Should I buy a 10-year-old BMW?

BMW is a luxury brand, known throughout the globe for performance and driving pleasure. But there must be a valid reason for the much lower second-hand prices of these vehicles? It might be worth it for some to purchase a 10-year-old BMW, but others say it’s sheer madness. An old BMW is worth a buy if you want to have fun at a discounted initial price.

Who should purchase an old BMW

If you are looking for short-term driving pleasure, getting a second-hand BMW might be a good idea. If you are not very heavy on cash, on the other hand, you should have in mind that in the long run purchasing a second-hand BMW might end up costing you more to service it, than the initial cost of your purchase.

Older BMWs have a discounted price for a reason. The more aggressively a certain driver goes on a car, the less enjoyable the ride would be for the next owner of the vehicle in line. This being said, there are many BMW models that can bring driving pleasure even to third or fourth owners.

And these models are the ones specifically worth purchasing. Aside from them, other models might be questionable at best, since older vehicles tend to need extensive maintenance and costly servicing.

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Best Second-hand BMWs to purchase

The BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series has countless times been the best-selling series of BMW throughout the years for a reason. They are more affordable than the bigger sport coupes and luxury sedans, they bring in great power and driving pleasure, and they cost less to service and maintain.

1975 BMWs

If you are looking for one of the oldest things you can find on the market, beware of dust. Aside from that, the BMW 323i and the E21, in general, are very great machines.

1980s BMWs

If you want a very old 3 Series the BMW E30 from the 1980s is definitely the best model you can go for at this early age. The 316s and 318s are great beastly vehicles, compact enough to be able to drift with, even in tiny spaces.

For the E30, look out for oil leaks, when purchasing one. Any other signs of overheating or cracked plastic, you should be careful of, since most of these are very high on the mileage.

The 1990s BMWs worth a buy

You cannot mention the 90s and not talk about the BMW E36. The 318d and 325tds are both models that you can go for, regardless of their mileage. Some of these cars have been reported to reach over 250,000 miles with proper servicing. Another great option is the E46, which aired in 1999. The 330d from the 90s is also a very solid option since despite being quite powerful it often delivers around 40 mpg. All of these are great choices, having their reliability

Post 2000s BMW 3 Series to look for

After the year 2000, if you are purchasing second-hand, go for the models released before 2006. These are really reliable engines. 320d and 335i are great machines you can easily look up since the market is oversaturated with them. Not only are they powerful, but spare parts are also easy to find.

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Newer BMW models to purchase second hand

2016’s BMW X1

The BMW X1, which was produced in 2016 got a full redesign of the previous version. These vehicles bring in quick, agile handling, have a roomy interior and handsome seating, and provide enough space for a family of four. Not only that, they are extremely reliable and safe.

With average miles per gallon of 22 in the city and 32 on the highway, this makes a good all-around vehicle that deserves all the positive reviews it has gotten so far.

2015 BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series are stunning, quick, and powerful vehicles that bring in luxury and style. They are equipped with the latest features and do not step back from newer models. The value for the price is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a pre-owned luxury sedan and the second-hand BMW 6 Series have exactly that.

It comes as a coupe, convertible, or a Gran Coupe and can be used as a sports vehicle, or an executive car to impress.

2015 BMW X4

2015’s BMW X4 is another of BMW’s most reliable cars. Despite this being an SUV, it is no off-road vehicle. Instead, this is a call for attention and style. The luxury crossover SUV, that the X4 is, gets closer to a Porsche Cayenne than a Range Rover. Regardless, these come in many engine options and the market is oversaturated with spare parts, which combined with great reliability, makes the X4 a good second-hand pick BMW.


How to purchase a good second-hand BMW?

Older BMWs are generally cheaper for a reason. Stick to known models that have delivered a great performance in the past. Do not take any chances on that. Consider hiring a pre-paid mechanic to do an inspection on your part and inform you whether the vehicle is worth the pay or not. On a general note, look for oil leaks, scratches on the timing belt, rust, and signs of aggressive driving on tires, brakes, etc.

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Which BMW models that you can buy second-hand, have park assist?

The BMW active park assist module is available on all X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 SUVs past 2010, as well as 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5, 6, and 7 Series luxury sedans, coupes, wagons, convertibles, and hatchbacks. Aside from that, you can check the add-ons available to each model on the manufacturer’s official website.

How many miles are good on a used BMW?

If you are looking to purchase a second-hand BMW, try to look for cars that have less than 75,000 miles. Aside from that, most vehicles tend to break down more often if they are driven in city traffic on a stop and go regime, instead of on the highway. Look for owners that have driven long distances more than in the city itself.

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