refined and comes with higher-quality materials, but you can tell that these two are cut from the same cloth.

Either way, the T-Cross is not a more affordable Q2 because these two are different. However, the T-Cross is not lacking behind the Q2 all that much.

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