Is Citroën ë-Berlingo a good car?

Citroën ë-Berlingo

The Citroen ë-Berlingo was first introduced back in 2017 as an electric variant of the regular Berlingo. When the e-Berlingo first came out, people weren’t expecting it to become as popular as it is today. It was actually one of the very first electric MPVs/vans, and the newest generation of the e-Berlingo was introduced in 2021. So, Is Citroën ë-Berlingo a good car?

It depends on your perspective. If you aren’t someone who is planning to use the ë-Berlingo for long-distance journeys, I’d say that the e-Berlingo is a really good car. It is based on the well-known Stellantis EV platform which means that there are a whole host of cars, CUVs, vans, hatchbacks, and estates using the same electric car platform.

Design-wise, the ë-Berlingo differs slightly from the regular Berlingo and it manages to look interesting and cool inside and out. Reliability is rather the same as most other Berlingo models, except for the powertrain which is electric. The driving experience is not really special, but the e-Berlingo does feel a bit more fun to drive than the regular Berlingo.

Value-wise, the Berlingo is not the cheapest car in the MPV world, but that is to be expected as EVs do tend to come with significant premiums attached on top of them. Practicality is really good as the e-Berlingo sits up to seven people without any issues.

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 Citroen ë-Berlingo – The Powertrain

With a 50kWh battery, the e-Berlingo relies on the same platform Stellantis Group uses in quite a few other Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, and Opel/Vauxhall models. 137hp and 191lb-ft of torque is offered by a single electric motor housed on top of the front wheels which means that the e-Berlingo is solely an FWD car.

0-60mph takes more than 11 seconds and the top speed is just 81mph/131kph. Citroen says that the e-Berlingo should be able to do around 180 miles, but that is its theoretical top end. The rear world mileage is closer to 130 if you tend to use the e-Berlingo for what it is designed for – carrying people and cargo.

With a maximum 100kW DC fast-charging rate, you can recharge the e-Berlingo from 20% to 80% in a little over 23 minutes while slow AC home socket charging takes around 5-6 hours. As such, 10 minutes of charging should be enough to give you as much as 70 miles of range.

Citroen e-Berlingo – Design and Driving

Design-wise, the Citroen e-Berlingo does not look too different from the regular Berlingo, except maybe for a few design touches and the addition of blue paint on certain styling bits. The interior of the e-Berlingo is slightly more daring when compared to most cars from this segment. This comes as no surprise as Citroen has always been a brand known for daring designs.

The driving experience is rather normal, except for the fact the e-Berlingo is an EV. This means that it is relatively comfortable, yet it rolls quite a bit in the corners. Either way, it feels more planted than the regular Berlingo thanks to a lower center of gravity and a stiffer suspension to cope with the added weight.

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Citroen e-Berlingo – Reliability and Common Issues

When it comes to reliability, the e-Berlingo manages to be a lot better than the regular Berlingo because it does not get a combustion engine, a traditional transmission, a fuel tank, a water pump, an exhaust, or many other components. However, this does not mean that the Citroen e-Berlingo is without fault because it isn’t.

The most common e-Berlingo issues are associated with the front suspension rattling, the A/C fan, the sliding doors, the brakes, and range anxiety. We already talked about how the range can dwindle if you pack a lot of stuff into the e-Berlingo, especially if you pair that with cold weather. Some have even said that this can give you less than 100 miles of range.

Citroen e-Berlingo – Value and Practicality

You can expect to pay around €40,000 for a brand-new lower-spec e-Berlingo which is quite a lot of money for a Citroen. However, people who buy these tend to be satisfied as it offers a really well-rounded experience, except maybe the maximum range.

Practicality is excellent as the e-Berlingo can pack up to seven people and a lot of cargo. Visibility is really good and the car is easy to get in and out of. Lots of family-friendly features ensure that your family is going to feel comfortable and entertained on a long journey.

FAQ Section

Is the Citroen e-Berlingo better than the regular Berlingo?

It depends on what you are after, but we can say that it makes more sense to buy a regular gasoline/diesel Berlingo for most needs. This is because the e-Berlingo is typically used for transporting people and goods on longer journeys which is where an electric powertrain is a bit of a gamble.

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Sure, it might be cheaper and less harmful to travel with the e-Berlingo, but you can’t rely on the charging infrastructure to always be there to lend you a hand. If you combine that with the significant price premium you have to pay over the regular Berlingo, it starts to make sense why it might not be the better option.

 How does cold weather affect an EVs range?

According to AAA, cold weather can eat up your range by as much as 40% which is a lot. Some sources state that this is closer to 20%, but really cold weather can affect your battery closer to 40%. As such, if your EV does not get lots of range from the get-go, and you tend to drive long distances often, it makes little to no sense to go for an EV.

Sure, if you are only using it as a commuter and you have a place to charge it overnight, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

Is Citroen discontinuing gasoline and diesel Berlingo models?

According to recent statements made by Citroen brass, the gasoline and diesel variants of the Citroen Berlingo are now discontinued which means that you can now only get the Berlingo as an electric vehicle. The same story goes for the Citroen SpaceTourer MPVs.

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