Common problems with Citroën DS4

Citroën DS4 problems

The Citroën DS4 is a subcompact 4-door hatchback that was first introduced back in 2010. The DS sub-brand of Citroën was first introduced in the 1950s and it was revived back in 2010. However, 5 years later, the DS sub-brand broke free out of Citroën which means that it is now a separate brand with separate products that aren’t associated with Citroën.

When it comes to reliability, the Citroën DS4 is all over the place as the car had many recalls and tends to suffer from quite a few common issues. The most common DS4 issues are associated with the starter motor which is known to fail, various issues with seatbelts, issues associated with leaks, equipment-related issues, and engine-related issues.

It’s safe to say that the DS4 is not one of the most reliable products Citroën ever made, but the brand has been steadily improving with later DS4 generations. The good news is that the DS4 is not an expensive car to maintain, but the bad news is that it needs maintenance really often.

If you want to buy a used Citroën DS4, be sure to do a pre-purchase inspection as that is the only way you can tell if the car in question is as good as you’d want it to be.

Citroën DS4 – Starter motor issues

It seems like the Citroën DS4 has various issues with the starter motor, more specifically the wiring of it. The problem with the starter motor is its positioning which can easily cause the motor to short circuit and burn the wiring harness. Be sure to inspect the wire for chaffing, and if you find any, be sure to replace the wire and shield it properly from nearby components.

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Citroën specialists have said that taking your DS4 to a dealer is a good idea as they will typically reposition the wiring where there are no issues with short circuits. This is something you want to do as early as possible, otherwise, you can even start a fire with it.

Citroën DS4 – Seatbelt issues

Seatbelt-related issues seem to be fairly common with various Citroën models and generations which is indeed dangerous. Owners have said that many DS4 models suffer from badly torqued seatbelts which could potentially even detach in an event of an accident. Others stated that the seatbelts have trouble retracting into the housing when not in use.

Some owners also reported that the seatbelts themselves wear out quickly which is not necessarily dangerous as much as it just does not look right. Either way, it’s always a good idea to replace the entire seatbelt assembly on older cars just to make sure that all of them are in perfect order and that they should withstand a crash without any issues.

Citroën DS4 – Leaks

The Citroën DS4 also suffers from various leaks, all of which can be a huge problem if left unattended. Oil is known to leak from a turbocharger retaining bolt which can end up with significant mechanical damage if you don’t solve it in time. Some DS4 models also suffer from fuel leaks due to a faulty hose, and this can even set the entire car in flames.

Fuel leaks are something that should never happen as fuel is highly flammable. If a fuel leak occurs at a bad moment, it can end up with the car bursting into flames and risking your life, the life of your car, and the lives of everyone around you.

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Citroën DS4 – Equipment issues

Equipment-related issues are also a common trait of many Citroën models, especially trim issues such as the hood latch that does not want to close shut. If this happens, water can find its way into the seals, clog them, and later cause the underside of the hood to corrode. This can be dealt with early on if you notice it in time.

Other equipment-related issues include problems with the power windows, occasional problems with power locks, and occasional problems with certain body panels not fitting right.

 Citroën DS4 – Engine issues

Some DS4 owners reported that the DS4 can experience a sudden loss of performance which can be attributed to a number of different reasons. Some say that these issues are down to the turbocharger, others believe it’s more because of the ignition coils. Either way, be sure to take your DS4 to a dealer so they can inspect and solve this issue in due time.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Citroën DS4?

The Citroën DS4 is a difficult car to recommend because it suffers from issues quite often which makes it one of the least reliable Citroën models from the 2010s. Later models are much better, so much so that it is a lot easier to recommend those. As such, if you are interested in buying a DS4, be sure to go for one of the later models as they are much better.

On the other hand, if you don’t like these types of cars, you are not going to like the DS4 either. It is an okay car for people who prefer hatchbacks and it fares pretty well in town and on the highway, but it surely isn’t luxurious as some people hoped.

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Is the Citroën DS4 safe?

The Citroën DS4 is a 5-star safety-rated car which means that it gets all the necessary passive and active safety systems that are designed to keep the car safe no matter what. Indeed, the car might not come with all the very latest and greatest safety systems, but it does get everything you need.

If you want a more thorough safety experience, you will have to go for one of the DS4 2021+ models which are equipped with virtually everything you can get on a modern car.

Is the Citroën DS4 a family car?

The Citroën DS4 is a family car, but not for an overly lengthy or large family as it can pack up to five mid-size people without any issues. More than that would be a bit too crowdy. The trunk space on offer is really good for its class and the car does come with quite a few family-friendly features.

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