Is Mercedes ML 250 a good car?

Mercedes ML 250

The Mercedes ML 250 is a mid-size luxury diesel family SUV that was in production between 2011 and 2015. The ML 250 is the entry-level Mercedes ML-Class SUV and the least powerful one of the lot. Some people deem the ML 250 powertrain to be too weak, but is Mercedes ML 250 a good car?

The Mercedes ML 250 is indeed a good car even though it is not the most powerful mid-size luxury SUV out there. The 4-cylinder engine may not have all the horsepower you’d want, but it does come with quite a lot of torque. The design of ML 250 is identical to its larger and more powerful ML 350 cousin both inside and out.

The ML 250 drives like it looks. Large, heavy, and effortlessly. It does experience quite a bit of body roll in the corners but that is to be expected from such a large car. Reliability-wise, the ML 250 is decent, but it does experience quite a fair bit of issues worth talking about. Furthermore, it is also quite costly to run, especially for a 4-cylinder engine.

The value of these is actually really good as the ML 250 has depreciated quite a bit over the years. Practicality is more than decent thanks to large trunk space, easy entry, great visibility, and equally great seating space. It does not come with seven seats, but the five passengers that do find their way into the ML 250 will be more than comfortable.

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Mercedes Benz ML 250 – The powertrain

The ML 250 is powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 204hp and 368lb-ft of torque. This is enough for the ML 250 to sprint from 0mph to 60mph in 9 seconds which is good for a 4-cylinder SUV. The engine is noisy as all Mercedes diesel engines are from this era, but it does make up for it with torque and MPG results.

The ML 250 can be had in either RWD or AWD 4MATIC form. If you are looking to buy one used, be sure to go for a 4MATIC model as it fits the character of the ML 250 a lot better. It also comes with a 7-speed automatic torque converter gearbox that can easily handle the torque and do its job without any issues whatsoever.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the ML 250 should be able to return up to 40MPG at best. However, real-world tests have shown that there are little to no efficiency differences between the larger ML 350 and the ML 250 because the 4-cylinder needs to work harder to compensate for its power deficiency.


Mercedes ML 250 – Design and chassis

The ML 250 resembles all other ML-Class models and it’s difficult to tell apart different ML models besides the AMG models. This means that the ML 250 looks commanding and luxurious, especially if equipped with LED headlights. The interior of the ML 250 is slightly dated, but not enough to make the car feel old, especially if equipped with high-end interior trim packages such as Designo leather.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the ML 250 is focused on comfort above everything else. It is not a dynamic SUV even in AMG form because it can’t hide its massive weight. It is a well-isolated car that tackles road imperfections easily, especially if equipped with the Mercedes AIRMATIC air suspension system.

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Mercedes ML 250 – Reliability and common issues

The Mercedes ML 250 is a decently reliable car, but only if maintained perfectly. These cars are complex and filled with lots of features that need constant care if you want them to function for as long as possible. The most common ML 250 issues are associated with the engine, the transmission, the electronics, oil leaks, and the DPF filter.

Most of these can be solved through preventive maintenance, but most people face these issues anyway. Mid-size luxury SUVs are known to be costly to maintain and the ML 250 is no different. Sure, it does come with a 4-cylinder engine, but there are simply too many components, and all of them need taking care of.

Mercedes ML 250 – Value and practicality

The ML 250 is the cheapest Mercedes ML model in its lineup and that is why many people are interested in buying it. It does offer quite a bit of value for the money, but only if you find one with all the service and maintenance history intact. These are going to retain decent value as time goes on because they are the last ML models to ever be made.

Practicality-wise, the ML 250 sits 5 people without any issues while the trunk space is also fairly accommodating. It is a great family car because it comes with loads of family-friendly features.

FAQ Section

Is Mercedes ML 250 better than ML 350?

The Mercedes ML 350 comes with a 6-cylinder engine and about 50hp more and a huge amount of torque. It also comes as standard with a 4MATIC system which is why the ML 350 is the preferred diesel option for the ML-Class.

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The ML 250 does not really enjoy better fuel economy in the real world because the 4-cylinder engine works harder than the 6-cylinder one found on the ML 350. Therefore, the ML 350 offers a more fitting powertrain than the ML 250, but both of these are great.

Why did Mercedes rename the ML-Class?

In 2015 Mercedes decided to rename the ML-Class into the GLE-Class with a mid-cycle refresh. The reason why Mercedes did this is to make the SUV lineup easier to understand and more in line with the Mercedes passenger car naming structure. Therefore, the ML became the GLE or the SUV version of the mid-size E-Class.

The GLC is the C-Class of SUVs, and the GLS is the S-Class of SUVs. The G-Class is the most desirable Mercedes SUV and is the most legendary one as well. That is why it is only called the G-Class.

Is the Mercedes ML 250 a good family car?

The ML-Class is a great family SUV because it comes with everything a modern family needs. It is large, easy to get in and out of, safe, and brimming with loads of useful amenities such as rear-seat entertainment packages, charging ports, lots of cubby spaces, a quiet and comfortable ride, and effortless pull.

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