Peugeot won’t start – causes and how to fix it

Peugeot won’t start - how to fix it

Peugeot is a household name in Europe which means that it is difficult to go anywhere without bumping into a few Peugeot models. The brand has been on a rise for the past few years due to making better-looking, more memorable cars and electrifying its entire lineup. This pushed Peugeot to the forefront of the European car market and helped to bring in many new customers.

The focus of today’s article isn’t going to be how Peugeot does business, but why a Peugeot won’t start – causes and how to fix it. The main reason why a Peugeot won’t start is due to the battery either being weak, completely depleted, or having corrosion on top of the battery terminals which block the currency from powering up the car.

Another equally common reason is associated with a broken alternator which goes hand in hand with a dead battery. The starter motor is used to crank the engine up which means that if you can’t hear any cranking, the starter motor is likely to blame. As new Peugeot models all come with key fobs instead of keys, be sure to check the battery state inside the key fob as this can also cause the car to not want to start.

The fuse box and the spark plugs are very much the same story but aren’t as common as the reasons mentioned above. Lastly, we also need to talk about clogged fuel filters and faulty fuel pumps which are rare but do tend to happen.

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Battery Issues

In virtually all cars these days, a 12-volt battery is used to power the car up and to power some of the car’s accessories while on the move. If the battery is dead, you will not get any power which means that none of your lights and accessories will work. The best thing you can do is test out the battery via a multimeter.

If the readings say 12-13 volts, your battery is fine, if it says less or more than that, then your battery is not fine. Also, be sure to check the battery terminals for any sign of corrosion as that will also hamper your ability to start the car up. Be sure to use a dedicated battery cleaner to wipe off the corrosion from the terminals before starting the car up.

Alternator and Starter Motor Issues

The alternator is used to charge up the battery while on the move which means that if an alternator dies, the battery is going to become depleted. The best thing you can do here is to jump-start the car and see if the alternator is indeed charging the battery. If the car dies or loses power completely, your alternator is dead and should be replaced.

The starter motor is tasked with cranking the engine which means that if you can’t hear any cranking while turning the key, the starter motor is the culprit. Therefore, be sure to change the starter motor before attempting to start the car up again.

Key Fob Battery Issues

All new Peugeot models come equipped with a key fob instead of a normal blade key which means that they also often come with keyless entry-and-start functionality. None of these will work if the key fob battery is depleted which will require you to replace it before trying to start the car up.

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On the other hand, if you still have a blade key, be sure to start the car up that way because if it does not start, your key fob is not an issue. Also, the car should prompt a warning message if it indeed can’t confirm the key is inside the car.

Fuse Box and Spark Plugs

The fuse box is tasked with keeping the car safe from short circuits and electricity overloads which means when/if your car experiences a spike in current, a fuse will burn and will leave the system inoperable until you switch out the burnt fuse for a new one.

The spark plugs are not commonly a reason why a car won’t start, but they can be if the spark plug becomes dislodged or burnt. These lead to misfiring more often, but if more than one spark plug is toast, it will block you from starting the car up completely.

Fuel System Issues

Finally, we also need to talk about fuel system issues which include clogged fuel filters and a faulty fuel pump. If the fuel filter gets clogged, it will block passage from the tank to the engine and the car will not be able to provide any power.

On the other hand, if the fuel pump is dead, the car will not be able to deliver any fuel to the engine and thus the car won’t start. Granted, these reasons aren’t nearly as common as the first three, but they do happen sometimes.

FAQ Section

How Much Does A New Peugeot Battery Cost?

You can expect to pay between €100 and €200 for a brand-new 12-volt Peugeot battery which is somewhere in the realm of normality. However, be sure to check if your car is still under warranty as the battery tends to be covered under warranty if it dies out too quickly.

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Whatever it may be, always be sure to replace the battery with the exact same type of battery, otherwise, you will experience more serious issues.

How Long Can A Peugeot Battery Last?

A Peugeot battery is no different from a normal car battery which means that it should be able to last around five years if everything is as it should be. When you come close to a dead battery, it’s always better to replace it immediately and not wait until it dies completely as that can cause more issues with the car.

Do Peugeot Electric Cars Have 12-volt Batteries?

Yes, the Peugeot EV lineup does come with a normal 12-volt battery that is used for starting the car up and powering its accessories. EVs don’t come with an alternator as the battery is being charged via a DC-to-DC current converter.

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