Common problems with Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis problems

The Hyundai Genesis is a four-door family sedan that was first introduced back in 2008 and ran until 2016. It is one the most stylish and best-built Hyundai sedans of all time which is why the Hyundai Genesis was used as a foundation on which the entire Genesis brand is built. As such, the 2016 Hyundai Genesis was the last of its kind because the torch has been passed to the Genesis G80.

When it comes to reliability, the Hyundai Genesis seems to be a good car for the most part. There aren’t really too many widespread issues with the Genesis which makes it better than most cars in this segment. There are quite a few more reliable Hyundai models from this era, but most of those are lower-end cars with fewer features.

The most common problems with the Hyundai Genesis are related to the car’s electrical systems, the engine, the equipment, issues with the paint, and the power steering system. Most of these issues are common in other Hyundai models which means that fixing them should not be too difficult.

However, some, like the ones associated with the paint are not as common and can really destroy the car’s value on the 2nd hand market. Either way, if you maintain your Genesis and you do everything that needs to be done in due time, you are likely not going to suffer from these issues.

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Hyundai Genesis – Electrical issues

The Hyundai Genesis is a car equipped with loads of different features which make it high-end and fairly luxurious. This also means that the car comes with many systems, all of which could break at some point. There are two types of electrical issues with the Hyundai Genesis. The first one is associated with the battery and the alternator system while the other is associated with in-car accessories.

Some even said that the batteries that come originally with the Genesis are only good for about 2 years or so. Other electrical issues include an alarm going off for no apparent reason, instrument cluster issues, issues with the speakers, and various software-related issues with the infotainment system.

Hyundai Genesis – Equipment issues

When it comes to equipment, the Hyundai Genesis has lots of it. However, some pieces of standard or additional equipment aren’t really as long-lasting as one would hope for. For starters, the sunroof is known to explode without an apparent reason on many Hyundai models. Hyundai was even sued because of this which made them eligible for damages.

Sometimes the interior trim pieces can crack over time and the inner dashboard can crack as well. The trunk lid can sometimes fail which will affect panel gaps, but many don’t even notice issues such as these. All in all, many things can fail on a car as complex as this one, but this comes with virtually all cars and isn’t really a huge issue.

Hyundai Genesis – Paint-related issues

Many online sources state that the Hyundai Genesis does not always come with a good enough paint job, so much so that it can often crack and chip away, especially on older models. This issue is mostly due to a bad cleat coat which isn’t able to last as long. This affects the paint underneath and causes flakes and sometimes even cracks.

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All of this can result in the paint peeling off the car which can drastically affect the car’s resale value. These issues are made worse if you wash your car with a high-pressure washer which can sometimes go underneath small paint cracks and make a bubble. This bubble is known to burst after a while and reveal the car’s naked steel/aluminum underbody.

Hyundai Genesis – Power steering system issues

The power steering system on the Hyundai Genesis is also known to fail. The reason why that happens is due to a faulty power steering pump. The most obvious symptom of a failing steering pump is when you start hearing weird noises coming from the steering column while steering.

If this happens, be sure to take your car to a Hyundai dealership as you don’t want to use power-assisted steering at any point in time.

Hyundai Genesis – Engine issues

The engines that come with the Hyundai Genesis do seem to be fairly robust as a whole, but they can sometimes suffer from engine timing issues and engine stalling. No matter what the issue might be, be sure to always maintain your car as best as you can as that is going to lower any chances of your engine causing issues.

Many people complain about faulty engines because they are not aware that such engines need to be maintained.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai Genesis?

If you want a used car that does not cost too much money, one that can do both family duties and can still be fun to drive, the Genesis might be a good car for you. The reason why most people buy the Genesis is that it manages to punch above its weight limit.

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It is a car that offers a lot of stuff for a price that is mostly associated with lower-end cars. The latest available Genesis sedan even looks like the new S-Class even though the S-Class came out 5 years after the Genesis did.

Is the Hyundai Genesis a safe car?

The Hyundai Genesis is a 5-star safety-rated car which means that it is going to keep you safe in most reasonable situations. It gets great passive crash protection design features that keep the passengers safe at all times. It is also available with loads of active software safety features, but most of them are sadly part of additional equipment packages.

Why did Hyundai stop making the Genesis?

Nowadays, Genesis is a standalone brand focused on making higher-end cars. Genesis cars share many parts with Hyundai models with more focus on luxury and build materials. As such, the Genesis G80 replaced the Hyundai Genesis and became the best mid-size luxury sedan you can get from the Hyundai company as a whole.

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