Is Citroën DS5 a good car?

Is Citroën DS5 a good car?

The Citroën DS5 is a five-door family semi-luxury hatchback made by Citroën between 2010 and 2018. The DS5 is a car that looks really striking inside and out, and one that feels a lot more luxurious than most other Citroën models. So, is Citroën DS5 a good car?

The Citroën DS5 has some things going for it such as the design, the engines, the technology, the safety, and potentially even the practicality. On the other hand, the car does not have the best reputation for reliability and many believe that it also costs a bit too much for what it is. Anyway, the DS5 can be a good car if you like it as it is, if you don’t like the car, you are better off without it.

The engines on offer with the DS5 are decent as there are a few different engine options you can choose from. The design of the DS5 is one of its strong suits as the car looks daring and futuristic. The interior is very much the same which is something most of us aren’t really used to seeing from a brand such as Citroën.

However, the DS5 reliability is questionable at best as the car suffers from a wide variety of issues that do hamper the car’s user experience quite a bit. The values of these are really good on the 2nd hand market which makes them popular to this day. Finally, practicality is okay, but the car does sacrifice space for design a bit.

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Citroën DS5 – The powerplant

If you want a gasoline-powered Citroën DS5, you will have to go for the 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that offers between 150 and 200hp for the earlier models or 165hp for the post-facelift model. These engines can return up to 40MPG combined and they can be paired with either a manual gearbox or a Citroën automatic gearbox.

If you prefer diesel engines, you can choose between either a 1.6L or a 2.0L diesel 4-cylinder where the 1.6L offers up to 120hp and the 2.0L offers up to 181hp. These can return up to 55MPG combined and can also be paired with either a manual or an automatic gearbox.

You can also go for a hybrid DS5 for post-2015 models that offer the 2,0L diesel with an electric motor for a combined output of around 200hp and a maximum of 70MPG combined. All DS5 models are FWD and these engines do seem to fit the car’s character really well.

Citroën DS5 – Design and chassis

The Citroën DS5 looks striking inside and out as that is one of the main selling points of the DS5. The car looks futuristic and is packed with a bunch of futuristic design touches which elevate the experience quite a bit. The interior is plush and interesting, but it can’t compete with true German luxury cars, not in regards to style and equipment.

The driving experience is mostly dynamic, but the DS5 is also a really comfortable car. The chassis and suspension tuning is tailored towards a smooth overall experience which makes the DS5 a really good daily driver.

Citroën DS5 – Reliability and common issues

Probably one of the biggest problems with the DS5 is its lackluster reliability which seems to follow many DS models even to this day. The DS5 suffers from a bunch of electrical issues that can ruin the ownership experience at worst, or annoy you constantly at best. The car also suffers from suspension bearing problems that can fail early on.

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Other problems include issues with oil and potential fuel leaks, problems with the DPF (diesel particulate filter), and issues with the car’s equipment. All in all, the DS5 is not the best when it comes to reliability, but later models do seem to change that for the better, at least to some degree.

Citroën DS5 – Value and practicality

When it comes to value, the DS5 seems to be doing more than okay as these cars used can be had for a really affordable price, but that makes sense for a car of this age. If you compare it to its German rivals, it seems like a bargain, but Audi, BMW, and Mercedes simply make better cars overall.

Practicality is okay as the car can sit up to four adults easily and there is enough trunk space for all of them. However, the issue here is mostly due to visibility as the car is long and the stylish design does hamper visibility and ease of use a little bit. The car is also packed with lots of family-friendly features.

FAQ Section

Is the Citroën DS5 a luxury car?

The Citroën DS5 is a car intended to compete with luxury cars without it being a true luxury car itself. That is not to say that the DS5 is not a plush car, because it is, it is more about the fact that it is Citroën underneath all that interesting-looking design. This is not something luxury buyers are after and that it is why DS left Citroën in 2015.

Even though the DS5 does offer many luxury features and the car itself bridges the gap between luxury and futuristic design, the DS5 simply can’t be viewed as a true competitor to well-established German luxury brands, even if the DS5 beats some of these in certain aspects.

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Can I buy a Citroën DS5 in the USA?

Once upon a time, Citroën was selling cars on US soil, and they were actually good at it, but all of that changed in the 1970s when virtually all French brands left the US market. The reason why they left is that European cars were more expensive than domestic and Japanese economy cars, yet weren’t any better.

As such, Citroën left the US market and there are no indications that it is going to go back anytime soon.

Why does Citroën want to make luxury cars?

A luxury car brand is always going to be worth a lot more money than an economy-level car and brands want to compete when it comes to making the world’s most illustrious cars. Even though economy-level brands often earn more money than luxury brands, making a luxury brand is something a lot more mesmerizing.

Furthermore, Citroën wants to expand to different markets and encompass a wider target audience which should bring in more customers and more interest in Citroën as a brand. Finally, Citroën used to make really luxurious cars, but they stopped doing that in order to focus on the models we know now.

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