Is Hyundai Sonata a good car?

Is Hyundai Sonata a good car?

The Hyundai Sonata is a mid-size family sedan and one of the longest-running Hyundai models in production. The Sonata was first introduced back in 1985 and is still in continuous production. So, is Hyundai Sonata a good car?

The Hyundai Sonata is indeed a really good car for a few different reasons. For starters, all the engines available with the Sonata are sophisticated, efficient, and powerful enough. The car now looks incredibly striking thanks to a futuristic design language, slim headlights, and a really good-looking interior as well.

As far as reliability is concerned, you should be more than happy with the Sonata because it is one of the most reliable mid-size sedans on the market. There are some issues worth talking about, but nothing that is going to discourage you from buying the car. Running costs are also on the lower side which is also one reason why the Sonata is so successful.

Pricing is really good as well because the Sonata is not overly expensive, yet offers a really coherent mid-size sedan experience. Practicality is really good as well because the Sonata offers four doors, four accommodating seats, and large trunk space. Visibility is good and the car comes with lots of family-friendly features throughout.

Hyundai Sonata – The powerplant

The Hyundai Sonata is available with either gasoline or hybrid engines. The entry-level 1.6L inline 4-cylinder engine offers 182hp and 194lb-ft of torque, a FWD setup, and an 8-speed automatic gearbox. You can upgrade to the 2.5L inline 4-cylinder engine if you want 194hp and 180lb-ft of torque, the same FWD system, and the same transmission.

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However, the most interesting Sonata model is definitely the hybrid which uses a 2.0L engine paired with an electric motor for a combined output of 194hp and 236lb-ft of torque. FWD is also standard with this model and so is the 8-speed automatic transmission.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the 1.6L model is good for up to 33MPG, the 2.5L model is good for 31MPG. The hybrid model can do 54MPG which is why so many people are going for the hybrid over the other two models, especially given the increase in power over the 1.6L model.

Hyundai Sonata – Design and chassis

Hyundai has really stepped the game up when it comes to exterior design and that is rather obvious the moment you take a look at the Sonata. With its sleek exterior styling, the Sonata looks a lot more expensive than it is. The interior is also very well-appointed with high-tech widescreens and a whole host of features.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the Sonata is tailored towards comfort which is rather to be expected from such a car. However, the Sonata does not lean into corners too much which means that it can hold its own on a windy road. All in all, it surely is not a sports car, but it does offer better driving dynamics than most cars in this segment.

Hyundai Sonata – Reliability and common issues

When it comes to reliability, there really aren’t too many cars out there that are as dependable as the Sonata. The car also isn’t all that particularly expensive to run either which means that your ownership experience should be trouble-free for the most part. However, we are going to mention the most common Hyundai Sonata problems.

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These include problems with the seat belts which resulted in almost half a million cars being recalled on two separate occasions. Some engines are prone to failure, the transmission sensors tend to fail, and the car suffers from a bunch of electrical issues as well. Finally, Hyundai recalled quite a few Sonata models a few months ago for potential fuel leaks.


Hyundai Sonata – Value and practicality

The entry-level Sonata costs slightly less than $25,000 while higher-end top-spec Limited models can go for almost $35,000. Most people tend to spend under $30,000 for a moderately equipped model. Used Sonata models are also selling like crazy and can be found for well under $20,000 for even the newest models.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Sonata is really good as it is a mid-size sedan after all. This means that there is enough seating space for four adults and that the trunk space is large as well. Visibility is on par with other mid-size sedans which means that it could be better.

FAQ Section

Is Hyundai discontinuing the Sonata?

According to multiple reputable sources, the Sonata will soon be near the end of its life because Hyundai wants to focus on EVs. Some say that the Sonata is going to get a refresh sometime in 2 years and that is going to be the last Sonata model ever. As such, we can expect to buy a brand-new Sonata up until 2025 or 2026.

Given the fact that the first Sonata was introduced in 1985, it is going to be one of the longest-lasting Hyundai cars. If Hyundai truly stops making the Sonata for good, they better replace it with something really good as it is hard to beat the Sonata at this price point.

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Is the Hyundai Sonata a luxury car?


The Hyundai Sonata is not a luxury car because it does not get luxury car levels of refinement and technology. It is more like an economy-level car that tries to bridge the gap between affordable sedan luxury and an everyday type of car. This is because the Sonata now looks really upmarket inside and out.

However, if you are coming from a true mid-size luxury sedan such as the Audi A6, the BMW 5-Series, or the Mercedes Benz E-Class, you will immediately realize that the Sonata is not on the same level.

Is the Hyundai Sonata the largest Hyundai?

The Hyundai Sonata is currently the largest Hyundai sedan you can buy because the Hyundai Equus and the Hyundai Genesis are not on the market anymore. However, the Sonata isn’t the largest passenger car in the entire Hyundai catalog as that honor goes to the full-size Hyundai Palisade SUV that can sit up to seven people at a time.

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