Should I buy an SUV or a minivan?

SUVs and minivans are the two best types of cars to get if you need a superior family car. Even so, these two differ quite substantially because they achieve those qualities entirely differently. SUVs are more geared towards luxury and everyday use while minivans prioritize practicality and family use.

That’s not to say that SUVs are not practical, but they do pale in comparison to most minivans when it comes to overall truck space. It’s just the fact that minivans are the best option to go for is people and luggage carrying is your priority.

They offer features such as sliding doors which make it easier for children to climb in and out of the car without bumping their doors on nearby parked cars. SUVs on the other hand offer more style, more technology, and much more potent engine choices.

Furthermore, an SUV is the one to get if you do take your cars off-roading but they are not as practical as minivans are. To choose the perfect car for your needs you have to consider all the pros and cons of owning either of these two and be sure to consider your long-term needs, especially if you have a family.

SUVs – Benefits and drawbacks

SUVs are the more desirable option between the two even though they cost more money on a similar size and equipment level. They are also way better for towing so if you are someone who tends to tow caravans, boats, or trailers, an SUV is an obvious winner between the two.

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If you want an AWD car, you are likely going to end up with an SUV because most minivans don’t even offer AWD as an option. This is crucial if you live in colder climates that regularly get snow and ice. If you are torn between these two for family needs, a minivan is likely going to be the better option because it offers way more than an SUV.

An SUV can go off-road and is generally a more maneuverable vehicle between the two because it offers a raised-up driving position which favors increased visibility all-around. Finally, if you are not a family man, an SUV is a better choice because it offers more for the driver than a minivan which is primarily targeted for family needs.

Minivans – Benefits and drawbacks

As mentioned previously, a minivan is a better choice if a superior family car is your priority. Minivans are easier to get in and out of for kids because they offer lighter-weight doors which slide open which minimizes the risks of accidental opening and bumping into nearby cars on a parking lot.

Furthermore, minivans come with loads of family-oriented features such as cameras for the back seats, individual seat buckle monitors, more safety features, and more space in general. Minivans are far more comfortable for seven passengers and only a few largest three-row SUVs can match the space of a large minivan.

Minivans also come with more storage spaces inside the vehicle as well. Be that as it may, an SUV is a better choice if you primarily plan on driving without kids in the back. Even though SUVs can do that comfortably, they are not nearly as good at it as minivans are.

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Your usage scenario – Balance out your needs and wants

We can compare these two for ages without coming to a sound conclusion because SUVs and minivans are not all that different from each other after all. So, in order to make the right decision, you need to decide what you value the most and what is something you are not willing to compromise for.

SUVs are a better choice if you are not a family man and you want added luxuries and a more capable vehicle. This means that an SUV is a better choice for winter driving and it also favors older people because it is easier to get in and out of.

On the other hand, a minivan is a family man’s car, and that’s the reason why one should opt for a minivan over an SUV. Finally, you also need to consider if you love SUVs or minivans more. They are not worlds apart which means that they can both do the same with minor differences.

FAQ Section

Are SUVs safer than minivans?

According to a few online sources, minivans are the safer option between the two because they are built with families in mind which means that they come with more airbags throughout the car. Furthermore, they usually pack more safety kit from the get-go because automakers know that safety is crucial for a minivan customer.

On the other hand, SUVs are also at the top when it comes to safety, but they can not match a minivan. Another thing to keep in mind is rollover safety because SUVs are considerably more likely to flip when compared to a minivan. Finally, minivan drivers are far more relaxed than most SUV drivers.

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Can minivans go off-road?

Minivans are not designed to go off-road but they can manage unpaved roads if you tread carefully. However, some manufacturers such as Toyota are keen on offering off-road minivans because Toyota has announced that the new Toyota Sienna Woodland edition will be able to tackle light off-roading.

Be that as it may if off-roading is something that concerns you, just go with an SUV because a minivan will never be able to do what an SUV can. Most minivans offer abysmal ground clearance and they also come equipped with road-biased tires.

Are SUVs more luxurious than minivans?

Yes, they are. SUVs can be had in extremely high-end price categories while minivans can not. Some brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz all offer multiple SUV versions but they don’t offer any minivans at all because no one is all that enthusiastic about a minivan.

That’s not to say that a minivan is not a good car, it’s mostly about the fact that a minivan is a purpose-built car for family use. As such, it needs to cover a wide variety of priorities and luxury and excitement are not on that list.

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