Should I buy an SUV or a sedan?

SUVs and sedans are probably the two best all-around car segments money can buy these days. They both combine popularity, styling, practicality, and comfort better than most other types of cars. The differences are the fact that SUVs are more capable off-road while sedans are usually more agile and better for performance driving.

The most important thing while buying a car is to recognize what are your priorities. You need to balance your needs and your wants accordingly while staying within your budget. You should also consider where you plan on driving the car as some types of cars are better for certain purposes than others.

You should buy an SUV if you value a more commanding driving position and you also want an AWD system as standard. However, SUVs are larger which means that they are not as maneuverable when it comes to city driving and parking. Furthermore, they are usually not as efficient as sedans are.

You should buy a sedan if you value a more comfortable drive and you tend to spend most of your driving time on the highway. However, if you want to tow your vehicle, an SUV is a far better choice.

SUVs – The most popular car segment

The 21st century of motoring was defined by an unexpected phenomenon of SUVs becoming the most popular car segment on the planet. People love SUVs because they are large, spacious, offer a commanding driving position, are safe, and can go off-road.

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They might not be the most fuel-efficient or affordable, but they make up lost ground in the space and seating department. They are capable of towing heavy loads such as boats and caravans without any issues whatsoever and they usually offer a considerably larger trunk space when compared to a sedan.

However, SUVs are primarily hatchbacks which means that even though the trunk space is larger, it’s not as safe as it is in a sedan. SUVs are better if you like taking your car off-road from time to time. Increased levels of ground clearance also make it easy to climb curbs and many other obstacles in an urban environment.

Sedans – Used to be the most popular car segment

Sedans were once upon a time the default type of car because they were seen as the most premium and comfortable. To be honest, a sedan is still the most comfortable type of car on the planet because an SUV suffers from increased levels of wind noise and tire noise because the tires are usually beefier.

Sedans are also better performance cars because they are lighter. A lower weight contributes to better fuel efficiency while a lower center of gravity contributes to more agility and superior handling. Cost-wise, a comparable sedan is still way more affordable than an SUV, no matter how you look at it.

If you want the highest level of luxury available, you will have to go with a sedan because the Rolls Royce Phantom is the most luxurious car on the planet. Style-wise, a sedan and an SUV are incredibly closely matched so it’s down to personal preference who prefers one over the other.

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Your need and wants – Pick carefully and stay within budget

It’s rather obvious that SUVs and sedans are closely matched when it comes to the majority of factors, so the only way to properly decide which one to buy is to look at your usage scenario. If you are someone who spends a lot of time driving, it’s better to opt for a sedan because you are likely going to save on fuel in the long run.

However, this only makes sense if the SUV in question is in a comparable segment with the sedan you are interested in. Even though an SUV should technically be less efficient, a full-size extended wheel-base sedan is not more efficient than a compact SUV.

Most people out there already have an idea about what car they would buy if they had the money. If your heart pushes you towards buying an SUV over a sedan, or a sedan over an SUV, and you don’t have any legitimate reasons not to, then go ahead and buy the car you want. As simple as that.  

FAQ Section

Which is easier to drive sedan or SUV?

SUVs are usually slightly easier to drive because they offer a raised-up driving position. This enables more comfortable access to the car which means that you will not have to duck while entering your vehicle. Furthermore, SUVs also offer increased levels of visibility which is essential when it comes to maneuvering the car.

However, full-size seven-seater SUVs are certainly not easier to drive than a more compact sedan. Moreover, the equipment levels of each car are crucial as well. A full-size extended wheelbase sedan is easier to drive than an SUV if it offers parking sensors or a 360-degree camera while the SUV does not.

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Do SUVs need tire and brake disc replacements more frequently?

An average mid-size SUV is heavier than a comparable mid-size sedan, and that’s the truth. SUVs also use larger tire sizes which cost more money to replace. On average, cars can last up to 50k miles without needing to replace the tires.

On the other hand, some SUVs will only give you around 30k miles per tire set. Increased weight impacts all sorts of mechanical and safety aspects of car driving and that’s obvious the moment you take a look at the tires.

Are SUVs more expensive to insure than a sedan?

According to a few online sources, sedans are more expensive to insure than SUVs. However, this varies greatly depending on the specific model you are interested in. It is more important to look at safety charts and how reliable a specific car is than it is to concentrate on a particular segment.

If a car is rarely ever stolen and it rates highly on most reliability and safety charts, it is always going to be less expensive to insure, no matter if it’s an SUV or a sedan. Moreover, the driver’s factors also contribute to higher or lower insurance rates, and should never be neglected.

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