Is a used BMW i3 a good buy?

Buying a used BMW i3 is absolutely a good choice. The BMW i3 is a small 5-door hatchback, and it is an excellent choice for purchasing a second-hand vehicle. The car depreciates the right amount, which will give you a nice purchase price. A 5-year-old i3 can easily be bought for under $20,000.

Advantages of buying a used i3

The small BMW i3 electric vehicle is one of the best cars for city traveling. The small car does not require much money for maintenance or fuel as its electric. Despite its size, the engine is still very powerful and will allow you to enjoy a classic BMW drive.

Fast depreciation

This is one of the biggest reasons to buy the BMW i3 used. This car has a high depreciation rate, and can even depreciate up to 60% after just 3 years. While this may be unfortunate for the people who own the car, it is certainly a good thing for the people who want to get their hands on a second-hand model.

A 3-year-old i3 can easily be bought at Edmunds for less than $25,000. For this price, you can get a BMW and also experience the benefits of an electric vehicle. You can further decrease the price by finding an older car or one more mileage. A 2015 model, for example, can be bought for as little as $16,000.

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Spacious and quality interior

The interior of the car is an absolute luxury, and it does not feel very small on the inside. The inside of the i3 is brilliantly made and very spacious. The back doors open in an unconventional suicide doors way to further increase the space inside.

The interior of the car has many designs. Although you won’t be able to design your own car if buying used, any i3 option is made from quality materials. The leather used in the car is fully tanned natural leather. This leather is not only used on the seats, but throughout the vehicle, providing a luxury experience for the driver and passengers.

If we talk about the car’s trunk space, then that is also a big advantage. The hatchback car has an unfolded back seat space of 260 liters, and it can be increased up to 1100 liters with the back row folded down. This is enough space for bringing groceries or carrying huge luggage.

The car also has a typical big BMW infotainment system. The front display is 10.5 inches big, and it has the latest BMW tiles interface. You can easily navigate, check the battery, check features, select driving modes, and use Apple CarPlay through this screen.

Safety features

The i3 certainly is a very safe car and with very good safety numbers. The car has been tested by the IIHS, and received great ratings. The i3 has all the safety features that BMW usually includes. The i3 comes with standard six airbags and has good whiplash protection.

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The car received a good rating in crash safety. The electronic stability control in the car does not let it stray off and detects the car when loses some momentum. The car also has an auto-braking system, known as AEB brakes. Other features include active cruise control, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, and pedestrian protection.


The car has average reliability scores, and it maintains a good review from owners. German-made cars are usually considered much more reliable than many others. The i3 is considered reliable due its low maintenance and better fuel economy. The car can save you money on fuel, maintenance, and repair bills.

Needs little maintenance

Some cars need servicing every month or after every two months, or they need extreme care about their oiling needs and replacement parts, which costs hundreds of bucks for every car. Fortunately, the i3 is usually pretty cheap to maintain. 

The BMW i3 is an electric vehicle, and it does not need extensive maintenance. It may need some maintenance like brake pad replacement or oil changes, but the cost of maintaining an electric vehicle is much lower than ICE cars. You can easily save up to $20,000 in just 5 years of owning the car.

Electric vehicle

Buying this vehicle for a cheap price and then saving even more money on maintenance and fuel is a good thing. You can literally get all of your money back after 5 years of buying a used i3 that’s in good condition.

Things to avoid

However, there are certain things which you should avoid if you’re planning to buy the i3. These things are minor, but still can cause you repair bills. Before buying, make sure to check the following:

  • Battery health
  • Fuel leakage
  • Wear brake pads
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How many electric cars does BMW make?

BMW already makes the i3, which is a fully electric vehicle that has been on the market for several years now. BMW is also working to expand its i-series cars, to include the iX or i4. There are also already some plug-in hybrid cars like the X5 xDrive45e or the 530e Sedan.

What are affordable electric vehicles?

Electric cars are comparatively expensive compared to regular ICE cars or hybrid cars, but they certainly save you money in the long run.

Some of the most affordable electric vehicles are:

  • 2021 MINI Cooper SE
  • 2021 Nissan Leaf
  • 2021 Hyundai Ionic Electric
  • 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Are hatchbacks family cars?

Hatchbacks are cars where the trunk door opens fully upwards. They are usually smaller than other sedans or SUVs, so they can fit into any parking spot. They can also carry more luggage than sedans if their seats are folded down, which is a good family feature. Hatchbacks are designed to provide maximum comfort and headroom for the passengers, and all of this makes them a good family car.

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