Should I buy an SUV or truck

If you are sitting on a fence between buying an SUV or a truck, you need to know what do you get when you opt for either of them. More importantly, you need to consider the type of car that suits your needs better, but you should also buy the car you are drawn to.

As such, it’s necessary to properly compare these two through various usage scenarios such as on-road driving, off-road driving,  practicality, efficiency, and ergonomics. You should not only consider your current needs because you should also look ahead and judge which one of these two is a better long-term automobile.

SUVs are currently at the very top of the car industry when it comes to popularity, but trucks are still selling more than SUVs, at least in the US. Nonetheless, a truck is a better option for a working man, someone who can take advantage of the bed, and someone who wants a diesel engine.

On the other hand, if you are not a working man, but you do appreciate a raised-up driving position, it’s better to opt for an SUV because an SUV usually offers more seating space as well. SUVs are generally the more sophisticated option between the two, and there are a lot more SUVs to choose from.

SUVs – Benefits and drawbacks

An SUV is usually a superior all-around car when compared to a truck because it offers more seating space, a more refined driving experience and it suits family needs significantly better. As such, SUVs can sit up to seven people while large cab trucks are only large enough to accommodate up to five passengers in total.

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However, SUVs do cost a lot more money because a full-size SUV can easily exceed $55-66k, but a comparably large pickup truck can be had for around $45k. Even so, SUVs are generally more fuel-efficient because they are tuned for everyday driving while trucks primarily shine at lower speeds.

SUVs are generally a bit more expensive to insure as well, but this varies depending on many factors. They are easier to drive in most instances because they are superiorly proportioned which gives you better all-around visibility.

Trucks – Benefits and drawbacks

People who buy trucks are mostly interested in towing capacity, hauling capacity, and overall weight. This means that trucks are usually bought by working people. Even though they are not nearly as efficient as SUVs are across the board, they do offer a set of benefits over SUVs.

Trucks come equipped with a large bed which means that they can haul lots of cargo, way more than an SUV ever could. However, trucks do pale in comparison when it comes to seating space, especially if you don’t opt for a crew cab version.

A pickup truck bed enables you to haul heavy and extended loads without any issue whatsoever while an SUV with a lined trunk bed is likely going to be scratched if you were to carry the same sot of stuff. Trucks are also available with a diesel engine which is not something you can get on a modern-day SUV anymore.

Your usage scenario – Balance out your needs and wants

The previous two articles provide a solid and thorough comparison between a pickup truck and an SUV, but the main factor to consider is what you need your vehicle for. If you constantly haul heavy loads and you love to work around the house or tow lots of stuff, a truck might be the better idea.

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However, if you are a family man and you need a safe and spacious car for a larger family, an SUV will suit your needs better. Moreover, an SUV is a vehicle to get if you plan on spending lots of time on the road because an SUV is usually more efficient and more comfortable to drive on long distances.

Use these pros and cons of both vehicles to narrow down your decision to the exact truck and SUV model you are interested in and then be sure to compare those two models as well. The more information you get, the easier it becomes to make the right decision.

FAQ Section

Are SUVs safer than trucks?

SUVs are safer when compared to both trucks and cars because they combine the added mass of a truck and superior agility and handling properties of a car. Added mass is essential in an event of a crash, and the likelihood of dying in an SUV is much slimmer when compared to trucks and cars.

Cars are still the most dangerous as far as in-car safety is concerned because they are usually lighter and lower to the ground which means that they fare the worse if they were to crash with an SUV or a truck. Nevertheless, individual safety rating matters, so if safety is something you don’t want to compensate for, be sure to check out IIHS crash testing.

Do trucks depreciate faster than SUVs?

Depreciation is one of, if not the most important factor to consider when buying a new car because most cars these days tend to lose 40-50% of their original value after 5 years of use. However, popular in-demand trucks do hold their resale value considerably better when compared to average SUVs.

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Models like the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, GMC Canyon offer the lowest depreciation percentages out of most modern trucks on sale. However, SUVs do hold better value when compared to cars because cars usually depreciate the fastest.

Are SUVs better off-road than trucks?

Yes, they are. Trucks are not necessarily even built for any kind of serious off-roading, only a few purpose-built trucks can match the likes of a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, the Land Rover Defender, or the Jeep Wrangler.  SUVs usually offer better ground clearance with superior approach and departure angles and a better wading depth as well.

Trucks are usually equipped with road-biased tires, and the sizes of those tires are also mostly geared to on-road driving. Furthermore, AWD systems found in most trucks also are not designed to go off-road while off-roading systems found on most SUVs are designed with some form of off-roading in mind.

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