Is Hyundai Accent a good car?

Is Hyundai Accent a good car?

The Hyundai Accent was first introduced back in 1994 as a Hyundai subcompact sedan that was supposed to conquer the world. Now, in its 5th iteration, the Accent is being sold all across the world in either hatchback or sedan form. It is a car that promises to do many things at a really affordable price. So, is Hyundai Accent a good car?

The Hyundai Accent is indeed a really good car because it offers a really great experience on almost all fronts for a price that can’t be easily beaten. It gets decent engines that aren’t too thirsty on fuel, a decent transmission, and all the other essential mechanics of the car as they should be.

The car looks cool inside and out with interesting design choices and relatively good build materials for the price. Equipment is really good as the Accent can be had with loads of technology, safety, and convenience features. Reliability is almost excellent as the Accent suffers from a relatively small number of issues, most of which aren’t serious at all.

Values are strong across the board, no matter if you are buying a used car or a new one. Practicality is also really good as the car offers lots of space for both passengers and your cargo. All in all, the Accent really is a good daily driver, a good car overall.

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Hyundai Accent – The powerplant

The only engine you can get with the Hyundai Accent is a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine with 120hp and 113lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated to a CVT automatic gearbox and a permanent front-wheel-drive system. EPA estimates that the Hyundai Accent can return up to 33MPG in the city and 41MPG on the highway which is a really good number for a small gasoline engine.

An 8.5-second 0-60mph time isn’t anything to brag about but is more than enough for a car such as the Accent. Indeed, the engine does suffer from lackluster mid-range power which can sometimes affect the car’s overtaking abilities. Either way, we are used to seeing these types of engines with these types of cars so there really isn’t anything to complain or brag about here.

The good thing is that the entire powerplant is fairly reliable, cheap to maintain, and can last a considerable amount of time with only minimal required maintenance.

Hyundai Accent – Design and chassis

When it comes to exterior design, the Hyundai Accent isn’t a car that is going to attract too much attention at a corporate car park, but it also isn’t going to offend anyone. It is a nicely designed car with subtle and interesting design details that portray a coherent experience. The interior is well-appointed and perfectly fine for a car from this segment.

As far as the chassis and suspension tuning is concerned, the Accent leans towards a comfortable side without any mentionable emphasis on performance. It is a car that is easy to drive, one that tackles bumps really well, and is fairly comfortable both around town and on the highway.

  Common problems with Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent – Reliability and common issues

When it comes to reliability, we can easily say that the Accent is a really reliable car. Most surveys and charts place the Accent in the top 10% of all cars from this segment which is the best result a car can get. The reason why the Accent is so reliable is that Hyundai focuses on reliability and ease of use more than most automakers out there.

The most common issues are associated with various pieces of equipment such as rusty wing mirrors, or worn-out seals around the trunk lid which can let water in. Airbags are also something many owners complain about often, while the transmission, in-car electrics, and problems with acceleration are also common complaints.

 Hyundai Accent – Value and practicality

When it comes to value, the Hyundai Accent is really good as it offers quite a bit of value for the money. It resides in the economy segment which means that it ain’t a luxury car. However, it does get plenty of kit, most of which is even standard. A used Accent can be found for a really low price which is why this car is really popular in the 2nd hand market.

Practicality is okay for the class as the Accent does get a lot of seating space. The trunk space is mediocre, there are better and worse cars in this segment. Visibility is also okay, and the car does get some family-friendly features as standard.

 FAQ Section

Is the Hyundai Accent a family car?

The Hyundai Accent can be a really good family car, but larger families might struggle for space. We have already mentioned that the car does get certain family-friendly features such as locking rear windows, USB ports, a power outlet, and easy-to-reach IsoFix mounting points.

  Common problems with Hyundai Accent

The doors also open nice and wide which means that getting into the Accent is really easy. To top it all off, we also need to mention that the car is relatively comfortable and quiet, but nowhere near a luxury car level of this size.

Is the Hyundai Accent safe?

As mentioned in this article, Hyundai is a brand that focuses on reliability a lot, but they also prioritize safety as well. This is why the Accent is a 5-star rated car when it comes to crash protection as it offers tremendous passive shielding of the passenger compartment and loads of active safety features.

The bad news is that most of these features are additional equipment, but that is the case with most cars out there.

Which cars rival the Hyundai Accent?

A few noteworthy Hyundai Accent rivals are the Chevrolet Sonic Sedan, the Nissan Versa, the Toyota Yaris Sedan, and the Kia Rio Sedan. The Hyundai Accent is the least expensive car out of all cars listed here which immediately showcases that the Accent can punch above its weight limit really easily. All in all, the Accent truly is a really good car if you like these types of cars.

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