Audi vs Hyundai reliability – Which is better

Hyundai consistently ranks at the top of most charts when it comes to overall brand reliability while Audi resides somewhere in the middle. There are quite a few reasons why most Hyundai models are more reliable than most Audi models and the main ones are complexity, equipment, delicacy, maintenance, and innovations.

Audi models are far more complex when compared to all Hyundai models because they offer a lot more state-of-the-art features in almost every segment. Audi’s tend to cost more money to maintain because more things require maintenance.

Finally, Audi models tend to offer industry-leading levels of innovative features which are not all that proven the first time they reach the market. All of this means that Audi is not nearly as reliable as Hyundai and chances are that this never going to change.

This does not mean that Audi makes unreliable cars, but rather the fact that Hyundai makes some of the most reliable cars on the roads today.

Audi reliability – Mediocre and highly dependent on proper maintenance

Many online sources state that a regular modern-day car is made out of a few tens of thousands of components, and quite a few of these are expendable and require constant maintenance. Audi is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of luxury design, technology, safety, and comfort.

As such, Audi is willing to employ more refined and more comfortable engineering solutions even if they are not as reliable as some more regular ones. A great example of this is an air suspension system because an air suspension system requires constant maintenance and is a lot more fragile compared to traditional steel coils.

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Audi is willing to go through the relatively unreliable route in order for their cars to feel and drive as true luxury cars should. The Audi A4 is the most reliable Audi model at the moment because it uses a platform that has been improved throughout the years.

Most car reliability surveys and charts such as J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and WhatCar rank Audi as mediocre at best. Nevertheless, an Audi is able to last a long time, but only if maintained properly. If you don’t maintain them adequately, they are sure to experience all sorts of issues.

Hyundai reliability – Industry-leading

Asian car brands are known as some of the most reliable car brands on the planet and brands such as Hyundai, Mazda and Toyota are at the very top of most reliability charts for a few distinct reasons. First of all, these brands truly do prioritize reliability and that is why most people buy them.

Hyundai has constantly been an industry leader when it comes to reliability and it seems like the reliability gap between Asian consumer-level brands and European luxury brands is shrinking. Hyundai is an extremely successful car brand and they are slowly incorporating more luxurious solutions in their cars which does make them slightly less reliable.

Complexity is the main driving force behind reliability as it’s extremely difficult to engineer a reliable car that also has countless luxury features and technologies. Hyundai is focused on making reliable, simple, cheap, and accessible cars and that is why they are so reliable.

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WhatCar, Consumer Reports, and J.D. Power rank Hyundai at the very top as the most reliable global carmaker. Such a position enables Hyundai to sell an abundance of models because economy-level car buyers appreciate reliability a lot more.

Conclusion – Hyundai is a lot more reliable

Hyundai is a lot more reliable than Audi and comparing these two brands is almost pointless. They are made for different types of customers that want a different set of priorities. An Audi customer is unlikely going to consider a Hyundai while a Hyundai customer is also unlikely going to consider an Audi.

Audi’s are designed to be luxurious, comfortable, stately, and expensive while Hyundai models are designed to be cheap, accessible, convenient, and dependable. Audi customers are willing to buy a less reliable car because an Audi offers countless qualities above all economy brands out there.

Hyundai customers are not as interested in cars and the vast majority of them just want a reliable, up-to-date car that offers all the industry-standard features.

FAQ Section

Why is an Audi more expensive to maintain than a Hyundai?

Audi models offer industry-leading levels of technology, luxury, and comfort features which means that they offer far more of everything when compared to a Hyundai. In order for all of these complex features to last, they need to be maintained properly and that is why Audi’s are far more expensive to maintain.

Furthermore, there are many Hyundai models on the road which means that parts availability is also a mentionable difference. The more complex the car is, the more it needs delicate and timely maintenance which ultimately means higher costs.

Is Hyundai the most reliable carmaker?

According to most current reliability charts and surveys, Hyundai is indeed in the top three most reliable car brands out there. That being said, if you value reliability and longevity above everything else, a Hyundai is the one to get.

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Although Hyundai models are known to last, they are not all that popular when they reach 5 or 10 years of age. It is difficult to crown any carmaker with the “most reliable” title because there are simply too many variables that tend to influence reliability across the entire brand range. All in all, Hyundai is at the top, but being the most reliable take decades to earn.

What is the most reliable luxury car brand?

Lexus and Porsche are the two most reliable luxury car brands on the planet because they are well-engineered, based on older platforms, and are not changing all that frequently. Lexus models are the most reliable luxury cars on the planet while Porsche models tend to look new even after a few years on the road.

Both of these cost money to maintain, but Porsche is one of the most expensive brands to maintain because it is a lot more exclusive. All in all, these two are the industry leaders when it comes to luxury cars.

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