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2023 VW ID 4 models

The Volkswagen ID 4 hopes to become one of the most popular VW cars of the modern era as it combines electric energy with the newest technology, loads of space, and a not overly expensive asking price. As the ID .4 is also a crossover, it belongs in the most popular car segment at the moment which means that VW has gone all out with the ID 4.

In this article, we are going to go in-depth about some of the most surprising facts about VW ID 4. Some of these are rather impressive and will give you an idea of what a state-of-the-art VW is all about. However, some might not surprise you in a positive way, so much so that they can even break the deal altogether, for some at least. So, stick around and find out!

The VW ID 4 Has A Sense of Humor

VW isn’t necessarily a brand known for making humorous cars, but the ID 4 hopes to change that as it adapts a Tesla-invented phenomenon of a car making jokes. So, the next time you step inside a VW ID 4, try to say “Hello ID, tell me a joke”, and the ID 4 is going to indulge you in a classic stand-up joke that may or may not crack a smile depending on your preferred humor style.

Either way, it’s a fun feature most people aren’t even aware of. VW says that they tried their best to give the ID 4 as many jokes as they could, so, the ID 4 is a stand-up comedian as well.

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Free 30-Minute Charging

When the very first electric cars started coming out, EV charging was actually free of charge in many of the world’s countries. As more and more EVs started driving on our roads, the prices of EV charging started going up. This meant that those who bought their EVs later didn’t benefit from this which has made some EV owners a bit mad.

However, VW wants to reduce the overall cost of electricity for its customers which is why all US buyers benefit from a free 30-minute charging session every time they plug in their cars in one of the Electrify America chargers.


Space on Offer

When VW introduced its move toward the EV ID range, it was immediately clear that VW has developed a standalone platform for its EVs which means that the ID range does not sit on a non-EV platform. This enabled them to maximize the space in every dimension which is why the VW ID 4 has more interior leg and head space than some large sedans and SUVs.

It is truly mesmerizing as to how spacious the rear in the ID 4 is, even for the very tallest people out there.

Quality and Ergonomics

It’s not all sugar and honey with the ID 4 as there are some things that are far from positive. First of all, the interior quality is nothing compared to cars like the Mk7 Golf which means that the ID 4 is surprisingly plastic. Most VW owners are used to soft-touch plastic in places where your hand often reaches, but the ID 4 has way too many hard plastic panels which sure do downgrade the overall feel of quality.

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We also need to mention the ergonomics which have also spiraled down with the new infotainment system. VWs used to be the best and easiest cars to understand as everything was where it should be. The ID 4 translates everything in its infotainment screen which means that it’s much more difficult to use, especially while driving.

ID Light

Back on the bright side, VW added the “ID Light” to the ID 4 which is basically a thin strip of LED lights underneath the windscreen which is there to communicate a wide variety of things to you. It is used as a pointer while the navigation is on or as an interactive light when you use VW’s voice commands.

It is really gentle on the eyes and helps with VW’s perspective of the future as it ties in with the rest of the ID range really well.


Last, but not least, we also need to mention the many ways how VW pushes your comfort levels with stuff such as a full-length panoramic sunroof, large windows, and really cool interior trim options, all of which make the experience really pleasant.

 FAQ Section

What is Good About the VW ID 4?

The VW ID 4 truly is a mixture of many good things and a few bad ones which is likely the reason why the ID 4 is a really popular car globally. The futuristic design, a cool interior, lots of safety tech, and quite a few innovative functions guarantee that your ID 4 experience is going to be vastly different than with virtually every other non-EV VW.

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VW was never really a brand known for daring which means that even though many VW are really good cars, they aren’t fun or full of character. The ID 4 is quite the opposite as it really does give you an experience that can not be matched by any other non-ID VW. Lastly, it is also an EV crossover which is one of, if not the most popular segment in today’s advanced global market.

What is Bad About the VW ID 4?

There are a few definite drawbacks to the ID 4, and the two biggest ones are the lack of overall quality of the materials and how VW made interacting with the ID 4 more difficult than with most of its older cars. We also need to mention that the ID 4 isn’t cheap, even for an electric car as VWs ID cars are more expensive than some luxury non-EV offers from other prominent German brands.

The range of the VW ID 4 still isn’t on par with some Tesla and Hyundai models which means that there is still lots of room for improvement.

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