Is Audi S7 a good car?

Is Audi S7 a good car?

If you want a stylish 4-door coupe that can do both canyon driving and be extremely relaxing on a longer journey, the Audi S7 might be the perfect car for you. It sits between the rapid Audi RS7 and the more ordinary Audi A7 lineup which means that it is fast and comfortable. So, is Audi S7 a good car?

The Audi S7 is many things, but a bad car it certainly is not. This means that the Audi S7 might just as well be the sweet spot of the entire Audi A7 range. The entire powertrain of the S7 is designed to be powerful and substantial, but still comfortable, seamless, and even decently efficient which is not something you can say about the V8 found in the RS7.

The S7 looks more exciting than the regular A7 inside and out, but it does not shout as much as the RS7 does. The driving experience is noticeably more focused because the car sits lower to the ground and the suspension is a bit stiffer but still comfortable. Reliability can also be good, but only if you maintain them adequately.

The Audi S7 undercuts the RS7 in price by quite some margin which makes it a more logical choice for everyone except for those who want the top-of-the-line model. Practicality is as good as with any other A7 thanks to a large hatchback trunk space and enough seating space for up to four adults.

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Audi S7 – The powertrain

The Audi S7 engine palette consists of both a diesel and a gasoline engine and the availability of these depends on where you live because some markets only get the gasoline model while others get both. The gasoline 3.0L V8 turbocharged engine makes 444hp and 443lb-ft of torque which enables the S7 to reach 0-60mph in just 4 seconds.

The diesel S7 gets a 3.0L TDI V6 turbo engine with 350hp, but torque is listed at 516lb-ft of torque which enables the diesel S7 to reach 60mph from a standstill in about 5 seconds. Both of these get Audi’s Quattro AWD system which enables them to put the power down no matter the conditions or the time of year.

Both of these also get an 8-speed automatic torque converter gearbox which fits the car’s comfortable and seamless character but is not as fast as a modern-day dual-clutch gearbox. Efficiency is a lot better with the diesel S7 as it can return up to 35MPG while the gasoline S7 can maybe do 25MPG on a good day.

Audi S7 – Design and chassis

The Audi S7 differs from the regular A7 with quite a few exterior and interior design upgrades. The S7 gets a slightly revised body kit, low-profile wheels, larger brakes, quad exhausts, a few S7 badges, and an Audi S7-specific front grille. The interior gets a sporty steering wheel, colored stitching, and a pair of focused front sports seats.

The driving experience is right in the middle of the regular A7 and the rapid Audi RS7. This means that the suspension and chassis tuning of the S7 is focused, but not punishing at all. The car still rides over undulations really nice, but it stays flat in the corners.

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Audi S7 – Reliability and common issues

When it comes to reliability, it’s safe to say that the S7 is more or less the same as both the A7 and the Audi S6/A6. This means that the car is able to last a long time, but only if you maintain it well enough. Cars such as these are complex and brimming with all sorts of features which sadly are going to break at some point.

The most common Audi S7 issues are associated with the engine, the transmission, oil leaks/consumption, non-engine electrics, or issues with the rear differential. Most of these can be dealt with through preventive maintenance.

Audi S7 – Value and practicality

The Audi RS7 starts at almost $30,000 more than the S7 which means that for a price of an RS7 you can buy an S7 and almost an Audi A3 as well. Some people believe that the RS7 does not deserve such a huge price hike, but it’s difficult to put a price tag on a V8 engine, especially in 2022.

Practicality-wise, the S7 is the same as a regular A7 which means lots of space on the inside, a huge trunk space, decent visibility, and many interior storage spaces.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi S7 worth it?

If you are someone used to driving regular cars and not performance cars, you are likely going to be more than satisfied with the S7. After all, the S7 offers 444hp which is a really substantial number, even in a car as heavy as the S7. However, if you are used to driving performance cars, especially Audi RS cars, BMW M cars, and Mercedes AMG cars, the S7 might not be as exciting.

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We are all aware that Audi Sport products can often be a bit more subdued when compared to BMW M and Mercedes AMG, especially if the car in question is an S model and not an RS model. As such, if you believe that the S7 is exciting enough, it is worth the money.

Is the Audi S7 better than the Mercedes CLS 53AMG?

Ever since Mercedes came out with the AMG GT 4-Door, the CLS took a side step which means that Mercedes does not offer a CLS 63 AMG anymore. Therefore, the top-spec CLS is the 53 AMG model which competes directly with the S7. The CLS might be a bit more luxurious for most people, and it offers a slightly cleaner inside and outside look.

However, the S7 is the faster car and if you love angular shapes and futuristic looks, the S7 will look better to you. These cars are incredibly closely matched, and the winner of this competition is the one belonging to the brand you value more.

Is the Audi S7 fast?

The Audi S7 manages to reach 60mph from a standstill in about 4 seconds which is indeed really fast, even in today’s day and age of sub-2-sec EVs. The S7 can reach a limited top speed of 155mph and the quarter-mile time is around 12.5 seconds which is as fast as many true sports cars are.

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