Is Peugeot a Luxury Car

Is it a luxury car

Most Peugeot models cannot be considered luxury. The brand focuses on modern city cars for daily commutes. While most Peugeot models look very stylish and some can even deceive people into thinking that it is a high-end luxury car, they are in fact not.

Most Peugeots are relatively comfortable, reliable, and have a lot of modern technology. But the interiors of even the most expensive Peugeots are full of plastic that does not give the passengers a premium feel. Peugeot calls the 508 Fastback and 508 SW models luxury cars, but are they really?

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They both start under $40,000, which is a bit higher than average but nothing too extravagant. They can also come as plug-in hybrids, which combine the PureTech engine with a powerful 110 horsepower electric motor. That can make driving quiet, responsive, fast, and fun. While the design is very unique and nice both inside and outside, nearly all materials do not feel very luxurious.

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Why I Love Peugeot

When I first got my new Peugeot, I started to notice that the car was very well built and seemed to be extremely comfortable. The seat was extremely comfortable and was not too high nor too low for me. The back seats were comfortable but nothing could top the rear seats. The best part of all was the quality of the suspension on the car. It was really solid and was a great improvement over the older model.

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Another thing I noticed about this car was that it was very quiet. The ride was smooth and not raspy at all. It is very quiet and does not have the engine rumble I am used to with other cars. The tires are also pretty good for their size and I can feel them when I drive the car. They have an odd rubber smell to them but after I get off the car, I don’t notice the smell at all. Another good thing about the ride is that it has a nice smooth transition from the gas to the brake and then back again.

The interior design of the car is very good. I liked the layout very much because it gave me all the things I would want in a car. I like the size, the colors and everything that went along with it. One thing that I was disappointed with was the glove box. It is way too small for my needs and when I do find something in there, it is not what I wanted. The price is also a big factor in my decision to get the Peugeot.

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