Common problems with Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 Problems

The VW ID.4 is the staple Volkswagen electric car designed to compete with the likes of the Mustang Mach E,  the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Bolt, the Tesla Model Y, and the Audi Q4. The Q4 and the ID.4 are built on an identical platform which means that the Q4 is a more premium version of the ID.4.

The ID.4. has been on sale for not that long now which means that long-term reliability is still a mystery. However, given the fact that EVs are inherently more dependable than traditional combustion engine cars, the ID.4 should be decent.

Either way, the most common VW ID.4. problems are associated with the electrical systems, the brakes, the suspension, the build quality, and issues with the equipment and trim. Most of these can be solved relatively easily, but they are also mostly caused by lackluster VW quality control.

All in all, the ID.4 is a relatively reliable car, but it could also be better. Most VW models tend to improve with later models so the ID.4 is also likely going to become better after a mid-cycle refresh that should arrive in the coming years.

 VW ID.4 – Electrical systems issues

It comes as no surprise that an electric car comes with a plethora of possible electrical issues. This is a given for most EVs these days because automakers are only starting to implement EV solutions on a larger scale. A few owners have reported the car shutting down for no apparent reasons while others have reported the car losing power.

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Electrical issues are not only reserved for the car propulsory systems but also the infotainment system, the backup camera, and the proximity sensors. Understandably, some of these are significant safety concerns which means that they should be taken care of as soon as possible.

 VW ID.4 – Brakes issues

Probably one of the worst problems associated with the VW ID.4 are the brakes which happen to suddenly lose their stopping power. One owner said that his ID.4 suddenly lost all braking power which resulted in an accident where the car has been completely written off.

A couple of owners reported that the car suddenly started accelerating without any reason and even smashed into other cars. They said that they were unable to apply the brakes because the car didn’t respond to their inputs. VW has not commented on this issue, but some sources state that VW is indeed aware of this.

VW ID.4 – Suspension issues

The ID.4 seems to sometimes suffer from peculiar suspension-related problems in which the car starts experiencing grinding noises. Some specialists have stated that this issue is down to problems with the bushings that could potentially break sooner than expected.

As such, be sure to inspect the ID.4s suspension thoroughly before you decide to make a move. It’s worth mentioning that these complaints are not all that frequent, but issues such as these typically do affect heavier cars after a few years of use.

VW ID.4 – Build quality issues

The VW ID.4 does suffer from various build quality issues in two different ways. Firstly, the car obviously employs various cost-cutting methods because VW lost a ton of money due to the Dieselgate scandal. As such, many VW products, especially the ID and the Golf lineup now feature cheaper trim pieces compared to the Mk7.5 Golf for example.

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Furthermore, the ID.4 sometimes experiences issues with uneven panel gaps which can be visible fairly easily. Most people state that these are mostly down to poor quality control whenever they leave the factory.

VW ID.4 – Equipment and trim issues

The VW ID.4 is also known to experience issues related to many of the car’s interior trim pieces and equipment. VW even issued a recall of the ID.4 because the car featured a poorly attached cargo shelf which could potentially break and catapult all of the luggage into the passenger compartment.

Some owners have also reported issues with the sunroof in which the car’s sunroof didn’t always align properly. Issues with discoloration in the interior are rare, but some owners have complained about it. All in all, issues such as these are likely going to be fixed with upcoming ID.4 models because VW tends to solve these whenever they are aware of them.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Volkswagen ID.4?

The VW ID.4 is a relatively popular EV these days and many people are on the fence about buying it. You should be aware that the ID.4 is an entry-level EV which means that it tries really hard to be premium, but the levels of execution are not always able to justify that.

This is not necessarily an issue with the ID.4. but rather with all EVs on the current market. Either way, the ID.4 is a really interesting car and you should consider it if you are after an EV. The ID.4 does offer a more premium badge compared to Nissan and Chevy while also being a bit better equipped, especially the higher-trim models.

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Can I test drive a VW ID.4?

If you are interested in buying an ID.4, the best thing you can do is go to a VW showroom and test the car out. VW requires you to sign a liability waiver which means that you will be held responsible if anything happens with the car.

VW is aware that the interest in the ID.4 is strong, so they are likely to let you test drive one. However, VW is also aware that not all people know how to drive an electric car. So be sure to look through a few online videos before you decide to ask for a test drive.

Is the VW ID.4 worth it?

The VW ID.4 does offer a decent value because it is a VW and it is fairly priced. Some people deem the ID.4 to be a bit too expensive, but this is a reality of all-electric cars. In the world of electric cars, the ID.4 is  actually a relatively cheap car.

All in all, the VW ID.4 is indeed worth it, so be sure to inquire about a test drive at your local VW dealership.

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